High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China

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The High School Affiliated to
Renmin University of China
No.37 Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District (100080)

MottoVirtue, Erudition, Creativity and Factualism
EstablishedApril 3rd, 1950
PrincipalPengzhi Liu (刘彭芝), Xiaoning Zhai(翟晓宁)
Enrollment~4500 across grade 7-12 on main campus
CampusUrban, 24.7 acres
Color(s)    Red
AffiliationsRenmin University of China
BranchesMain Campus
First Branch Campus
Second Branch Campus
Xishan Campus
Chaoyang Campus
Beihang Fuzhong
Zhengzhou Campus

The High School Affiliated to Renmin University Of China (simplified Chinese: 中国人民大学附属中学; traditional Chinese: 中國人民大學附屬中學; Pinyin: Zhōngguó Rénmín Dàxué Fùshŭ Zhōngxué), colloquially Rendafuzhong abbreviated to RDFZ (Chinese: 人大附中), is the affiliated high school of Renmin University of China, and is a prestigious high school in Beijing.[1] In recent rankings, it ranked first among all high schools in Mainland China.[2] RDFZ is situated in Haidian District of Beijing, and also in the Zhongguancun Science and Technology Zone. It is among one of the beacon high schools accredited by Beijing Municipal Government. In a 2016 ranking of Chinese high schools that send students to study in American universities, RDFZ ranked number 5 in mainland China in terms of the number of students entering top American universities.[3][4] The school is also a member of the G20 Schools Group.[5]


In the 1950s, due to the specific political and cultural backgrounds at that time, the government felt the need to establish middle school for blue-collar workers and farmers to increase their labor skills. Thus, the school, originally named Beijing Experimental Fast Track Middle School for Workers and Farmers, was founded directly by the Ministry of Education in January 1950. After only three months of preparation, the school welcomed its first group of students on April 3, 1950. Since it has the duty to experiment, discover and establish the paradigm of education for blue-collar workers and farmers, the word Experimental was placed in the name of the school.

The matriculation ceremony was somewhat grand, the then minister of the Ministry of Education, Ma Xulun attended the event with his deputies of which one delivered a speech during the ceremony. The number one state newspaper - "People's Daily" also reported the event.[6]

In 1952, the school was renamed to Workers and Farmers' Fast Track Middle School Affiliated to Renmin University of China due to the change of its direct governing body.[7] The school stopped admitting blue-collar workers and farmers from 1955 and started teaching normal high school classes.[8]

A short change of governing body occurred in July 1956. The school was transferred to Beijing Education Bureau but later transferred back to Renmin University in April 1958 when the school was renamed to Workers and Farmers' High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China which meant that the school had become a proper high school. The phrase Workers and Farmers was retained because of the fact that there were still worker and farmer students in the school.[9]

The school started admitting 9th grade from 1960. Which means that the school had transferred itself from a senior high only High School to a junior high included high school. The name of the school was finally decided to be High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China. With the last group of worker and farmer students graduated in 1963, the school's teaching system was settled.

Anti-intellectualism flourished in mainland China in the 1970s due to the well-known cultural revolution. As one of the many victims, Renmin University of China was forced to close by Beijing Revolution Committee in October 1970.[10] As a direct impact, the school had no choice but to change its name to Beijing No.172 Middle School.[11] The jurisdiction of the school was transferred to Haidian Education Bureau.

With Renmin University of China reopened in 1978, the school reaffirmed its affiliation to the university. The name of the school was changed back.[12]


Name Term
Hu Chaozhi (胡朝芝) 1950-1956
Xia Jia (夏加) 1956-1959
Di Wenyu (邸文彧) 1960-1962
Chen Bangyou (陈邦友) 1967-1969
Wu Yingjie (吴英杰) 1971-1978
Dong Fang (董放) 1983-1984
Hu Junze (胡俊泽) 1984-1992
Zhu Disheng (朱迪生) 1992-1997
Liu Pengzhi (刘彭芝) 1997–Present
Zhai Xiaoning (翟小宁) 2014–Present


Since its establishment in 1950, the school has been given awards by China's Ministry of Education and Beijing Municipality Education Commission, such as:

  • Advanced School of All-round Education with Distinctive Characteristics,
  • School of Full-range Development and Talented Students' Academic Training,
  • Advanced School of Working Skill Education,
  • Municipal Model School for Education in Science and Technology,
  • National Model School for Modern Technology Education,
  • Excellent School for Training Elite Back-up Athletes,
  • Advanced School for Merits in Physical and Health Work,
  • Model School for Demonstrating Green Network,
  • State-level Traditional School for Physical Education.

Staff team[edit]

The staff team includes 50 special-class teachers, over 170 senior-level teachers, l6 conferred the titles of pillar teachers at the national level, and another 25 at the Beijing municipal level, and 37 recognized as advanced individuals in their disciplines in Haidian District. There are more than 40 foreign teachers from the United States, Great Britain and other countries.[14]


High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, or commonly known as RDFZ, is a branch of RDFZ United.[15] It is worth mentioning that RDFZ United does not admit any students itself but only serves as a top-level administrative body to facilitate all the branches. RDFZ is the 1st and the most famous branch under the governance of RDFZ United.

Besides RDFZ, there are more than ten schools which are under the governance of RDFZ United.[15] Some of them are created by RDFZ (RDFZ 1st Branch, RDFZ 2nd Branch, etc.) while others are assimilated (Bijie, Beihang, etc.) due to the reputation of RDFZ brand. RDFZ United is also one of the few that have branches located outside mainland China. Princeton International School of Mathematics and Science, or RDFZ USA, is a joint venture of RDFZ United located in Princeton, NJ, USA.[16]


Foreign passport holders are allowed to attend as long as they have legal guardians living in Beijing for the duration of their enrollment.[17]

Results in National Matriculation Examination and international admission[edit]

In the past two decades, RDFZ has always stood out as one of the topmost schools in China in terms of entrance rate into institutions of higher learning, serving as one of the major sources of recruitment for China's famous universities like Tsinghua University, Peking University, and Renmin University of China. Apart from these eminent universities in China, RDFZ has also embraced great success in international education. There is quite a portion of students to apply and get into the top universities in the world like Harvard and Princeton.

Matriculation into Tsinghua University and Peking University
Year 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001
Number of students


  • 1st place of Beijing in science: 715 pts


  • 1st place of Beijing in science: 721 pts


  • 1st place of Beijing in science: 703 pts (+20 bonus)= 723 pts
  • 2nd place of Beijing in science: 695 pts (+20 bonus)= 715 pts
  • 3rd place of Beijing in science: 694 pts (+20 bonus)= 714 pts
  • 1 Gold Medalist in the International Mathematics Olympiad
  • 1 Gold Medalist in the International Physics Olympiad


  • 1st place of Beijing in science: 702 pts (+20 bonus)= 722 pts
  • 2 Gold Medalists in the International Mathematics Olympiad
  • 1 perfect paper in Science exam (the first ever in the history of Beijing)
  • 600+ pts: more than 415 students


  • 1st place of Beijing in science: 709 pts (+20 bonus)= 729 pts
  • 4(in science) + 3(in liberal arts) perfect papers in Math exam
  • 600+ pts: more than 410 students
  • 650+ pts: more than 180 students


  • 14 perfect papers in Math exam
  • 600+ pts: 473 students


  • 1st place of Beijing in science:687 pts (+20 bonus)= 707 pts
  • 2nd place of Beijing in liberal art: 639 pts (+20 bonus)= 659 pts
  • 3rd place of Beijing in liberal art: 638 pts
  • A perfect paper in Math exam
  • 600+ pts: 219 students


  • 1st place of Beijing in liberal art
  • Science 2nd Place of Beijing (2 students)


The campus covers an area of 10 hectares. The school has a virtual science laboratory donated by Apple Inc., electronic technology classroom, graphic design classroom, New Dynamic English classroom, distance learning classroom, automobile simulated driving classroom and self-service network-based laboratory. Each classroom in the school is equipped with a multimedia system.

Maxwell functions found on the football ground in the campus

Extra-curricular Life[edit]

The Student Council (人大附中学生会), whose presidents and heads of each division are elected by an annual democratic campaign, is at the center of life on campus. It consists of several divisions and serves the students in every aspect. More than 2/3 of RDFZ students are involved in extra-curricular groups or clubs.


For the class of 2016, three President comprised the executive power of the Student Council, making decisions and coordinating all student events. The 28th dais members are Qiutong Xu (徐秋童), Yifan Lian (连一帆), Dantong Sun (孙丹童).

Student Council[edit]

Student Council served as a congress on campus. Representatives from all classes joined together to discuss all issues on campus, creating a democratic atmosphere. Co-founded by Weiyao Wang (汪维垚) and Yanzhe Guo (郭彦哲), it grew fast and now has great influence on campus. The current Secretary General is Zhenyi Li (李振医), with his deputy Yaoshi Li (李耀实).

Activity Division[edit]

Activity Division of the Student Government (学生会活动部) holds annual school-wide events such as Movie Festival, Music and Dance Carnival, New Year’s Concert, Speech Contest, Host Contest, Debate Tournament etc.

Editorial Division[edit]

Editorial Division issues quarterly student magazine "Infinitude" and "Us".

Volunteer Group[edit]

Volunteer Group (人大附中志愿团) insists on serving the school and local community for more than a decade and has won a great reputation.

Club Union[edit]

Club Union (人大附中社团联合会) supports the activities and work of more than 100 of different clubs. The student enjoys the freedom to found new clubs with good proposals and intentions, and they get supports from the school advisors. Popular Clubs include Traveled Club, Model United Nations, Junior Achievement, Finance Clubs, Writer’s Society, Bridge Club, Debating Club and Astronomy Club. Art clubs such as the Orchestra, Marching Orchestra, Dance Troupe, Martial Arts Group, Choir and Gymnastics Team are all professional-quality groups with numerous national and international awards. As of class of 2015, the president and vice president of Club Union were Yu Han (于寒) and Sun Jingrong (孙婧荣).

Activity Advisors[edit]

All teachers can serve as activity advisors or supervisors on campus; however, two teachers in Tuanwei are the center of the supervision of student activities. Wei Liu (刘炜) and Mingzhu Li (李明珠) now serve as the two supervisors.

Sister Schools[18][edit]

Exchange visits are arranged for students and teachers every year between Beijing and the countries and regions mentioned above.

Notable alumni[edit]






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