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Ballarat Grammar
201 Forest Street,
Wendouree, Victoria, 3355
Coordinates 37°32′22.52″S 143°49′52.23″E / 37.5395889°S 143.8311750°E / -37.5395889; 143.8311750Coordinates: 37°32′22.52″S 143°49′52.23″E / 37.5395889°S 143.8311750°E / -37.5395889; 143.8311750[1]
Motto Latin: Honores Laborem Sequuntur
(Honour Follows Labour)
Religious affiliation(s) Anglican
Established 1911
School number 928[2]
Chairperson Hon Rob Knowles, A.O.
Headmaster Adam Heath
Chaplain Fr Peter Treloar
Grades ELC - 12
Gender Co-educational
Enrolment Approx 1300
School colour(s) Blue, Brown & Gold             
Slogan Leading through Learning

Serva Fidem

School Anthem = (To the tune of Holst's 'Jupiter Hymn')
VCE average 33[3]
Publication Boomalacka
Yearbook The Grammarian
Ballarat Grammar Ballarat and Queen’s Anglican Grammar School

Ballarat and Queen's Anglican Grammar School is an independent, Anglican Church school located at Wendouree (Ballarat), Victoria, 123 km west of Melbourne.


Ballarat Church of England Grammar School for Boys was opened by Bishop Browne and on the current Forest Street site in 1911.[4] The Church of England Girls’ Grammar School was acquired by the Anglican Diocese in 1918[4] having formerly been Queen’s College which was established 1877,[4] and later having “Queen’s” once again included in the name.

The two schools amalgamated in 1973[4] and became Ballarat and Queen’s Anglican Grammar School on the Forest Street site.

For the 2011 Century Year Celebrations a book 'Met by Wendouree' captures much of the history of the schools. Although both were originally small schools, many alumni have made significant contributions to the Nation, in politics, in academia, education and health services, in business and as musicians and artists. Many are mentioned in the book.

There is also Mainly About Girls, A History of Queen’s, Ballarat 1876 – 1972 written by Susanne White and Winds of Influence, A History of Ballarat Grammar 1911 – 1971 by Michael Boyle.


Stephen Higgs had been the Headmaster of Ballarat Grammar for 21 years,[5] and at the end of 2015 retired. The new Headmaster is Adam Heath.

Adam Heath has been the Middle School Principal at Kristin School in Auckland, New Zealand,[6] since 2009. Mr Heath originally studied Outdoor Education at La Trobe University, more recently he has completed a master's degree in School Leadership with First Class Honours at Melbourne University. After his early teaching in Mallacoot and the UK, Mr Heath moved to join Caulfield Grammar as Head of their Yarra Junction Campus. In 2005, he was appointed as the founding Head of Middle School at Scotch Oakburn College in Launceston.


Ballarat and Queens Anglican Grammar School's main campus is located in Ballarat, on the corner of Howitt and Forest streets, Wendouree. The expansive campus stretches as far north as Norman St, and west towards Dare St. Both the Senior School and Junior School are situated on the same campus, sharing many facilities and resources. The Wendouree Centre for Performing Arts is accessed by students via the southern part of the campus, and by the general public via Howitt St.

The Wendouree Centre for Performing Arts (WCPA) was opened in 2006 through a partnership between the School and the wider Ballarat Community. The main auditorium seats 857 and the expansive stage area has the capacity to handle a range of performances. It is used by the School and also hosts community events and performances. Ballarat Grammar's Music School is located within the WCPA, featuring tutorial and rehearsal rooms, and a professional recording suite. The WCPA also features natural cooling utilizing underground catacombs and natural air-flow.

The Heinz Centre is an award-winning (2002 BEN Environment Award [7] ) Year 9 Environmental Centre, opened in 2001. The centre was the venue for the Sustainable Building Expo held in 2002 as part of World Environment Week.

The school also has a farming campus at Mount Rowan.[8] This campus is used by the grade 4 students, and the VCE Agriculture-Horticulture students.

The schools City Cite is their campus in the Melbourne CBD[9] students in year 9 will go here for three week in term 4. This gives students a hands on experience and is a powerful way to challenge the year 9s.

Ballarat and Queens Anglican Grammar School is a sister school to St Augustine's High School, an Anglican Mission boarding school in Punjabi, Zimbabwe.'

Academic standing[edit]

Grammar has been a ranked school in Victoria for several years. It competes strongly with Ballarat Clarendon College, and together they are the only schools from Ballarat to feature in the rankings of the best Victorian schools.[10]

Academic Year 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Official Victorian Rank 45th 38th 48th 59th 69th 86th 70th 62nd
Median VCE score 34 34 34 33 33 33 33 34
Percentage of VCE scores 40+ 19% 22% 17% 16% 15.7% 11.5% 14.4% 15.9%


Rowing is considered by many to be the school's most celebrated sport. The Ballarat Associated Schools (BAS) crews compete in the annual "Head of the Lake", which is held at Lake Wendouree.

House system[edit]

The house system is very important to the structure of the school, and there is substantial rivalry between houses in swimming, athletics, choral competitions, and more. The house system also provides pastoral care and a degree of mentoring to students. The rivalry is particularly seen between the two boys' boarding houses, Dart and Wigan, which often used to engage in pranks against each other. This practice was abandoned in 2007 after new administration deemed the activities of the boarding houses to be inappropriate. Dart and Wigan still compete against each other in soccer and Australian rules football matches. These houses used to be one, and their subsequent division may be the cause of the competition. The Dart-Wigan rivalry is often overlooked when competing against the "day" (non-boarding) houses.

School Song
Serva Fidem

The mitre and the millrind are met by Wendouree;
The Heavenly Creed, the homely dread, together still should be;
Sure and steadfast, spite of scathe, serva fidem - keep the faith.

Where once earth's gold was gathered, and now the golden fleece;
Each golden thought, by wisdom wrought, let these the more increase;
Sure and steadfast, spite of scathe, serva fidem - keep the faith.

And keeping comes from winning, he holds who first has won;
No careless hand may join the band that hears the glad 'Well Done!';
Sure and steadfast, spite of scathe, serva infidel - keep the faith.

So to the end though never, the end our eyes discern;
Before our school the shining rule: who lives who still can learn;
Sure and steadfast, spite of scathe, serva fidem - keep the faith.

There are also tree girls' boarding houses, Hayhoe, Woodbridge and Larritt. Larritt was created to accommodate the ever-increasing number of boarders, housing exclusively female boarders in years 7, 8 and 9. Larritt girls 'graduate' to Hayhoe and Woodbridge when they reach year 10.

There are also eight day houses, four for girls and four for boys. The girls' day houses are Manifold, Krome, Cuthbert and Macpherson. The boys' houses are Smith, Butler, Robin and Nevett.

All houses are named after people who were important to the school such as former Headmasters/Headmistresses or substantial donors, and are paired in brother-sister groups. While the houses are generally independent, they compete together in a number of competitions.

The pairs are:

  • Macpherson          - Nevett             
  • Manifold          - Smith         
  • Woodbridge              - Dart         
  • Hayhoe          - Wigan         
  • Cuthbert          - Robin         
  • Krome          - Butler         
  • Larritt         

Chapel of St Mark[edit]

Located within the School grounds is the Chapel of St Mark. Originally built as the School assembly hall (Manifold Hall), the building was transformed into a chapel when student numbers demanded a larger space. Overseen by Chaplain Fr Peter Treloar and Assistant Chaplain Mrs Fiona Whitehouse, the Chapel holds several school services each week. The services are open to students of all faiths and acknowledges the liturgical traditions of the Anglican/Anglo-Catholic Church of Australia.[11] Baptisms, weddings and funerals for school families and the wider community are also regularly held in the Chapel of St Mark

Notably, each winter the Chapel plays host to the charitable drive Can the Chapel. School houses compete to donate non-perishable items, lining the walls (and aisles) of the Chapel. All proceeds are donated to Anglicare Ballarat, and distributed to the needy within the Ballarat community.


Arts and Media
  • Roy Dalgarno - Artist
  • Brian James - actor
  • John Jones - curator, National Gallery of Australia, author of A Story of Australian Art
National Security
  • John Ross-Perrier - Deputy Director ASIO [15]
Scholarship winners
  • Nathan Grills,[16] Rhodes Scholar
  • Aimee Heuzenroeder,[17] General Sir John Monash Scholar
  • Bridgit Vincent,[18] General Sir John Monash Scholar
  • Tamsin Barnett - Indoor and beach volleyball (2000 Sydney Olympics; 2008 Beijing Olympics; 2012 London Olympics)
  • Stewart Crameri - Australian rules footballer
  • Robert Eddy - Australian rules footballer
  • Tony Lockett - Australian rules footballer, member of Australian Football Hall of Fame with Legend status
  • Tom Swann - Rowing Men's Eight (2012 London Olympics)
  • Max Spittle - Australian rules footballer for the Melbourne Football Club
  • Bronwyn Thompson - Rowing Women's Eight (1996 Atlanta and 2000 Sydney Olympics)[19]
  • Geoff Tunbridge - Australian rules footballer for the Melbourne Football Club
  • John Vernon - Highjumper (Australian Champion, Empire Games 1954)

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