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List of years in Japanese music

The year 2013 in Japanese music.





Groups disestablished[edit]

Albums released[edit]


Day Title Artist Genre(s) Singles
8 A Classical Ayumi Hamasaki Classical


Day Title Artist Genre(s) Singles
8 Love Again Ayumi Hamasaki J-pop, dance-pop, pop rock


Day Title Artist Genre(s) Singles
3 BUMP OF CHICKEN I [1999-2004][1][2] Bump of Chicken
BUMP OF CHICKEN II [2005-2010][1][2] Bump of Chicken

Japanese releases by Korean artists[edit]

Month Date Title Artist Genre(s) Singles Notes Labels
January 16 Catch Me -If You Wanna- TVXQ J-pop, Dance-pop 35th Japanese single Avex Trax
23 Promise You Super Junior K.R.Y J-pop, Ballad Sub-unit Japanese debut single Avex Trax
February 5 The Classic ZE:A5 J-pop Sub-unit Japanese debut single[3] Star Empire Entertainment
13 Legend of 2PM 2PM J-pop, Dance-pop "Beautiful" (released June 6, 2012)
"Masquerade" (released November 14, 2012)
Second Japanese studio album Ariola Japan
27 Only One BoA J-pop, R&B 32nd Japanese single SM Entertainment, Avex Trax
D'scover Daesung J-pop, J-rock, Alternative rock Japanese debut album YGEX
March 6 TIME TVXQ Pop J-pop, R&B, Electropop, Dance-pop, Dubstep "Winter Rose" (released November 30, 2011)
"Still" (released March 13, 2012)
"Android" (released July 11, 2012)
"Catch Me -If You Wanna-" (released January 16, 2013)
Sixth Japanese studio album Avex Trax
13 Fire SHINee J-pop Seventh Japanese studio album EMI Music Japan
Orange Caramel Orange Caramel J-pop, Dance-pop, Electropop "Yasashii Akuma" (released September 5, 2012)
"Lipstick/Lamu no Love Song" (released December 12, 2012)
Debut Japanese studio album Avex Trax
On The Way The Boss J-pop "Jumping" (released March 28, 2012)
"Honki Magic" (released August 1, 2012)
"Valentine Fighter" (released February 6, 2013)
Second Japanese studio album Sony Music Entertainment
Shooting Star Cross Gene J-pop Debut Japanese single Universal J
20 Bunny Style! T-ara J-pop, Dance Sixth Japanese single EMI Music Japan
Can Your Hear Me? IU J-pop "The Age Of The Cathedrals" (released February 13, 2013)
"New World" (released February 27, 2013)
First Japanese EP EMI Music Japan
27 Mona Lisa MBLAQ J-pop, Dance-pop Third Japanese single Ivy Records
Hitomi no Melody Boyfriend J-pop, Dance-pop Third Japanese single Being Group
Bye Bye Happy Days! Kara J-pop, Dance-pop Eighth Japanese single Universal Sigma
You Are My Life F.T. Island Rock, Pop Tenth Japanese single AI Entertainment
April 3 Fate(s) Gummy J-pop, Dance-pop Second Japanese EP YGEX
17 Fly Away Seo In-guk J-pop, Ballad Japanese debut single Crown Records
24 Blind Love CNBLUE Rock, Pop Eight Japanese single Warner Music Japan
May 1 Sono Onna Baek Ji-young Ballad Japanese debut single Imperial Records
15 The First Collage -Japan Edition- Yang Yo-seob K-pop, Dance-pop Solo debut EP (Japan Edition)[4] Far Eastern Tribe Records
In the Wind (Japan Edition) B1A4 K-pop, Dance-pop Fourth Korean EP (Japan Edition) Pony Canyon
29 Seventh Mission Boyfriend J-pop, Dance-pop "Be My Shine" (released August 22, 2012)
"Dance Dance Dance / MY LADY" (released November 28, 2012)
"Melody of Eyes" (released March 27, 2013)
Japanese debut studio album[5] Being Group
Give Me Love 2PM J-pop Seventh Japanese single Ariola Japan
Hello Again F.Cuz J-pop Fourth Japanese single Universal Music Group
June 5 Koi ni Ochiru Toki Infinite J-pop "BTD (Before the Dawn)" (released November 19, 2011)
"Be Mine" (released April 18, 2012)
"She's Back" (released August 9, 2012)
Japanese debut studio album[6] Woolim Contests, Universal D
Rated-FT F.T. Island J-pop "Top Secret" (released August 8, 2012)
"Polar Star" (released November 28, 2012)
"You Are My Life" (released March 27, 2013)
Fourth Japanese studio album[7] AI Entertainment
Tonight Kim Hyun-joong J-pop Third Japanese single Delicious Deli Records
12 Ocean TVXQ J-pop Thirty seventh Japanese single Avex Trax
19 I Wanna Dance Super Junior Donghae & Eunhyuk J-pop Sub-unit second Japanese single[8] Avex Trax
Love & Girls Girls' Generation J-pop, Dance-pop Seventh Japanese single Universal Music Japan
26 Boys Meet U SHINee J-pop "Sherlock" (released May 16, 2012)
"Dazzling Girl" (released October 3, 2012)
"1000-nen, Zutto Soba ni Ite..." (released December 12, 2012)
"Fire" (released March 13, 2013)
Second Japanese album EMI Music Japan
Tail of Hope BoA J-pop Thirthy third Japanese single Avex Trax
Kaze no Yō ni QBS J-pop Sub-unit debut Japanese single EMI Music Japan
July 10 Target T-ara J-pop Seventh Japanese single EMI Music Japan
24 Inside of Me U-Kiss J-pop Second Japanese album Avex Trax
Hero Super Junior J-pop "Bonamana" (released May 10, 2010)
"Mr. Simple"(released August 2, 2011)
"Opera"(released 9 May 2012)
"Sexy, Free & Single"(released 1 July 2012)
"Hero"(released July 24, 2013)
First Japanese album Avex Trax
Shiawa Theory F.T. Island J-pop Fourteenth Japanese single AI Entertainment
Thank You Summer Love Kara J-pop Ninth Japanese single Universal Sigma
31 Lady CNBLUE J-pop Ninth Japanese single Warner Music Japan
I Love You Daesung J-pop First Japanese single YGEX
Kiss Tour LEDApple J-pop "Gimme kimi love" (released July 31, 2013) First Japanese mini album Universal Music Japan
August 7 Treasure Box T-ara J-pop "Sexy Love" (released November 14, 2012)
"Bunny Style!" (released March 20, 2013)
"Target" (released July 10, 2013)
Second Japanese album EMI Music Japan
WINNER Supernova J-pop Seventeenth Japanese single Universal Music Japan
21 Boys Meet U SHINee J-pop Eighth Japanese single Universal Music Group
28 Fantastic Girls Kara J-pop "Bye Bye Happy Days!" (released March 27, 2013)
"Thank You Summer Love" (released July 24, 2013)
Fourth Japanese album Universal Sigma
What Turns You On? CNBLUE J-pop "Robot" (released December 19, 2012)
"Blind Love" (released April 24, 2013)
"Lady" (released July 31, 2013)
Fourth Japanese album Warner Music Japan
What's Going On? B1A4 J-pop Third Japanese single Pony Canyon
September 4 Scream TVXQ J-pop "Scream" (released September 4, 2013) Thirty-eighth Japanese single Avex Trax
18 Galaxy Supernova Girls' Generation J-pop Eighth Japanese single Universal Music Japan
The Singles Collection F.T. Island J-rock Compilation album AI Entertainment
October 2 Heaven After School J-pop, disco Fifth Japanese single Avex Trax
9 Let's Talk About Love Seungri J-pop, Dance-pop Japanese debut album YGEX
Warrior B.A.P J-pop, Hip-Hop "Warrior" (released October 9, 2013) Japanese debut Single King Records
16 We Can Dance Tonight Seo In-guk J-pop Second Japanese single Irving Entertainment/Nippon Crown
Winter Games 2PM J-pop Eighth Japanese single Ariola Japan
November 4 My Oh My Girls' Generation J-pop Ninth Japanese single Universal Music Japan
6 Change F.Cuz J-pop Fifth Japanese single Universal Music Group
December 3 SIX Supernova J-pop "Winner" (released August 7, 2013) Sixth Japanese album Universal Music Japan
11 Blue World Super Junior J-pop "Blue World" (released December 11, 2013) 5th Japanese single Avex Trax
Love & Peace Girls' Generation J-pop "Love & Girls" (released June 19, 2013)
"Galaxy Supernova" (released September 18, 2013)
"My Oh My" (released November 5, 2013)
Third Japanese album Universal Music Japan
25 Greatest World LEDApple J-pop "Far and Far away" (released November 20, 2013)
"Want to Return" (released November 27, 2013)
"Song of Desire" (released December 4, 2013)
"Greatest World" (released December 12, 2013)
First Japanese Single Universal Music Japan


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