Diocese of Algoma

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Diocese of Algoma
Ecclesiastical province Ontario
Archdeaconries 5
Parishes 50
Churches 115
Rite Anglican
Cathedral St. Luke's Cathedral, Sault Ste. Marie
Current leadership
Bishop Anne Germond

The Diocese of Algoma is a diocese of the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario of the Anglican Church of Canada. It comprises nearly 182,000 square kilometres of the Ontario districts of Algoma (from which it takes its name), Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Manitoulin, and parts of the districts of Nipissing and Timiskaming. The diocese forms a wide band stretching from just west of Thunder Bay on the northern shore of Lake Superior east to the border of Ontario and Quebec. Neighbouring Anglican dioceses are Rupert's Land to the west, Moosonee to the north, Ottawa to the east, and Ontario, Toronto, Huron to the south.

Algoma's See city is Sault Ste. Marie, and its Anglican population of 18,000 on the parish rolls is served by 50 parishes. Stephen Andrews is the Bishop of Algoma, but he will be moving to Toronto to serve as Principal of Wycliffe College in September, 2016. The Dean of Algoma and Rector of St. Luke's Cathedral is James McShane. Apart from Sault Ste. Marie, other major centres in the diocese include North Bay, Sudbury, and Thunder Bay. Nineteen of the diocese's fifty parishes are located in these communities. Most of the rest of the parishes are located in small towns and First Nations communities.

The Diocese of Algoma, founded in 1873, was one of four carved off from the original Diocese of Toronto. Consisting of a large First Nations population, the primary focus of the new diocese was intended to be missionary activity combined with ministry to the growing European settlements in the Muskoka and Parry Sound areas around Lake Huron. By the turn of the twentieth century, the demographics of the territory had shifted considerably, as mining and forestry attracted more European settlement. By 1906, Algoma ceased to be a missionary diocese of the ecclesiastical province and held its first synod.

The diocese maintains active chaplaincies at Thorneloe University located in Sudbury and the Mission to Seafarers, located in Thunder Bay.

Bishops of Algoma[edit]

Bishop of Algoma Name Dates Notes
1st Frederick Fauquier 1873–1881
2ed Edward Sullivan 1882–1896
3rd George Thorneloe 1896–1926 Metropolitan of Ontario, 1915–1926
4th Rocksborough Smith 1927–1939
5th Frederick Kingston 1939–1944
6th William Wright 1944–1974 Metropolitan of Ontario, 1955–1974
7th Frank Nock 1974–1982
8th Leslie Peterson 1982–1994
9th Ronald Ferris 1995–2008
10th Stephen Andrews 2009–2016
11th Anne Germond 2016–present

Deans of Algoma[edit]

The Dean of Algoma is also Rector of St Luke's Cathedral, Sault Ste. Marie

  • 1935–1940: Percy Alfred Paris [1][2]
  • 1941–1944: William Lockridge Wright (Bishop of Algoma, 1944)
  • 1944–1951: James Hannington Craig [1]
  • 1951–1957: Walter Bruce Jennings [3]
  • 1957–1974: Frank Foley Nock (Bishop of Algoma, 1974)
  • 1975–1992: I. Lawrence Robertson [1]
  • 1993–2001: Allan R. Reed (7th dean; Dean of Kootenay, 2001)[4]
  • 2001–2007: Garry Dobinson [5]
  • 2007–2010: Nelson Small [1]
  • 2011–present: James McShane [1]


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