Alangulam (State Assembly Constituency)

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Alangulam is a state legislative assembly constituency in Tirunelveli district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.[1] It includes the city, Alangulam (Tirunelveli district). It is part of the Tirunelveli Lok Sabha constituency.

Madras State[edit]

Year Winner Party
1952 Chinnathambi INC
1957 Veluchamy Thevar Independent
1962 S. Chellapandian INC
1967 Aladi Aruna (alias) V Arunachalam DMK

Tamil Nadu[edit]

Year Winner Party
1971 Aladi Aruna (alias) V Arunachalam DMK
1977 V. Karuppasamypandian ADMK
1980 R. Navaneetha Krishna Pandian Gandhi Kamaraj Congress Party
1984 N. Shanmugaiah Pandian ADMK
1989 S. S. Ramasubbu INC
1991 S. S. Ramasubbu INC
1996 Aladi Aruna (alias) V Arunachalam DMK
2001 P. G. Rajendran ADMK
2006 Poongothai Aladi Aruna DMK
2011 P. G. Rajendran ADMK
2016 Poongothai Aladi Aruna DMK


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Coordinates: 8°52′12″N 77°30′00″E / 8.8700°N 77.5000°E / 8.8700; 77.5000