Battle of Mormant

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Battle of Mormant
Part of War of the Sixth Coalition
Date 17 February 1814
Location Mormant, France
Result French victory
Flag of France.svg France Flag of Russia.svg Russia
Kingdom of Württemberg Württemberg
Commanders and leaders
France Napoleon I Russia Count Petr Pahlen
18,000–20,000 4,300
Casualties and losses
600 3,114, 9 guns

The Battle of Mormans was fought on 17 February 1814 and resulted in the victory of the French under Napoleon Bonaparte against the Russians and Württembergers under Count Petr Petrovich Pahlen.


Coordinates: 48°36′28″N 2°53′27″E / 48.6078°N 2.8908°E / 48.6078; 2.8908