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Ballycraigy Bonfire Entrance to Ballycraigy housing estate in Antrim with the famed 11th of July bonfire ready to be lit.

Ballycraigy is a housing estate in Antrim, south of Greystone and about 10 miles north of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Ballycraigy is well known for having its own band "Ballycraigy Sons of Ulster" with purple/lilac attire for their uniform. The Ballycraigy estate is made up of the mostly Protestant religion group. Every July 12th many of them celebrate by lighting a [1] bonfire in the centre of the estate. The bonfire for 2006 was the largest in Northern Ireland.

The Ballycraigy estate is also well known for being one of the very few strongholds left of the loyalist terrorist organisation the Loyalist Volunteer Force.


According to the census for ballycraigy ward the estate has approximately 865 Residents.

Coordinates: 54°42′31″N 6°10′41″W / 54.70861°N 6.17806°W / 54.70861; -6.17806