Gim clan of Andong

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The Gim clan of Andong (Korean안동 김씨; Hanja安東 金氏) refers to two Korean clans. They were prominent yangban families during Korea's Joseon dynasty originating from Andong, North Gyeongsang province, during the Goryeo dynasty. The clan produced many individuals who passed the gwageo, as well as three queens. Both clans derive from the Gim clan of Gyeongju.


Gim clan of Andong (old)[edit]

The old Gim clan of Andong was founded during the Goryeo dynasty by the grandson of Gyeongsun of Silla, Sukseung. In 2000, the old Gim clans of Andong were found to number at around 425,000 individuals.

Gim clan of Andong (new)[edit]

The new Gim clan of Andong resided in Seoul, and came to exert a great deal of influence and power through intermarriage with the royal family. In 2000, the number of the new Gim clans of Andong amounted to about 48,000 individuals.


Heungseon Daewongun removed much of the Gim clan of Andong's power during the 19th century. During the Gabo Reform, the yangban class was abolished.

Prominent individuals[edit]