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Shirt badge/Association crest
Nickname(s) Welwitschias
Association Federação Angolana de Futebol
Confederation CAF (Africa)
Sub-confederation COSAFA (Southern Africa)
Head coach Manuel Augusto
Captain None
Top scorer Irene Gonçalves (33)
Home stadium Ombaka National Stadium
First colours
Second colours
FIFA ranking
Current NR (26 August 2016)
Highest 82 (December 2003)
Lowest 148 (September 2015)
First international
 South Africa 3–1 Angola 
(South Africa; January 7, 1995)
Biggest win
 Angola 4–0 Mozambique 
(Malanje, Angola; May 3, 2008)
Biggest defeat
 South Africa 6–2 Angola 
(Johannesburg, South Africa; February 1, 2004)
 South Africa 4–0 Angola 
(Johannesburg, South Africa; February 4, 2007)
World Cup
Appearances 0
African Women's Championship
Appearances 2 (First in 1995)
Best result Semi-Finalist: 1995

The Angola women's national football team represents Angola in international women's football and it is controlled by the Federação Angolana de Futebol. Their best place on the FIFA Rankings was the 82nd place, on December 2003. The only tournaments that they qualified were the 1995 and 2002 African Women's Championships, and their best finish was as Semi-Finalists in the 1995 tournament. Angola has, in contrast to many other African countries, has never suffered a heavy defeat. They have seldom lost by more than two goals.

Angola finished in third place at the African Championship in 1995. Angola also qualified for the Championship in 2002, where they beat Zimbabwe and South Africa, but lost to Cameroon by one goal. Since then, Angola have not qualified for the championships.

During qualification for the 2008 Olympics, Angola did not get any further than the first round, where they lost to Ghana. However, they did reach the final of the COSAFA Cup, where they met South Africa, who beat them 3–1.


Angola played their first game against South Africa on January 7, 1995, losing 3–1.

1995 African Women's Championship[edit]

Angola entered the 1995 African Women's Championship, against Cameroon, but it withdrew, thus Angola advanced by Walkover and in the Second Round, they played their first official match on the first leg of the Second Round, against South Africa on January 7, 1995; in where they lost by 3–1. The second leg, was a 3–3 draw at home. These results provoked the elimination of Angola due to a 6–4 aggregate, but the Welwitschias ended as Semi-Finalists, along with Ghana.

2002 African Women's Championship[edit]

Angola participated in the 2002 African Women's Championship qualifiers, against Equatorial Guinea. Both legs were won 3-0 and 3-1 respectively. Second Round matches where against Congo DR and First leg was won 1-0 and Second leg was lost also by 1-0, but won in penalties by 5-4 and qualified for the tournament who was held in Nigeria.

This time Angola was along with Zimbabwe, South Africa and Cameroon. The first match was against Zimbabwe and ended on a 1–1 draw with goal of the captain Irene Gonçalves at the 16 minutes. The same result occurred on the Second match against South Africa, but this time with goal of Jacinta Ramos at the 75 minutes. Last match was lost against Cameroon by 1–0 in a late Cameroonian goal at the 89 minutes, leaving Angola out of the tournament and the World Cup.

2006 African Women's Championship[edit]

The Welwitschias played the 2006 African Women's Championship/2007 FIFA Women's World Cup qualifiers against Equatorial Guinea in First round, winning 3–2 in the first leg, but losing 3–1 in the second leg, and losing in aggregate by 5–4. Angola did not reach both the 2006 African Women's Championship or the 2007 FIFA Women's World Cup who was held in China PR.

2007 All-Africa Games[edit]

Angola entered for the first time to the All-Africa Games Football tournament, in the qualifiers for the 2007 edition in Algeria. Their rival was South Africa. They won the first leg by 3–2 and lost the second by 4–0, ending with an aggregate of 6–3, thus being eliminated from the tournament.

2008 Olympic Games[edit]

The Welwitschias debuted on the Olympics Games football tournament qualifiers in the edition of 2008 edition, celebrated in China PR. Angola's first rival was Tanzania, but it withdrew; thus Angola advanced by walkover. In the Second Round, Angola played against Ghana, losing both matches by 2–1 and 2–0, ending with an aggregate of 4–1.

2010 African Women's Championship[edit]

Again, the team entered the 2010 African Women's Championship/2011 FIFA Women's World Cup qualifiers in the CAF First Round against Namibia and lost the First leg 2–1, leading 1–0 in the half-time, with goal of Irene Gonçalves at the 37 minutes. The Second leg was a 1–1 draw,[1] when it was winning 1–0, again with a goal of Irene Gonçalves at the 51 minutes. Angola did not qualify for either both tournaments.

2011 All-Africa Games[edit]

Angola failed to qualify to the 2011 All-Africa Games, celebrated in Mozambique, after losing in aggregate to Zimbabwe by 3–1, after drawing 1–1 and lose 2–0. Also these matches were the last matches that Angola played to the date.

2012 Olympic Games[edit]

Despite being one year after the 2011 All-Africa Games, the 2012 Olympic Games Football Tournament qualification of Africa was held 4 months before the 2011 All-Africa Games qualifiers. Angola was paired with Namibia once again in a qualification round. They draw both matches by 2–2 and 0–0 respectively, but they lost due to the Away goals rule. Angola was eliminated of the tournament who took place in Great Britain

2014 African Women's Championship[edit]

Angola did not entered for the 2014 African Women's Championship/2015 FIFA Women's World Cup qualifiers, who was held in Namibia in Autumn 2014.

Competition records[edit]



World Cup record[edit]

World Cup Finals
Year Result GP W D* L GF GA GD
China 1991 Did Not Enter
Sweden 1995 Did Not Qualify
United States 1999 Did Not Enter
United States 2003 Did Not Qualify
China 2007
Germany 2011
Canada 2015 Did Not Enter
France 2019 To Be Determined
Total 0/8 - - - - - - -
*Draws include knockout matches decided on penalty kicks.

African Women's Championship record[edit]

African Women's Championship
Year Result Matches Wins Draws Losses GF GA
1991 Did Not Enter
1995 Semi-Finals 2 0 1 1 4 6
Nigeria 1998 Did Not Enter
South Africa 2000
Nigeria 2002 Group Stage 3 0 2 1 2 3
South Africa 2004 Did Not Enter
Nigeria 2006 Did Not Qualify
Equatorial Guinea 2008 Did Not Enter
South Africa 2010 Did Not Qualify
Equatorial Guinea 2012 Did Not Enter
Namibia 2014
Cameroon 2016
Total Semi Finalist 5 0 3 2 6 9

Olympics record[edit]

Summer Olympics
Year Result Matches Wins Draws Losses GF GA
United States 1996 Did Not Enter
Australia 2000
Greece 2004
China 2008 Did Not Qualify
United Kingdom 2012
Brazil 2016
Total 0/6 0 0 0 0 0 0

All-Africa Games record[edit]

All-Africa Games
Year Result Matches Wins Draws Losses GF GA
Nigeria 2003 Did Not Enter
Algeria 2007 Did Not Qualify
Mozambique 2011
Republic of the Congo 2015 Did Not Enter
Zambia 2019 To Be Determined
Total 0/5 0 0 0 0 0 0


Date Opposition Result Score Competition
January 7, 1995  South Africa L 1–3 1995 African Championship
January 21, 1995  South Africa D 3–3 1995 African Championship
July 2, 2002  São Tomé and Príncipe W 4–2 Friendly
August 11, 2002  Equatorial Guinea W 3–0 2002 AWC qualification
August 24, 2002  Equatorial Guinea W 3–1 2002 AWC qualification
September 22, 2002  DR Congo W 1–0 2002 AWC qualification
October 11, 2002  DR Congo L 0–1 (5–4 PSO) 2002 AWC qualification
December 8, 2002  Zimbabwe D 1–1 2002 African Championship
December 11, 2002  South Africa D 1–1 2002 African Championship
December 14, 2002  Cameroon L 0–1 2002 African Championship
October 26, 2003  Zimbabwe D 0–0 Friendly
November 8, 2003  Zimbabwe W 1–0 (a.e.t.) Friendly
February 1, 2004  South Africa L 2–6 Friendly
February 14, 2004  South Africa W 3–2 Friendly
March 12, 2006  Equatorial Guinea W 3–2 2006 AWC qualification
March 26, 2006  Equatorial Guinea L 1–3 2006 AWC qualification
August 22, 2006  Zimbabwe L 1–3 COSAFA Cup
August 24, 2006  Zimbabwe L 0–1 COSAFA Cup
October 27–29, 2006  Tanzania W w/o 2008 OG qualification
January 21, 2007  South Africa W 3–2 2007 AAG qualification
February 4, 2007  South Africa L 0–4 2007 AAG qualification
February 17, 2007  Ghana L 1–2 2008 OG qualification
March 11, 2007  Ghana L 0–2 2008 OG qualification
May 3, 2008  Mozambique W 4–0 Friendly
May 4, 2008  Swaziland W 2–0 Friendly
May 6, 2008  Namibia W 3–0 Friendly
March 7, 2010  Namibia L 1–2 2010 AWC qualification
March 21, 2010  Namibia D 1–1 2010 AWC qualification
January 15, 2011  Namibia D 2–2 2012 OG qualification
January 29, 2011  Namibia D 0–0 2012 OG qualification
May 1, 2011  Zimbabwe D 1–1 2011 AAG qualification
May 15, 2011  Zimbabwe L 0–2 2011 AAG qualification

Angola all-time record[edit]

  • Correct as of June 23, 2014

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