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The Kim clan of Andong (Korean안동 김씨; Hanja安東 金氏) refers to two Korean clans. They were prominent yangban families during Korea's Joseon dynasty originating from Andong, North Gyeongsang province, during the Goryeo dynasty. The clan produced many individuals who passed the gwageo, as well as three queens. Both clans derive from the Gim clan of Gyeongju.


Gim clan of Andong (old)[edit]

The old Gim clan of Andong was founded during the Goryeo dynasty by the grandson of Gyeongsun of Silla, Sukseung. In 2000, the old Gim clans of Andong were found to number at around 425,000 individuals.

Kim clan of Andong (new)[edit]

Kim seon-pyung(金宣平), the founder of Kim clan of Andong was one of the founding contributors of Goryeo dynasty. Before being founding contributor he was castellan of Andong province. He was given a new surname by Taejo of Goryeo with other founding contributors because of his contribution and became a founder of new Kim clan of Andong. But after the founding of Goryeo dynasty, nevertheless members of new Kim clan of Andong were the offsprings of founding contributor, no one could pass the Gwageo during the Goryeo dynasty among them and they were just satisfied by inheriting their land in Andong province. It was from Kim deuk-woo(金得雨) that new Kim clan of Andong began to prosper, who is 7th generation descendant of Kim seon-pyung the founder. In his grandson generation the first Gwageo passer of new Kim clan of Andong produced. Kim beon(金璠), Kim deuk-woo's 5th generation descendant resided in Seoul, and beon's offsprings lived there for generations til they downfelled. Who came to exert a great deal of influence and power through intermarriage with the royal family and dominated the royal court once at the end of the Joseon dynasty are them, Kim beon's descendants. But what is important is that those who did what was said above were only an offshoot of new Kim clan of Andong. In fact, after Kim sang-heon(金尙憲), great-grandson of Kim beon, new Kim clan of Andong became an authorized Yangban family with pedigree and through this background one of them could did what was said above. During Joseon dynasty, they all were basically yangban family so they married with other great yangban families. In 2000, the number of the new Gim clans of Andong amounted to about 48,000 individuals.


Heungseon Daewongun removed much of the Gim clan of Andong's power during the 19th century. During the Gabo Reform, the yangban class was abolished.

Prominent individuals[edit]