Ancient Warriors (TV series)

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Ancient Warriors

Ancient Warriors is a 1994 20-part documentary series from the Discovery Channel.

Each half-hour episode looks at a major fighting people or force and charts the reasons for their rise to dominance and subsequent fall. The show explores the motivations of ancient soldiers, as well as how they lived, fought, trained, died, and changed the world. It also uses battle re-enactments and computer graphics to demonstrate military strategy.[1]




A DVD set of the series has been released:

  • Volume I

The Assyrians, Celts, Normans, Legions of Rome, Macedonians, Soldiers of the Pharaoh, Spartans.

  • Volume II

Janissaries, Huns, Knights Templar, Vikings, Highlanders, Irish Warriors, Maurya Warriors of the Elephant.

  • Volume III

Aztecs, Samurai, Shaolin Monks, Hawaiians, Ninja, Sioux.

Note: These DVD volumes are currently available only in PAL format, not NTSC.


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