1996 Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly election

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1996 Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly election

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All 234 seats in the Legislature of Tamil Nadu
118 seats needed for a majority
Turnout66.95% (Increase3.11%)
  First party Second party
Leader M. Karunanidhi J. Jayalalithaa
Alliance United Front (India) Congress alliance
Leader's seat Chepauk Bargur
Seats won 221 4
Seat change Increase219 Decrease216
Popular vote 14,600,748 7,354,723
Percentage 60.77% 27.08%
Swing Increase30.72% Decrease32.71%

1996 election map (by constituencies)

Chief Minister before election

J. Jayalalithaa

Chief Minister

M. Karunanidhi

The eleventh legislative assembly election of Tamil Nadu was held on 2 May 1996. The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) led front won the election and its leader M. Karunanidhi, became the chief minister. This was his fourth term in office. S. Balakrishnan, also known as So. Balakrishnan, of Tamil Maanila Congress ( TMC ), became the Leader of the Opposition.[1] The incumbent All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) government was defeated in a landslide with its general secretary and outgoing chief minister J. Jayalalithaa losing the election from the Bargur constituency. She became the first Incumbent Chief Minister since M. Bakthavatsalam in 1967 to lose her own constituency.



The J. Jayalalithaa led All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) government, which had been in power since 1991 was beset with corruption scandals and public discontent. A series of corruption scandals, a growing reputation for high handedness and an extravagant public wedding for Jayalalithaa's foster son Sudhakaran all combined to erode the AIADMK support base and the goodwill she had enjoyed with the electorate in the 1991 elections.[2][3][4]

Formation of TMC[edit]

The AIADMK's alliance with Indian National Congress (INC), which had helped it to win the 1991 elections ran into trouble midway through the AIADMK's term. J. Jayalalithaa terminated the alliance and Congress served as the principal opposition party in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly. When the 1996 elections drew closer, it was expected that the Congress would contest the elections in alliance with the DMK. However against the wishes of the Tamil Nadu state unit of the Congress, the national congress leader (and then Indian prime minister) P. V. Narasimha Rao announced that the Congress would ally with the AIADMK. This led to a split in the Tamil Nadu Congress with a majority of the party workers and cadre forming the Tamil Maanila Congress (TMC) led by G. K. Moopanar. The TMC contested the elections in alliance with the DMK.[5][6]

Formation of MDMK[edit]

In 1993, the DMK suffered a split when one of its more prominent second rung leaders, Vaiko was expelled from the party membership. The next year Vaiko floated a new party – the Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (MDMK).[7][8]


There were four main coalitions in the 1996 elections. The DMK-TMC front which also included the Communist Party of India (CPI) and the AIADMK-Congress front were the main political groupings in the state. Both fronts had a number of smaller parties as constituents. The Indian National League and the All India Forward Bloc were part of the DMK front, while the AIADMK front also had Muslim Leagues, Forward Block, All India Republic Party, Uzhavar Uzhaippalar Katchi and United Communist Party. Apart from these two fronts, there was a MDMK led coalition which included the Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPM), the Janata Dal (JD) and the Samajwadi Janata Party (SJP). The alliance between Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) and All India Indira Congress (Tiwari) (Tiwari Congress) led by Vazhappady Ramamurthy was the fourth coalition that contested the elections. Initially, before the TMC was formed, the DMK put together a seven party alliance comprising itself, PMK, CPI, Tiwari Congress and a few other parties. However, this alliance fell through when the Tiwari Congress and PMK left the front after differences between Karunanidhi and Ramamurthy. After this, Cho Ramaswamy (editor of Thuglak) played a vital role in bringing together the DMK-TMC coalition and obtaining actor Rajinikanth's support for it.[9][10] There were a few other smaller political formations and parties contesting the election – the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) contested the elections alone; Subramanian Swamy's Janata Party contested in alliance with the caste organisation Devendra Kula Vellar Sangam led by Dalit leader K. Krishnasamy.[6][11][12][13][14]

Rajinikanth's support[edit]

The DMK-TMC alliance enlisted the popular Tamil film actor Rajinikanth to campaign against the AIADMK in the elections. Rajinikanth declared his support for the DMK-TMC combine and members of his numerous fan clubs campaigned for the DMK front across Tamil Nadu. In a widely watched campaign appearance broadcast in Sun TV, he declared "even God cannot save Tamil Nadu if AIADMK returns to power".Rajinikanth's support gave enormous victory to DMK[15][16][17]

Seat allotments[edit]

AIADMK-INC Front[edit]

No. Party Election Symbol Leader Seats
1. All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam J. Jayalalithaa 167
2. Indian National Congress Kumari Anandan 64
3. Indian Union Muslim League Kader Mohideen 1

DMK-TMC Front[edit]

No. Party Election Symbol Leader Seats
1. Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam M. Karunanidhi 176
2. Tamil Maanila Congress G.K. Moopanar 41
3. Communist Party of India R.Nallakannu 13
4. All India Forward Bloc L. Santhanam 1
Unregistered party, whose candidates ran under the DMK ticket
5. Indian National League Janab 5

MDMK-CPI(M) Front[edit]

No. Party Election Symbol Leader Seats
1. Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam Vaiko 177
2. Communist Party of India (Marxist) N.Sankaraiah 40
3. Janata Dal 16

PMK-Tiwari Congress Front[edit]

No. Party Election Symbol Leader Seats
1. Pattali Makkal Katchi Dr. Ramdoss 116
2. All India Indira Congress Vazhappady Ramamurthy 46

Voting and results[edit]

Polling took place on 2 May 1996 and results were announced on 12 May. The turnout among registered voters was 66.95%. The assembly elections were held simultaneously along with the Indian parliamentary elections.[18]

Results by Pre-Poll Alliance[edit]

Summary of the May 1996 Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly election results
Alliance/Party Seats won Change Popular Vote Vote % Adj. %
DMK+ alliance 221 +214 14,600,748 53.77% 53.77%
DMK 173 +171 11,423,380 42.07% 54.04%
TMC(M) 39 +39 2,526,474 9.3% 55.21%
CPI 8 +7 575,570 2.12% 42.95%
FBL 1 +1 75,324 0.28% 76.18%
AIADMK+ alliance 4 -221 7,354,723 27.08% 27.08%
AIADMK 4 -160 5,831,383 21.47% 29.24%
INC 0 -60 1,523,340 5.61% 21.09%
MDMK+ alliance 2 0 2,143,141 7.89% 7.89%
MDMK 0 0 1,569,168 5.78% 7.6%
CPI(M) 1 0 456,712 1.68% 9.57%
JD 1 0 117,801 0.43% 7.31%
PMK+ alliance 4 +3 1,252,275 4.61% 4.61%
PMK 4 +3 1,042,333 3.84% 7.61%
AIIC(T) 0 0 209,942 0.77% 4.23%
Others 3 +1 1,662,926 6.12% 6.12%
BJP 1 +1 490,453 1.81% 2.93%
JP 1 +1 150,134 0.55% 2.51%
IND 1 0 1,022,339 3.76% 3.8%
Total 234 - 27,154,721 100% -

Constituency results[edit]

List of winners and runners-up by constituency[edit]

Assembly Constituency Winner Party Runner-up Party Margin
Acharapakkam (SC) S. Mathivanan DMK A. Bhuvaraghamoorthy AIADMK 25,371
Alandur C. Shanmugam DMK K. Purushothaman AIADMK 75,994
Alangudi A. Venkatachalam IND S. Erasasekaran CPI 652
Alangulam Aladi Aruna DMK M. S. Kamaraj INC 24,336
Ambasamudram R. Avudaiappan DMK R. Murugaiah Pandian AIADMK 19,689
Anaicut C. Gopu DMK C. M. Suryakala AIADMK 31,616
Andhiyur (SC) P. Selvarasu DMK M. Subramaniam AIADMK 24,994
Andimadam Rajendiran PMK Sivasubramaniyan DMK 13,402
Andipatti P. Aasiyan DMK A. Muthiah AIADMK 13,701
Anna Nagar Arcot N. Veerasami DMK R. Balasubramanian INC 69,017
Arakkonam (SC) R. Thamizh Selvan DMK R. Elumalai PMK 46,820
Arantaki S. Thirunavukkarasu AIADMK S. Shanmugam DMK 14,232
Aravakkurichi S. S. Mohammad Ismail DMK V. K. Duraisamy AIADMK 9,094
Arcot P. N. Subramani DMK K. V. Ramadoss AIADMK 26,407
Ariyalur D. Amaramoorthy TMC(M) A. Elavarasan AIADMK 24,894
Arni R. Sivanandam DMK M. Chinnakulandai AIADMK 18,179
Aruppukottai V. Thangapandian DMK K. Sundarapandian AIADMK 16,365
Athoor I. Periasamy DMK C. Chinnamuthu AIADMK 50,292
Attur A. M. Ramasamy DMK A. K. Murugesan AIADMK 22,296
Avanashi (SC) G. Elango DMK M. Thiagarajan AIADMK 26,457
Bargur E. G. Sugavanam DMK J. Jayalalitha AIADMK 8,366
Bhavani S. N. Balasubramanian TMC(M) K. S. Manivannan AIADMK 28,829
Bhavanisagar V. A. Andamuthu DMK V. K. Chinnasamy AIADMK 23,451
Bhuvanagiri A. V. Abdul Naser DMK P. D. Elangovan PMK 19,345
Bodinayakkanur A. Sudalaimuthu DMK S. P. Jayakumar AIADMK 26,087
Chengalpattu V. Tamilmani DMK C. V. N. Kumarasamy AIADMK 36,805
Chengam (SC) K. V. Nannan DMK C. K. Thamizharasan AIADMK 26,633
Chepauk M. Karunanidhi DMK N. S. S. Nellai Kannan INC 35,784
Cheranmadevi P. Veldurai TMC(M) P. H. Pandian IND 12,107
Cheyyar V. Anbalagan DMK P. Chandran AIADMK 37,486
Chidambaram K. S. Alagiri TMC(M) A. Radhakrishnan INC 29,016
Chinnasalem R. Mookappan DMK P. Mohan AIADMK 31,645
Coimbatore East V. K. Lakshmanan TMC(M) R. S. Velan INC 47,686
Coimbatore West C. T. Dhandapani DMK Raja Thangavel INC 38,299
Colachel Era. Bernard DMK S. P. Kutty BJP 7,426
Coonoor (SC) N. Thangavel DMK S. Kuppusamy AIADMK 35,515
Cuddalore E. Pugazhenthi DMK K. V. Rajendiran INC 48,627
Cumbum O. R. Ramachandran TMC(M) R. T. Gopalan IND 35,740
Dharapuram (SC) R. Saraswathy DMK P. Easwaramurthy AIADMK 23,038
Dharmapuri K. Manokaran DMK Mase Harur INC 37,022
Dindigul R. Manimaran DMK V. Marutharaj AIADMK 65,124
Edapadi I. Ganesan PMK P. A. Murugesan DMK 9,192
Egmore (SC) Parithi Ellam Vazhuthi DMK N. Lakshmi INC 37,185
Erode N. K. K. Periasamy DMK S. Muthusamy AIADMK 47,837
Gobichettipalayam G. P. Venkidu DMK K. A. Sengottaiyan AIADMK 14,729
Gingee T. Natarajan DMK T. N. Muruganandam INC 25,434
Gudalur B. M. Mubarak DMK K. R. Raju AIADMK 45,905
Gudiyatham V. G. Dhanapal DMK S. Ramgopal INC 29,136
Gummidipundi K. Venu DMK R. S. Munirathinam AIADMK 21,625
Harbour K. Anbazhagan DMK Paul Earnest INC 30,256
Harur (SC) Vedammal DMK J. Natesan INC 36,403
Hosur B. Venkatasamy JD T. Venkata Reddy TMC(M) 1,737
Ilayangudi M. Tamilkudimagan DMK V. D. Nadarajan AIADMK 14,804
Jayankondam K. C. Ganesan DMK Gurunathan PMK 12,490
Kadaladi S. P. Thangavelan DMK V. Sathiyamoorthy AIADMK 19,970
Kadayanallur K. Naina Mohammed DMK A. M. Gani AIADMK 16,692
Kalasapakkam P. S. Thiruvengadam DMK M. Sundarasami INC 34,530
Kancheepuram P. Murugesan DMK S. S. Thirunavukkarasu AIADMK 32,629
Kandamangalam (SC) S. Alaguvelu DMK V. Subramaniyan AIADMK 29,995
Kangayam N. S. Rajkumar Manraadiar DMK N. Ramasamy AIADMK 26,009
Kanyakumari N. Suresh Rajan DMK S. Thanu Pillai AIADMK 21,863
Kapilamalai K. K. Veerappan DMK R. Rajalingam AIADMK 29,710
Karaikudi N. Sundaram TMC(M) M. Raju AIADMK 50,384
Karur Vasuki Murugesan DMK M. Chinnasamy AIADMK 32,008
Katpadi Durai Murugan DMK K. Pandurangan AIADMK 41,007
Kattumannarkoil (SC) E. Ramalingam DMK L. Elayaperumal HRPI 9,819
Kaveripattinam P. V. S. Venkatesan DMK K. P. Munusamy AIADMK 35,859
Killiyur D. Kumaradas TMC(M) C. Santhakumar BJP 10,417
Kinathukadavu M. Shanmugham DMK K. M. Mylswamy AIADMK 13,964
Kolathur (SC) Selvaraj alias Kavithapithan DMK A. Karuppayee AIADMK 24,156
Kovilpatti L. Ayyalusamy CPI K. S. Radhakrishnan MDMK 7,487
Krishnagiri Kanchana Kamalanathan DMK K. P. Kathavarayan AIADMK 35,611
Krishnarayapuram (SC) S. Nagarathinam DMK A. Arivalagan AIADMK 15,177
Kulittalai R. Selvam DMK A. Pappa Sundaram AIADMK 17,750
Kumbakonam K. S. Mani DMK Erama Eramanatham AIADMK 35,310
Kurinjipadi M. R. K. Panneerselvam DMK P. Pandarinathan AIADMK 39,013
Kuttalam P. Kalayanam Kuttalam DMK M. Rajendiran AIADMK 25,721
Lalgudi K. N. Nehru DMK J. Logambal INC 59,504
Maduranthakam S. K. Venkatesan DMK S. D. Ugamchand AIADMK 10,593
Madurai Central A. Deivanayagam TMC(M) V. S. Chandraleka JP 17,941
Madurai East V. Velusamy DMK T. R. Janarthanan AIADMK 19,297
Madurai West P. T. R. Palanivel Rajan DMK R. Muthusamy INC 44,258
Manamadurai (SC) K. Thangamani CPI M. Gunasekaran AIADMK 17,770
Mangalore (SC) S. Puratchimani TMC(M) V. M. S. Saravanakumar INC 19,288
Mannargudi V. Sivapunniam CPI K. Kaliyaperumal AIADMK 39,834
Marungapuri B. M. Senguttuvan DMK K. Solairaj AIADMK 6,394
Mayiladuturai M. M. S. Abul Hassan TMC(M) Rama Chidambaram INC 34,604
Melmalayanur A. Gnanasekar DMK Dharmarasan INC 28,414
Melur K. V. V. Rajamanickam TMC(M) C. R. Sundararajan INC 44,741
Mettupalayam B. Arunkumar DMK K. Doraiswamy AIADMK 30,752
Mettur P. Gopal DMK R. Balakrishnan PMK 20,006
Modakurichi Subbulakshmi Jegadeesan DMK R. N. Kittusamy AIADMK 39,540
Morappur V. Mullaivendhan DMK K. Singaram AIADMK 28,274
Mudukulathur S. Balakrishnan TMC(M) V. Bose IND 22,528
Mugaiyur A. G. Sampath DMK T. M. Aranganathan AIADMK 41,596
Musiri M. N. Jothi Kannan DMK C. Mallika Chinnasamy AIADMK 27,768
Mylapore N. P. Ramajayam DMK T. K. Sampath AIADMK 51,804
Nagapattinam G. Nizamudeen DMK R. Jeevananthan AIADMK 19,728
Nagercoil M. Moses TMC(M) S. Velpandian BJP 28,478
Namakkal (SC) K. Veisamy DMK S. Anbalagan AIADMK 38,065
Nanguneri S. V. Krishnan CPI A. S. A. Karunakaran AIADMK 3,149
Nannilam (SC) Padma TMC(M) K. Gopal AIADMK 35,973
Natham M. Andi Ambalam TMC(M) S. Asai Alangaram INC 35,636
Natrampalli R. Mahendran DMK T. Anbazhagan IND 3,221
Nellikuppam A. Mani DMK M. C. Dhamodharan AIADMK 25,383
Nilakkottai (SC) A. S. Ponnammal TMC(M) A. Rasu INC 32,003
Oddanchatram R. Sakkarapani DMK K. Sellamuthu AIADMK 36,823
Omalur R. R. Sekaran TMC(M) C. Krishnan AIADMK 7,930
Orathanad P. Rajamanickam DMK V. Suriyamoorthy AIADMK 30,349
Ottapidaram (SC) K. Krishnasamy JP S. Paulraj AIADMK 1,148
Padmanabhapuram C. Velayudhan BJP Bala Janathipathy DMK 4,540
Palacode G. L. Venkatachalam DMK C. Gopal AIADMK 22,073
Palani (SC) T. Poovendhan DMK P. Karuppachamy AIADMK 36,660
Palayamkottai Mohamed Kodar Maideen DMK P. Dharmalingam AIADMK 44,364
Palladam S. S. Ponmudi DMK K. S. Duraimurugan AIADMK 32,540
Pallipet E. S. S. Raman TMC(M) B. Thangavel INC 58,492
Panamarathupatti S. R. Sivalingam DMK P. Vijayalakshmi Palanisamy AIADMK 13,171
Panruti V. Ramaswamy DMK R. Rajendran AIADMK 39,130
Papanasam N. Karupanna Odayar TMC(M) R. Thirunavukkarasu IND 38,342
Paramakudi (SC) U. Thisaiveeran DMK K. Munisamy IND 18,901
Park Town T. Rajendar DMK S. V. Shankar INC 29,479
Pattukkottai P. Balasubramanian DMK Seeni Baskaran AIADMK 33,621
Pennagaram G. K. Mani PMK M. Arumugam CPI 406
Perambalur (SC) M. Devarajan DMK S. Murugesan AIADMK 23,401
Perambur (SC) Chengai Sivam DMK V. Neelakandan AIADMK 58,351
Peravurani S. V. Thirugnana Sambandam TMC(M) K. Sakthivel INC 39,640
Periyakulam L. Mookiah DMK K. M. Kader Mohideen AIADMK 21,907
Pernamallur N. Pandurangan DMK C. Srinivasan AIADMK 27,793
Pernambut (SC) V. Govindan DMK I. Thamizharasan AIADMK 31,174
Perundurai N. Periyasamy CPI P. Periyasamy AIADMK 17,551
Perur A. Natarasan DMK R. Thirumalaisamy AIADMK 57,573
Pollachi S. Raju DMK V. Jayaraman AIADMK 21,814
Polur A. Rajendran DMK Agri. S. Krishnamoorthy AIADMK 24,153
Pongalur P. Mohan Kandaswamy TMC(M) Thalapathy Murugesan INC 21,941
Ponneri (SC) K. Sundaram DMK G. Gunasekaran AIADMK 45,391
Poombuhar G. Mohandasan DMK N. Vijayabalan AIADMK 18,413
Poonamallee D. Sudarsanam TMC(M) P. Krishnamoorthy INC 50,511
Pudukottai A. Periannan DMK S. C. Swaminathan INC 42,783
Purasawalkam B. Ranganathan TMC(M) Kathipara J. Gnanam INC 72,614
Radhakrishnan Nagar S. P. Sarkunam DMK R. M. D. Raveendran AIADMK 43,081
Radhapuram M. Appavu TMC(M) S. K. Chandrasekaran INC 28,946
Rajapalayam (SC) V. P. Rajan DMK P. Prabakar AIADMK 18,939
Ramanathapuram A. Rahman Khan DMK S. K. G. Sekar AIADMK 35,891
Ranipet R. Gandhi DMK M. Masilamani AIADMK 34,127
Rasipuram P. R. Sundaram AIADMK R. R. Damayandhi DMK 454
Rishivandiyam S. Sivaraj TMC(M) P. Annadurai AIADMK 40,064
Royapuram R. Mathivanan DMK D. Jayakumar AIADMK 17,408
Saidapet K. Saidai Kittu DMK Saidai S. Duraisamy AIADMK 29,853
Salem – I K. R. G. Dhanapalan DMK A. T. Natarajan INC 30,267
Salem – II A. L. Thangavel DMK S. Semmalai AIADMK 27,491
Samayanallur (SC) S. Selvaraj DMK R. Raja Selvaraj AIADMK 55,648
Sankarapuram T. Udhayasuriyan DMK A. Saruvar Kasim AIADMK 22,158
Sankarankoil (SC) C. Karuppasamy AIADMK S. Raja DMK 600
Sankari (SC) V. Muthu DMK K. K. Ramasamy AIADMK 21,336
Sathankulam S. S. Mani Nadar TMC(M) B. Kasinathan INC 25,236
Sathyamangalam S. K. Rajendran DMK T. R. Attiannan AIADMK 8,784
Sattur K. M. Vijayakumar DMK K. K. S. S. R. Ramachandran AIADMK 9,364
Sedapatti G. Thalapathi DMK R. Muthiah AIADMK 10,201
Sendamangalam (ST) C. Chandrasekaran DMK K. Kalavathi AIADMK 19,925
Sholavandan L. Santhanam DMK A. M. Paramasivan AIADMK 18,808
Sholinghur A. M. Munirathinam TMC(M) S. Shanmugham PMK 33,930
Singanallur N. Palaniswamy DMK R. Duraisamy AIADMK 58,412
Sirkazhi (SC) M. Panneerselvam DMK V. Bharathi AIADMK 29,694
Sivaganga Tha. Kiruttinan Pasumpon DMK K. R. Muruganandam AIADMK 33,001
Sivakasi R. Chokkar TMC(M) N. Alagarsamy AIADMK 18,732
Sriperumbudur (SC) E. Kothandam DMK K. N. Chinnandi INC 36,436
Srirangam T. P. Mayavan DMK M. Paranjothi AIADMK 29,859
Srivaikuntam S. David Selwyn DMK S. Danielraj INC 13,209
Srivilliputhur R. Tamaraikani AIADMK T. Ramasamy CPI 8,667
Talavasal (SC) K. Rani TMC(M) K. Kaliyaperumal INC 27,382
Tambaram M. A. Vaidyalingam DMK K. B. Madhavan INC 11,395
Taramangalam P. Govindan PMK P. Elavarasan DMK 24,707
Tenkasi K. Ravi Arunan TMC(M) Aladi Sankaraiya INC 30,760
Thalli S. Raja Reddy CPI Venkatarama Reddi INC 7,489
Thandarambattu K. Manivarma TMC(M) A. P. Kuppusamy AIADMK 39,814
Thanjavur S. N. M. Ubayadullah DMK S. D. Somasundaram AIADMK 45,082
T. Nagar A. Chellakumar TMC(M) S. Vijayan AIADMK 48,998
Theni N. R. Alagaraja TMC(M) V. R. Nedunchezhiyan AIADMK 49,144
Thirumangalam M. Muthuramalingam DMK S. Andi Thevar AIADMK 28,925
Thirumayam V. Chinniah TMC(M) S. Ragupathy AIADMK 11,888
Thirunavalur A. J. Manikannan DMK K. G. P. Gnanamoorthy AIADMK 12,436
Thirupparankundram C. Ramachandran DMK S. V. Shanmugam AIADMK 61,409
Thiruthuraipundi (SC) G. Palanisami CPI K. Gopalsami INC 53,688
Thiruvadanai K. R. Ramasamy TMC(M) D. Sakthivel INC 51,400
Thiruvaiyaru D. Chandrasekaran DMK M. Subramanian AIADMK 27,011
Thiruvattar V. Alban DMK J. Hemachandran CPM 12,354
Thiruvarur (SC) A. Asohan DMK P. Arumuga Pandian AIADMK 44,367
Thiruvidaimarudhur S. Ramalingam DMK T. R. Loganathan INC 41,941
Thiruvonam M. Ramachandran DMK K. Thangamuthu AIADMK 31,550
Thondamuthur C. R. Ramachandran DMK T. Malaravan AIADMK 62,137
Thottiam K. Kannaiyan DMK N. Nedumaran AIADMK 40,982
Thousand Lights M. K. Stalin DMK Zeenath Sheriffdeen AIADMK 44,877
Tindivanam R. Sedunathan DMK M. Karunanidhi PMK 25,380
Tiruchendur S. Jennifer Chandran DMK T. Dhamodharan AIADMK 31,031
Tiruchengode T. P. Arumugam DMK S. Chinnusamy AIADMK 42,620
Tiruchy – I B. Baranikumar DMK Pa. Krishnan AIADMK 27,510
Tiruchy – II Anbil Poyyamozhi DMK P. Selvaraj AIADMK 44,829
Tirunelveli A. L. Subramanian DMK V. Karuppasamy Pandian AIADMK 23,324
Tiruppattur (41) G. Shanmugam DMK P. G. Mani AIADMK 31,658
Tiruppattur (194) R. Sivaraman DMK S. Kannappan AIADMK 19,277
Tirupporur (SC) G. Chockalingam DMK N. K. Loganathan AIADMK 31,896
Tiruppur K. Subbarayan CPI C. Sivasamy AIADMK 41,055
Tiruttani E. A. P. Sivaji DMK G. Hari AIADMK 29,542
Tiruvallur C. S. Mani DMK G. Kanagaraj AIADMK 33,254
Tiruvannamalai K. Pitchandi DMK A. Arunachalam INC 52,978
Thiruvarambur K. Durai DMK T. Rathinavel AIADMK 46,753
Tiruvottiyur T. C. Vijayan DMK B. Balraj AIADMK 75,022
Triplicane K. Nanjil Manoharan DMK A. Wahab AIADMK 35,011
Tuticorin N. Periasamy DMK J. L. B. Bono Venture Roche IND 21,371
Udagamandalam T. Gundan DMK H. M. Raju INC 47,180
Udumalpet D. Selvaraj DMK C. Shanmugavel AIADMK 24,320
Ulundurpet (SC) A. Mani DMK M. Anandan AIADMK 20,975
Uppiliapuram (ST) T. Karuppusami DMK R. Saroja AIADMK 34,568
Usilampatti P. N. Vallarasu FBL P. Veluchamy AIADMK 55,903
Uthiramerur K. Sundar DMK N. K. Gnanasekaran AIADMK 33,092
Valangiman (SC) Gomathi Srinivasan TMC(M) V. Vivekanandan AIADMK 20,511
Valparai (SC) V. P. Singaravelu DMK Kurichi Manimaran AIADMK 25,272
Vandavasi (SC) Bala Anandan DMK V. Gunaseelan AIADMK 39,746
Vaniyambadi M. Abdul Lathief DMK K. Kuppusamy INC 47,253
Vanur (SC) A. Marimuthu DMK S. P. Erasendiran AIADMK 23,942
Varahur (SC) B. Duraisamy DMK A. Palanimuthu AIADMK 21,151
Vasudevanallur (SC) R. Eswaran TMC(M) P. Suresh Babu INC 616
Vedaranyam S. K. Vedarathinam DMK P. C. V. Balasubramaniam INC 22,792
Vedasandur S. V. Krishnan DMK S. Gandhirajan AIADMK 20,769
Veerapandi S. Arumugam DMK K. Arjunan AIADMK 21,151
Vellakoil M. P. Saminathan DMK Durai Ramaswamy AIADMK 6,914
Vellore C. Gnanasekaran TMC(M) S. B. Bhaskaran INC 60,888
Vilathikulam K. Ravisankar DMK V. Gopalsamy MDMK 634
Vilavancode D. Mony CPM V. Thankaraj DMK 21,282
Villivakkam J. M. Haroon Rasheed TMC(M) M. G. Mohan INC 147,747
Villupuram K. Ponmudy DMK S. S. Panneerselvam AIADMK 41,586
Virudhunagar A. R. R. Seenivasan DMK G. Karikolraj INC 23,487
Vridachalam Tamizharasan DMK R. Govindasamy PMK 6,885
Yercaud (ST) V. Perumal DMK R. Gunasekaran AIADMK 9,394
* Elected as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu


AIADMK suffered a rout in the elections. Most of sitting ministers of the AIADMK government, including the chief minister Jayalalithaa lost their seats. Jayalalithaa lost to DMK's E. G. Sugavanam by a margin of 8,366 votes in the Bargur constituency. A year after the election, the AIADMK split, when a faction led by the Arantaki MLA Su. Thirunavukkarasar broke away from the party. The MDMK which was contesting its first statewide elections since its formation in 1994 drew a blank. MDMK leader Vaiko was defeated in both the Vilathikulam Assembly constituency and the Sivakasi parliamentary constituency. This election also saw the PMK electing four members to the assembly. The massive victory of the DMK-TMC-CPI combine in the assembly elections spilled over to the parliamentary elections. The coalition was able to win all 39 parliamentary seats in Tamil Nadu and the lone parliamentary seat in the nearby Pondicherry. This tally of 40 seats enabled the DMK-TMC combine to be part of the United Front government during 1996–98.[2][12][13][19]


S.no Name Designation Party
Chief Minister
1. M. Karunanidhi Chief Minister DMK
Cabinet Ministers
2. K. Anbazhagan Minister for Education DMK
3. Arcot N. Veerasamy Minister for Health and Electricity
4. Nanjil K. MANOHARAN Minister for Revenue
5. Ko. Si. Mani Minister for Rural Development and Local Administration
6. Veerapandi S. Arurmugam Minister for Agriculture
7. Duraimurugan Minister for Public Works
8. K. Ponmudy Minister for Transport
9. Dr M.Tamizhkudimagan Minister for Tamil Language & Culture
10. K.N. Nehru Minister for Food, PDS and Co-operation
11. K. Sundaram Minister for Milk
12. A. Rahman Khan Minister for Labour
13. Aladi Aruna Minister for Law
14. V. Thangapandian Minister for Co-operation
15. N.K.K.Periyasamy Minister for Handlooms
16 M.R.K. Panneerselvam Minister for Backward Classes
17. Pongalur N. Palanisamy Minister for Animal Husbandry
18. K. Pitchandi Minister for Housing
19. I. Periasamy Minister for Rural Industries and Registration
20. V.Mullaivendan Minister for Information
21. Pulavar Senguttuvan Minister for Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments
22. S.P. Sarkuna Pandian Minister for Social Welfare
23. Samayanallur S. Selvarasu Minister for Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare
24. N. Suresh Rajan Minister for Tourism
25. Andhiyur P. Selvarasu Minister for Khadi & Printing
26. Jenefer Chandran Minister for Fisheries

| After the death of the minister Thiru V.Thangapandian there is a Inclusion of Thiru Pasumpon Tha Kirittinan as Minister for Highways and seniority changes done he is placed in No 9 in ministers list and the cabinet re-designated several changes shuffling done.

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