Balconies of Lima

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Facade of the Palacio de Torre Tagle, with porches and carved stone arches and Moorish art carved wooden balconies the most beautiful of the colonial period.
balconies at the Osambela House in Lima
Balconies at the Osambela House in Lima

The Balconies of Lima are cultural heritage built during the Spanish colonial regime as well as in the republic era in Peru. Most of them were built in the late 17th and 18th centuries, hence structures are located in the historical center of Lima. They were adapted for ceremonial purposes and have influenced in the life of many Peruvian scholars such as the 19th century writer Ricardo Palma. Nowadays the number of them counts up to 1,600[citation needed].

In order to retain its conservation, the Municipality of Lima has invited individuals and companies to adopt a balcony in order to maintain them as if they were new. The abundance of these balconies adds to the particular harmony and originality to this part of the city.

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The City of Balconies is the setting to Jim Crace's novel "Six", published by Viking in 2003.

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