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Angola (/ænˈɡ.lə/[1]) is a city mentioned in the Book of Mormon. It was located near or in the north countries and was the site of a portion of the long and final battle between the Nephites and the Lamanites.

The city is identified in only one verse, Mormon 2:4. The Nephites retreated towards the north countries and came to Angola and fortified the city during the period of A.C. 327–328,[when?] but were unable to withstand the Lamanites' attacks and were driven from the city.[2] Mormon 2:5 might be interpreted in such a way as to suggest that Angola was located somewhere in the land of David.[3]

It has been argued that Joseph Smith named the Book of Mormon city after Angola, New York.[4] Mormon apologists have pointed out that while the Book of Mormon was first published in 1830, the New York settlement did not adopt the name "Angola" until 1855.[5]


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