Animal Face-Off

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Animal Face-Off
Directed by Malcolm Hall
Narrated by Scott Dreier
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 12
Executive producer(s) Andrew Waterworth
Michael Stedman
Producer(s) Nick Bleszynski
Running time 60/120 minutes
Original network Discovery Channel
Original release March 21 – September 12, 2004 (2004-09-12)

Animal Face-Off is a television program that aired on the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet in 2004.[1]


This program, produced by NHNZ, centers on hypothetical battles between two animals that could meet in the wild, or, in some cases, have been compared to each other by scientists. CGI replicas and models were used to collect data (such as strength, bite force, etc.) about the animals. Then, in a virtual arena, a brief computer-animated fight scene reveals the results. Some people have declared this show similar to the hit Spike TV show Deadliest Warrior. Since the fights are created artificially, results in real life may vary. Each episode of Animal Face-Off is 1 hour long, with the exception of the 12th episode, which is 2 hours long

Episode list[edit]

Episode Animals Location Winner Recap
1 Great white shark vs. saltwater crocodile Northern Australian Coast Great white shark A great white shark is roaming close to shore, looking for food; a saltwater crocodile swims nearby, looking for a new territory. The shark hits the crocodile with the bump-and-bite technique. Accustomed to defending himself against rivals, the cro bites its opponent′s tail but can′t get a good grip. The shark swims away and makes a wide turn for a full-on assault; however, the crocodile gets the first bite on its pectoral fin. The bite tears off the shark′s fin, helped by the classic death roll. Despite the injury, the shark is still strong. Then, both animals collide head on; the croc grabs hold of the shark′s snout with its crushing bite. This time, the large fish can′t fight back; the croc attempts another death roll. After that, they both sink. Running out of air, the large reptile breaks the death roll and heads straight to the surface. The shark takes advantage of it; with the reptile′s soft underbelly exposed, it comes back with a textbook attack, killing the crocodile with a powerful bite.
2 African bush elephant vs. white rhinoceros Serengeti National Park African bush elephant A white rhinoceros is feeding when, suddenly, it feels the ground shaking – an African bush elephant is roaming the savanna. Due to its bad eyesight, the short-tempered rhino sees it as a rival – it soon attacks the elephant with its charge and thrust; but the much smarter elephant charges as well and dodges the attack. The rhino then tries to stab the elephant′s throat, but it′s too tall for him to reach, even with its four-foot horn. Desperate to win the battle, the rhino tries an agile headbutt; however, the elephant defends its head and face with its trunk and seven-foot tusks. Sure enough, it stabs the rhino with its tusks twice – henceforth, breaking one of its tusks in the process –, topples it, and crushes it under its weight, killing it. The battle won, the elephant steps off and trumpets in victory.
3 Asiatic lion vs. Bengal tiger India Asiatic lion An Asiatic male lion is roaming an abandoned Indian temple; nearby, a Bengal tiger is feeding. The lion roars at it to back off, but the tiger ignores which causes the lion to sprint towards his opponent, but he trips on him. The tiger quickly recovers and repeatedly tries to bite his opponent′s throat, but the lion shakes off the attack. After that, it gets up; and both combatants face each other, roaring at one another. Like heavy-weight boxers, both cats scratch each other′s faces fiercely, but neither lands a killing blow. Desperate to put an end to the battle, the tiger leaps onto the lion, but the lion is a more skilled fighter and delivers a fatal neck bite. The lion walks away and then roars in victory, maintaining his position as ″King of the beasts″.
4 Hippopotamus vs. bull shark Zambezi River Hippopotamus An injured male hippopotamus is resting in the Zambezi river, unaware that a bull shark is roaming around, looking for food. Catching the smell of meat but not knowing where it′s coming from, the shark begins the encounter with an exploratory bump – after confirming the hippo is indeed food, it tries to get in some bites starting by its side; however, the hippo′s thick hide, combined with his enormous girth and weight, is too much of a mouthful; and even the thin skin behind the back leg proves too tough. Despite all of this, the shark does manage to rip off the hippo′s tail. All this while, the large mammal has been roaring in pain, without knowing what hit him. His short temper lights a fire in his belly. Soon, the bull submerges, and spots the deadly shark. The hippo opens his mouth, revealing his huge foot long canines, but the predatory fish keeps coming. Furious, the hippo crushes the shark′s head as he closes his mouth, killing it.
5 Gray wolf vs. cougar Rocky Mountains Cougar A gray wolf is feeding; from a great distance, a cougar catches the smell of meat, and comes to investigate. The cat comes across the canine eating. Lying down, it thinks about how to steal the meal without having the wolf to call for reinforcements. Soon after, the canine notices the cougar and growls. The mountain lion does the same. The wolf responds by charging forward and ferociously bites the cougar′s back leg, but backs off when the cat pounces on it with its front legs and lethal claws. The wolf howls to its pack for backup. Realizing it′s in grave danger, the cougar tries to retreat, but the large canine stops it by biting its paw. Furious, the cougar rolls onto its back, rakes the wolf with its claws and throws it off to the ground, killing the canine at once. The feline prepares to eat, but it then hears the wolf pack approaching. Left with no choice, the cougar leaves the kill and flees straight to the forest.
6 Walrus vs. polar bear Arctic Circle Walrus A walrus is relaxing by the water′s edge. Suddenly, a hungry polar bear comes by. Startled and nervous, the walrus heads straight for the sea. The bear attempts to bite and scratch it, but the pinniped′s thick skin is too much, even for a large bear like itself. Although it briefly manages to latch on with its sharp teeth, the bear can′t do much serious damage. The walrus then tries to stab the bear with its four-foot tusks, but the agile predator anticipates. It then tries several paw swipes to the head, but the walrus's skull is too thick to land a killing blow. As the walrus flees, the bear holds on and gets dragged into the ocean. Afterwards, the walrus turns around, goring the bear with its tusks. The bear is wounded – running out of air, it heads straight back to the surface. But the walrus returns with a vengeance – it soon sinks its tusks onto the carnivore's back, killing it. The dead bear sinks into the abyss.
7 Brown bear vs. Siberian tiger Siberian taiga Brown bear On a snowy day, a Siberian tiger is feeding. A large brown bear passes by, looking for one last meal before going into hibernation. Feeling its meal threatened, the cat roars at the bear to back off, but the much larger carnivore keeps coming. The tiger then tries to knock down the bear with all its might, but the bear absorbs the blows without losing its balance. The tiger tries to deliver a neck-bite, but the bear knocks the striped cat down. The bear then knocks the cat on the ground, and moves straight for the meal. Angry at the thievery, the big, striped cat jumps on the bear from behind and latches on with its claws, cutting deep, but failing to disable. The much stronger bear then turns around and paw swipes the tiger′s head, injuring its face. Soon, the bear sees an opening, so it breaks the tiger′s back and bites its neck, killing it at once, before moving on to the meal.
8 African lion vs. Nile crocodile Masai Mara National Park Nile crocodile An African male lion is eating by the river′s edge when a Nile crocodile emerges from the water, intent on stealing the meal. Upon seeing that, the cat roars at the reptile to back off, but it does little than get a loud hiss from the croc. The lion attacks but cannot land a deadly blow because of the reptile′s thick armor. The lion then tries to flip the crocodile to reach its unarmored belly, but a roll and tail swipe stops it from doing so. Determined to get rid of the stubborn cat, the large reptile heads back to the water, and gets out of sight. Determined to protect its kill, the cat stays close to the water′s edge, looking for an opportunity to attack. However, the croc launches a surprise attack on the mammal, grabbing his neck and dragging it to the water. The crocodile soon performs a death roll, which kills the lion at once.
9 Green anaconda vs. jaguar Amazon River Green anaconda A jaguar heads to the Amazon River. A large anaconda is patrolling the shore. As the spotted cat enters the water, the snake sees it as prey and takes position, waiting for the right moment to strike. The cat can sense the danger, but cannot see the reptile beneath the surface. A bird call distracts it; the snake takes advantage of it and strikes without warning, wrapping its coils over the big cat. Soon, both mammal and reptile sink underwater. The jaguar gets away at first by biting the anaconda′s tail and cutting it with claws. Hurt and bleeding, the anaconda attempts to flee, but the jaguar, determined to have it for dinner, tries to fish it out of the water. On land, the snake turns around and launches a surprise attack, knocking the cat and coiling around it again. Too tired to fight back, the jaguar is defeated – and soon killed.
10 Mountain gorilla vs. African leopard Congo Rainforest Mountain gorilla A male mountain gorilla has left his family in the trees, looking for a place to spend the night. However, he′s unaware that he′s wandering into the territory of an African female leopard, who has hidden her cubs in a nearby den. The hungry leopardess confronts the gorilla. The big primate, upon seeing her, tries to avoid the fight, beating his chest, growling and howling in the process, but the leopard does not flinch. The gorilla approaches, swiping at the big cat, which soon leaps onto a rock. Afterwards, she takes the huge primate by surprise by jumping onto his back and biting his shoulder. The gorilla throws the leopard off, but using her better stealth, she leaps on the ape′s back again. After that, the gorilla easily throws her off again, and the leopard runs for her life, but the ape turns her over on her back. Both animals fight briefly. Then the leopard gets back up again, but the ape chomps on her shoulder, making her roaring in with pain. After that, she backs off. Both opponents stare and snarl at each other. Desperate, the leopardess leaps towards the gorilla, but he throws his powerful arm on her back, breaking her spine and killing her – thus ending the battle.
11 American black bear vs. American alligator Everglades American black bear An American black bear heads towards a swamp on a hot Florida day to drink. Below the surface, an American alligator looks for a place to rest. The bear drinks, which awakes the gator promptly and makes him go on the offensive. The bear starts to retreat, but before it can do so, the gator emerges from the water, startling the huge mammal. The reptile bites the big mammal′s leg, but releases it as the bear uses its paws to get it off, leaving nothing but a wound and a mouthful of fur, fat and muscle. Despite the injury, the bear is still strong. It fights back by slashing at the gator′s mouth. The reptile tries to do a tail swipe, but the bear anticipates it. Knowing it′s vulnerable on land, the gator tries to return to the water; however, the enraged bear charges at it, and stops it by turning it over on its back. Soon, the gator tries to roll free, exposing its unarmored underbelly; so the bear scratches deep into it, fatally wounding and killing the huge reptile. The bear walks away as the dead gator rots on the riverbank.
12 Sperm whale vs. colossal squid Antarctic Ocean Sperm whale A sperm whale is diving into the deep abyss, while a colossal squid rockets through the depths. Both combatants sense each other – the squid sees the whale, while the whale′s echolocation reveals the squid's location. Upon seeing the whale as a potential predator, the squid releases a burst of ink as a warning, but it′s ignored by the whale, which launches a slow attack on the huge squid. Just before it reaches the mouth, the squid latches onto the whale and rakes it with his suckers, wounding it in the process. By rising close to the surface, the squid is shaken off, but not before it scratches the whale further. Although wounded, the whale amplifies his sonar and stuns the squid. The paralyzed cephalopod is helpless – and thus eaten alive.


Each episode of Animal Face-Off has been released on DVD.

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