Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum of New Jersey

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Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum of New Jersey
NJAHOF Lockheed L-402 Teterboro 03.JPG
Lockheed L-402 Bushmaster on display in front of the museum
Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum of New Jersey is located in New Jersey
Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum of New Jersey
Location within New Jersey
LocationTeterboro, New Jersey
Coordinates40°51′17″N 74°03′12″W / 40.854748°N 74.053199°W / 40.854748; -74.053199
TypeAviation museum
FounderPat Reilly & Donald G. Borg

The Aviation Hall Of Fame & Museum of New Jersey was founded in 1972 and preserves New Jersey's aviation and space heritage. The museum displays historic aircraft, space equipment, artifacts, photographs, art and an aircraft model collection.[1] The library has more than 4,000 volumes and a collection of aviation video.[1] It is located at Teterboro Airport, the oldest operating airport in the Tri-State Region, at 400 Fred Wehran Drive, Teterboro, New Jersey.


The museum was founded in 1972 by Pat Reilly and Donald G. Borg. Initially located in a radio tower at Teterboro Airport, it moved to a nearby building in 1985, and again in 1997 to a much larger facility.[2]

Aircraft on display[edit]


GlideMobile inside the museum
Wright R-2160 Tornado inside the museum
Bell AH-1 Cobra on display
Name Year of induction
Arthur Raymond Brooks 1980
Aaron Krantz 1973
Albert E. Forsythe 1985
Amelia Earhart 1973
Aline Rhonie Hofheimer 2010
Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Anthony Distefano 2005
Anthony Fokker 1974
Arlene B. Feldman
Arthur Godfrey 1976
Barry Schiff
Ben B. Rock 1977
Benjamin R. Cascio
Bernice Falk Haydu
Bernt Balchen 1975
Bert Acosta 1976
Boland brothers 1980
Calvin J. Spann 2006
Charles A. Lindbergh 1973
Charles F. Durant 1981
Charles Emery Rosendahl 1980
Charles Joseph Fletcher 1989
Charles Healy Day 1981
Charles S. Jones 1984
Charles West 1977
Chester J. Decker 1985
Clarence Duncan Chamberlin 1973
Clyde Pangborn 1973
Cornelius J. Kraissl
David A. Van Dyke
Dean C. Smith
Donald Arthur Luscombe 2006
Donald G. Borg 1974
Donald J. Strait
Earl W. Estelle
Edward Gorski 1973
Edward P. McNeff 2009
Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr. 1980
Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Sr.
Floyd Bennett 1973
Francis R. Gerard 1983
Fred L. Wehran 1973
Fred Feldman
Frederick Kuhnert
Frederick W. Bohlander 1974
Frederick Walker Castle
George Augustus Vaughn, Jr. 2006
George DeGarmo 1976
George Hicha 1979
George Meade
George Walker Wiliam
Gill Robb Wilson 1980
H. V. Pat Reilly 1993
Harold Curtis 1984
Harry A. Nordheim
Harry Hamlen
Henry Geleski 1978
Henyy J. Esposito 1986
Herbert D. Kelleher
Herbert O. Fisher 1983
Hugh Dennis Wisely
Issac Schlossbach
Ivan Gates 1976
Jack Elliott 1986
Jack O. Webster 1974
James Hart Wyld
James Holahan
James O. Plinton, Jr. 2006
Jean Pierre Blanchard
John W. Olcott 1998
Juan Terry Trippe 1975
Jo Kotula
John E. Thomson 1979
John M. Habermann
John S. Penn, Sr.
Jules Decrescendo 1983
Julia Gorski 1978
Kathryn Dwyer Sullivan 1987
Kay A. Brick 1978
Kenneth A. Walsh
Kenneth R. Unger 1981
Leo Loudenslager 1982
Louis G. Ranley 1977
Louis T. Reichers
Lowell E. White 2006
Malcolm S. Forbes 1985
Michael Bachik Jr. 2004
Michael J. Jackson
Neville E. Watson
Oliver Colin LeBoutillier
Oliver George Simmons 1987
O. R. Herbert 1975
Paul G. Styger
Paul Garber 1987
Phillip J. Landi 1986
R.B.C. Noorduyn 1978
Ralph S. Barnaby 1981
Richard C. Cosgrave 2005
Richard C. Dehmel
Robert E. Johnson
Richard Evelyn Byrd
Richard F. Gillis
Richard Switlik, Sr.
Robert Joseph Collier 1984
Robert L. Copsey 1981
Robert Nietzel Buck 1981
Robert R. Golem
Roger O. Williams 1975
Roy LaGrone
Royal French Ryder 1979
Russell R. White
Ruth Rowland Nichols
Samuel C. Barnitt 1977
Sander Lawrance
Selma Cronan 1994[4]
Silvio Cavalier 1987
Solomon Andrews 1980
Stanley Switlik
Terry Jonathan Hart
Timothy A. Chopp
Thomas A. Murchio 1983
Thomas Buchanan McGuire, Jr. 1982
Thomas J. O'Malley
Thomas W. Robertson 1983
Thor Solberg 1985
Vincent Justus Burnelli
Walter M. Hartung
Walter M. Schirra 1982
William A. Hartig 1974
William A. Hughes 1983
William Diehl 1973
William Halsey, Jr. 1988
William J. Conrad
William E. Rhode 1984
William J. Picune 1979
Wittemann brothers 1973

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Coordinates: 40°51′17″N 74°03′12″W / 40.854748°N 74.053199°W / 40.854748; -74.053199