Battle of Lođa

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Battle of Lođa
Part of Kosovo War
Date 6 July–17 August 1998
(1 month, 1 week and 4 days)
Location Lođa, near Peć
Result Yugoslav Victory
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Yugoslav Forces
Commanders and leaders
Tahir Zemaj Nebojša Pavković
Casualties and losses
2 civilians killed, 25 wounded[1]

The Battle of Lođa (Serbian: Бој на лођи/Boj na Lođi, Albanian: Beteja e Loxhës) was a battle between the FR Yugoslav army against the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and Armed Forces of the Republic of Kosova (FARK),[2] an operation launched to counterattack the Albanian rebels after two Yugoslav policemen patrolling the area had been killed.[3] The four-week offensive[1] ended in a Yugoslav victory.[3] All of village's 284 houses and mosque were destroyed by Serbian Police with bulldozers.[4]


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