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Type Anti-materiel rifle
Place of origin China
Production history
Manufacturer China South Industries Group
Weight 9.8kg
Length 1420mm (stock extended)
1230mm (stock closed)
Barrel length 850mm

Cartridge 12.7×108mm
Caliber .50 Russian
Action Bolt action
Effective firing range 2000m
Maximum firing range 2500m
Feed system 5 round box magazine

The AMR-2 (Anti Material Rifle - 2) is a 12.7mm sniper rifle which was developed in China as an anti-materiel sniper weapon, it was introduced in the early 2000s. Designed and developed by China South Industries Group, the rifle uses bolt-action and a conventional design. The AMR-2 fires a 12.7×108mm cartridge from a 5-round box detachable box magazine fitted directly ahead of the trigger group. The barrel is free-floating and has a large double baffle muzzle brake to mitigate recoil.