An Waray

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An Waray
Ideology Waray regionalism
Colors Green
Seats in the House of Representatives
2 / 292

An Waray is a party-list in the Philippines, mainly based on the islands of Leyte, Samar and Biliran.[1]

In the 2004 elections for the House of Representatives An Waray got 268,164 votes (2.1079% of the nationwide vote)[2] and one seat (Florencio Noel). An Waray Party List is a democratic multi-sectoral party-list organization that envisions a just, progressive and peaceful Filipino society characterized by its principles katilingban (sense of community), kahimyang (peace) and kauswagan (progress) through the adoption of a community-based and peace oriented development agenda.[1]

Electoral performance[edit]

Election Votes  % Seats
2004 268,164 2.11% 1
2007 321,516 2.01% 1
2010 712,405 2.39% 2
2013 540,906 1.97% 2
2016 590,895 1.82% 1