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Battle rifles are post-World War II, magazine fed, military service rifles, that fires a full-power rifle cartridge, such as the FN FAL, the M14 and the H&K G3.[1]

The term "battle rifle" was created largely out of a need to better differentiate the intermediate-power assault rifles (e.g. StG-44, AK-47 and M16) from full-powered automatic rifles (e.g. FN FAL, M14 and H&K G3) as both classes of firearms have a similar appearance and share many of the same features such as detachable magazines, pistol grips, etc.[2]

This term may also describe older military full-powered semi-automatic rifles such as the M1 Garand, the MAS-49 and the FN-49.[3][4] Before the 1990s, the term was not well defined and was used as a general description for all types of military rifles.

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