Armenians in Spain

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Armenians in Spain
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Valencia (4,000)
Barcelona (2,000)
Madrid (800)
Armenian, Spanish
Majority Armenian Apostolic Church
Armenian Catholic · Armenian Evangelical
Related ethnic groups
Armenian, Hamshenis, Cherkesogai groups

Armenians in Spain refers to ethnic Armenians living in Spain. They number around 40,000, centred in Valencia, Barcelona, and Madrid.[1] Spain was the fourth most popular country of destination for emigrating Armenians in 2011.[2]

There were no Armenian churches in Spain,[1] until one was opened in a small town near Barcelona in August 2009.[3] Most Armenians in Spain belong to the Armenian Apostolic Church.[3] The number of Armenian Sunday schools in Spain is on the rise.[1]

Most Spanish Armenians speak Armenian and Spanish.[1] Much emigration from Armenia following dissolution of the Soviet Union has been directed to the EU, including Spain, along with Russia and the United States.[2]


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