Armenians in Spain

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Armenians in Spain
Total population
Regions with significant populations

Madrid, Barcelona (13,000-15,000),

Seville and Valencia
Armenian, Spanish, Persian, Arabic
Majority Armenian Apostolic Church
Armenian Catholic · Armenian Evangelical
Related ethnic groups
Armenian, Hamshenis, Cherkesogai groups

Armenians in Spain refers to ethnic Armenians living in Spain. They number around 50,000.[2] According to Instituto Nacional de Estadística in Spain are 9,582 people who were born in Armenia.[3] Armenians entered Spain after Armenian Genocide and also Iranian Revolution and Lebanese Civil War, the latter as Iranians and Lebanese.

The Armenians live mainly in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Valencia. Most Armenian Spaniards speak Spanish, while others can speak Armenian and those whose ancestors came from Iran and Lebanon may speak Persian and Arabic. Though, most of the Armenians in Spain belong to the Armenian Apostolic Church.

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