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Ban-etsu Expressway sign

Ban-etsu Expressway
磐越自動車道 E49
Route information
Length212.7 km[2] (132.2 mi)
Major junctions
FromIwaki Junction in Iwaki, Fukushima
Jōban Expressway
ToNiigata-Chūō Interchange in Niigata, Niigata
Niigata Prefectural Route 16
Niigata Prefectural Route 290
Major citiesTamura, Kōriyama, Motomiya, Aizuwakamatsu, Agano, Gosen
Highway system
National highways of Japan
Expressways of Japan

The Ban-etsu Expressway (磐越自動車道, Ban'etsu Jidōsha-dō) is a national expressway in the Tōhoku region of Japan. It is owned and operated by East Nippon Expressway Company.


The name Ban-etsu (磐越) is a kanji acronym consisting of characters found in the former names of the provinces linked by the expressway. Iwaki Province () consists of the eastern part of present-day Fukushima Prefecture, and Echigo Province () consists of present-day Niigata Prefecture.

Officially the expressway is referred to as the Tōhoku-Ōdan Expressway Iwaki Niigata Route.[3]


Kōriyama Junction

The route of the expressway connects the coastlines of the Pacific Ocean and the Japan Sea by traversing the mountainous interior of the Tōhoku region.

The expressway commences at a junction with the Jōban Expressway in Iwaki, Fukushima and follows a northwesterly course to the city of Kōriyama, where it intersects with the Tōhoku Expressway. The expressway continues its course through the historic Aizu region, with Mount Bandai viewable to the north and Lake Inawashiro viewable to the south. The route then enters Niigata Prefecture and eventually terminates at a junction in Niigata City with the Hokuriku Expressway and Nihonkai-Tōhoku Expressway.

The route parallels the East Ban'etsu Line and West Ban'etsu Line of East Japan Railway Company and National Route 49 for much of its length.

The first section of the expressway was opened to traffic in 1990 and the entire route was completed in 1997.[1] The route was originally 2 lanes only, one in each direction. However expansion to two lanes in each direction has proceeded gradually over the years. Expansion of the eastern half (between Iwaki Junction and Kōriyama Junction) was completed in 2009.[4]

Using the Ban-etsu and Hokuriku Expressway to travel between the Tōhoku and Kinki regions is shorter and cheaper than using expressways that traverse a route via the greater Tokyo urban area.[5]

All service areas along the route feature restaurants and shops (there are also shops at Gobyakugawa Parking Area). There are 24-hour gas stations at Abukumakōgen Service Area and Bandaisan Service Area. There is a 24-hour FamilyMart convenience store at Aganogawa Service Area (Niigata-bound only). Saiso Parking Area and Miharu Parking Area feature vending machines and toilets, while all other parking areas have only toilets.[6]

List of interchanges and features[edit]

No. Name Connections Dist. from
Dist. from
Bus Stop Notes Speed Limit Lanes Location
(16-1) Iwaki JCT Jōban Expressway 0.0 212.7
80 km/h Four Iwaki Fukushima
TN Gōdo Tunnel Length - 383 m
1 Iwaki-Miwa IC Japanese National Route Sign 0049.svg National Route 49
Pref. Route 66 (Onahama Ono Route)
8.8 203.9
TN Watato Tunnel Length - 1,140 m
PA Saiso PA 18.7 194.0
2 Ono IC/JCT E80 Abukuma Kōgen Road
Japanese National Route Sign 0349.svg National Route 349
35.2 177.5 Ono
TN Shinkazakoshi Tunnel Iwaki-bound - 460 m
Niigata-bound - 538 m
2-1 Tamura SIC Japanese National Route Sign 0349.svg National Route 349 44.7 168.0 ETC only
SA Abukumakōgen SA 46.8 165.9
3 Funehiki-Miharu IC Japanese National Route Sign 0288.svg National Route 288 55.7 157.0
PA Miharu PA 59.5 153.2
3-1 Kōriyama-higashi IC Japanese National Route Sign 0288.svg National Route 288 63.7 149.0 Kōriyama
(18-1) Kōriyama JCT Tōhoku Expressway 71.4 141.3
BR Gohyakugawa Bridge Length - 170 m
PA Gohyakugawa PA 76.5 136.2 Kōriyama
4 Bandaiatami IC Pref. Route 24 (Nakanosawa Atami Route) 79.6 133.1
TN Takatamahigashi Tunnel Length - 1,120 m
TN Takatamanishi Tunnel Length - 990 m
TN Shinnakayama Tunnel Length - 1,820 m
TN Kurateyama Tunnel Length - 1,670 m
TN Sekito Tunnel Length - 1,490 m
5 Inawashiro Bandaikōgen IC Japanese National Route Sign 0115.svg National Route 115 97.6 115.1
SA Bandaisan SA 105.3 107.4 Bandai
6 Bandai Kawahigashi IC Pref. Route 64 (Aizuwakamatsu Urabandai Route) 111.5 101.2 Aizu-
7 Aizuwakamatsu IC Japanese National Route Sign 0121.svg National Route 121 117.5 95.2
70 km/h Two
Niitsuru PA/SIC 124.7 88.0 SIC: ETC only Aizumisato
TN Nanaori Tunnel Length - 2,360 m Aizubange
8 Aizubange IC Japanese National Route Sign 0049.svg National Route 49
Japanese National Route Sign 0252.svg National Route 252
132.4 80.3
BR Tadamigawa Bridge Length - 310 m
TN Tabanematsu Tunnel Length - 1,330 m
TN Toyasan Tunnel Length - 2,600 m
TN Nishiaizu Tunnel Length - 1,020 m
9/PA Nishiaizu IC/PA Japanese National Route Sign 0049.svg National Route 49
Pref. Route 16 (Kitakata Nishiaizu Route)
143.8 68.9
TN Nagasaka Tunnel Length - 740 m
TN Ryūgadake Tunnel Length - 3,660 m
TN Kuromoriyama Tunnel Length - 2,760 m
Aga Niigata
TN Koide Tunnel Length - 1,120 m
PA Kamikawa PA 162.6 50.1
10 Tsugawa IC Pref. Route 89 (Tsugawa Inter Route) 166.2 46.5
TN Yakiyama Tunnel Length - 2,990 m
BS Mikawa Bus Stop 172.8 39.9
11 Mikawa IC Pref. Route 587 (Mikawa Inter Route) 174.0 38.7
TN Yoshizu Tunnel Length - 910 m
TN Nishiyama Tunnel Length - 2,400 m
TN Kumawatari Tunnel Length - 160 m
SA Aganogawa SA 181.0 31.7
TN Komatsu Tunnel Length - 210 m Agano
TN Hōshusan Tunnel Length - 610 m
12 Yasuda IC Pref. Route 41 (Shirone Yasuda Route) 188.9 23.8
80 km/h Four
PA Gosen PA 191.2 21.5 Gosen
70 km/h Two
13 Niitsu IC Pref. Route 34 (Niitsu Teishajō Route)
Japanese National Route Sign 0460.svg National Route 460
198.5 14.2 Akiha-ku, Niigata
BS Kawaguchi Bus Stop 202.2 10.5
13-1 Niitsu-nishi SIC Japanese National Route Sign 0403.svg National Route 403 204.5 ETC only
Iwaki-bound exit, Niigata-bound entrance only
BS Sakaya Bus Stop 207.5 5.2 Kōnan-ku, Niigata
PA Niigata PA 208.6 4.1
100 km/h Four
(42) Niigata-Chūō JCT Hokuriku Expressway
Nihonkai-Tōhoku Expressway
211.9 0.8
14 Niigata-Chūō IC Pref. Route 16 (Niigata Kameda Uchino Route)
Pref. Route 290 (Sonoki Hitoichi Route)
212.7 0.0


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37°02′16″N 140°49′02″E / 37.037744°N 140.817292°E / 37.037744; 140.817292 Iwaki JCT 37°52′26″N 139°02′21″E / 37.873871°N 139.039028°E / 37.873871; 139.039028 Niigata-Chūō IC