Abdul Rahman Saleh (physician)

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Air Vice-Marshal Prof. Dr. Abdulrahman Saleh (born 1 July 1909 Batavia – 29 July 1947, Maguwoharjo, Yogyakarta) was a National Hero of Indonesia.

He was an Indonesian aviator whose chartered Dakota (registration VT-CLA) was shot down by a Dutch Kittyhawk when landing in Maguwo Airfield (now Adisucipto International Airport), Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta. The same plane carried Adisucipto and Adi Sumarmo (both of whom are also national heroes of Indonesia).[citation needed]

Additionally, he was the father of Indonesian medical physiology. The medical faculty of the University of Indonesia honored him as Indonesia's father of Physiology. The annual Medical and General Biology Competition is called the Abdulrahman Saleh trophy.[citation needed]

With the help of a local noble family, he was buried at Kuncen Cemetery in Yogyakarta, which is reserved for Javanese nobles.[citation needed]

In 2000, due to Indonesian Air Force initiative and family approval, his grave was relocated to Ngoto, near the crash site. Many friends and supporters came to lay him to rest and thanked him for his service. The new grave is part of the Indonesian Air Force's Monumen Perjuangan Ngoto, together with the graves of Mrs. Ismudiati Abdulrahman Saleh, Agustinus Adisucipto, and Mrs. Adisucipto.[citation needed]

In honour of his service, the Indonesian government has named the Abdulrahman Saleh Airport in Malang, East Java after him.[citation needed]