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Altani was a heroine of the Mongols and daughter of Genghis Khan, the founder of the Mongol Empire.


As a young girl of between ten and fourteen years old, Altani stayed in the camp of Hoelun, mother of Genghis Khan. A Tatar entered the tent in which both of them stayed and pretended to come for hospitality. When Tolui, the youngest son of Genghis Khan and his first wife Börte, entered the tent, the Tatar grabbed the boy and ran out. Altani followed, prevented him from stabbing the boy and made him drop his knife. She held onto him so he could not escape with Tolui until two guards came and killed the Tatar. The guards and Altani all claimed credit for saving Tolui, but Genghis Khan made it clear she deserved chief merit. He laid praise on her as a baatar, or hero of the Mongols.[1]


During the Kurultai of 1206, Genghis Khan made a lengthy speech praising Altani.[2] Her marriage to Boroghul, one of the orphans adopted by Hoelun, was also arranged. Like Altani, Boroghul was an acknowledged baatar for having saved one of the Khan's sons. Like he did at the marriages of his other daughters, Genghis Khan also proclaimed equality between bride and groom.[3]


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