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AIESEC Chandigarh
Formation 1988
Type non-profit organization run by students
Purpose The international platform for young people to discover and develop their leadership potential
Headquarters Chandigarh, India
Region served
Local Area
Official language
English (as per internal communication)
Website, Exchange Website

AIESEC Chandigarh[1] (a local chapter of AIESEC India) is an entity of the global youth organisation AIESEC (pronounced "aie-sek ") that seeks to develop socially responsible leadership through their extensive engagement programmes. They offer international internships and leadership development modules for students and recent graduates. It is based in the city of Chandigarh, India spread across 40 colleges and institutions of higher learning, having a floating strength of more than 200 members, the highest in the country. AIESEC Chandigarh has expansions is nearby cities of Patiala and Dehradun. Being a pioneering LC of the network it was recognized as the best LC in the network.


AIESEC Chandigarh was initiated in 1988 as an expansion of AIESEC Delhi IIT. This local chapter had humble beginnings; it was only in 2005 that it rose in terms of exchange and membership. Since then it has had substantial growth in all sectors. AIESEC Chandigarh has showcased a strong people-oriented culture and an undying hunger for achievement.


  • Outgoing Exchange (OGX):
    • Global Internship Program - Outgoing Exchange (GIP OGX)
    • Global Community Development Programme – Outgoing Exchange (GCDP OGX)
  • Incoming Exchange (ICX):
    • Global Internship Program - Incoming Exchange (GIP ICX)
    • Global Community Development Programme – Incoming Exchange (GCDP ICX)
  • Information Management (IM)
  • Marketing (M)
  • Talent Management (TM)
  • Business Development (BD)
  • Finance (F)
  • LCD (Local Committee Expansions)

Outgoing exchange (OGX)[edit]

OGX is one of the core operation wings of AIESEC. It encompasses the local student sector wherein a select bunch of individuals go for international internships. It follows a strict selection procedure which filters the Exchange Participants through various competency and expectation levels.

Global internship programme – Incoming exchange (GIP ICX)[edit]

The department handles Exchange Participants who come down from foreign entities to AIESEC Chandigarh for Management,Educational and technical internships in companies based in and around Chandigarh. Chandigarh has been a booming economic zone, experiencing significant growth and evolution in its socio-economic structure. Upcoming ventures and companies are always on a look out for experienced foreign manpower. GIP ICX acts as a link between these companies and global intern pool.

Global community development programme – Incoming exchange (GCDP ICX)[edit]

The department handles Exchange Participants sent from foreign entities to AIESEC Chandigarh for social internships and service projects in NGOs based in and around Chandigarh. Even though Chandigarh is regarded as one of the best cities to reside in, it faces a lot of social issues like lack of HIV/AIDS awareness, minimal rural development in the surrounding areas, Women and Child underdevelopment, low levels of literacy etc. Not only do such internships challenge the social perspective of people but also empowers them to make a direct impact in the lives of many.

Communications and information management (CIM)[edit]

This sector is broadly divided into Communications and Information Management. The Communications section takes care of all Marketing and advertising avenues of the LC. They keep an account of the LC's reach in terms of online and print media. Information Management collates all the data generated in the LC. They are responsible for maintaining all the Wikis and also the technological innovations that the LC has to undertake.

Business development (BD)[edit]

The Business Development cell takes care of all partnerships this local chapter has with other enterprises. The core aspect of this department is to formulate and deliver all aspects of CRM and building new associations with other companies.


Finance handles the over-all budgeting and auditing of all financial transactions of this LC. The Vice-President Finance is also the legal representative of AIESEC Chandigarh.

Local committee development (LCD)[edit]

Currently AIESEC Chandigarh has expanded to 2 more areas for development

  • AIESEC Dehradhun
  • AIESEC Thapar University

LCD ensures proper training is given to all probable and final expansions. It also takes the responsibility of expanding into potential markets.


  • Annual Stakeholder's Dinner – 2008-2009
  • Youth to Business Forum – 2009-2011
  • Bal Kalakaar – 2009-2010
  • Global Village – 2009-2011
  • June National Conference – 2009-2011
  • Summer Regional Conference – 2011
  • Empower – 2008-2009


  • 1997 - Best Exchange Award
  • 2003 - Most progressive DT 2004 - 100% growth
  • 2005 - World No. 1 at JNC (June National Conference)
  • 2007 - Most Progressive Local Committee AIESEC India, Most progressive Finance, Most progressive Non corporate sector
  • 2008 - Best Local Committee in OGX, Best Local Committee in CIM, Most Progressive TM, Best Local Committee in LN Days
  • 2009 - Best LC in Non Corporate Sector Exchange, Best LC in OGX, Best LC in CIM, Best Expansion Initiative, Most Progressive Corporate Sector Exchange, Best Local Committee in AIESEC India (and Globally ) including APXLDS Awards
  • 2010 - Best CIM, Best Finance, Best TM, Best Local Committee AIESEC India and including APXLDS Awards from Vietnam
  • 2011 - Best CIM, Most Progressive GIP ICX, National Contribution Award, Regional Growth Award
  • 2012 - Best Information Management, Best Outgoing Global Leadership Programme


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