Believe (TV series)

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Created by
ComposerSteven Price
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes13 (1 unaired)
Executive producers
  • Seamus Kevin Fahey
  • Tamara Isaac
  • Athena Wickham
  • David DeClerque
Production locationNew York, New York
CinematographyChristopher Norr
Gonzalo Amat, AEC
  • Jennifer Van Goethem
  • Rich Fox
  • Annette Davey
  • Timothy A. Good, A.C.E.
  • Brian A. Kates, A.C.E.
Camera setupSingle-camera
Running time43 minutes
Production companies
DistributorWarner Bros. Television Distribution
Original networkNBC
Picture format1080i (HDTV)
Original releaseMarch 10 (2014-03-10) –
June 15, 2014 (2014-06-15)

Believe is an American fantasy drama television series that was broadcast as part of the 2013–14 United States network television schedule on NBC as a mid-season entry.[1] Originally 13 episodes were to be aired, but only 12 were aired in the U.S.[2] The series was created by Academy Award winner Alfonso Cuarón and Mark Friedman. The series began on March 10, 2014, and was canceled on May 9, 2014.[3] The final episode aired on June 15, 2014.


Bo is a young girl who was born with special supernatural abilities that she could not control. As these powers started evolving, the people who were protecting her were forced to turn to an outsider for help. This led them to William Tate, a wrongfully convicted death-row inmate, whom they break out of prison. Although he is reluctant to take on the role as her protector, the two eventually form a bond that guide them to helping each other, as well as others, while staying one step ahead of the evil forces that want the girl.

Cast and characters[edit]


  • Jake McLaughlin as William Tate, Jr. – Originally a death row inmate in a national security prison, Tate is weathered and jaded from seven years of imprisonment and the painful loss of his soul mate Nina Adams (not knowing Skouras forced her to end their relationship). Tate has recurring anger problems, leading to a long history of violence and brushes with the law. Minutes before his execution for two counts of felony murder (of which he claims he is innocent, something no one ever believed, having been framed by his friends during a robbery), Winter (disguised as a priest) visits him and offers a chance at freedom if he agrees to protect Bo. Tate reluctantly agrees to accept Winter's assistance, and later his employment offer as Bo's protector. Originally he is unaware that he is actually Bo's father (a fact known by Winter's team, the Orchestra Project and the FBI), but Winter is later encouraged by Bo to tell him – while the news sounds unbelievable, he senses he somehow knew all along. Afterwards, he becomes a more kind and supportive parent figure.
  • Johnny Sequoyah as Bo Adams – An extraordinarily gifted girl with the power to change the world. She was one of Winter's most promising subjects, born and raised at Orchestra and displaying extraordinary psychic and telekinetic powers inherited from her mother, Nina. To the government, Bo's existence is highly classified government property and is officially a national defense priority. Bo herself is regarded as a federal asset and ward of the U.S. government, with no family. Winter is the only person Bo knows she can trust, and also she considers his team the closest thing to a family she has, but she steadily develops a bond with Tate after he repeatedly risks his life and freedom for her. Originally, she was unaware that Tate is her father, although later correctly guesses, and accepts, the truth.
  • Jamie Chung as Janice Channing – Winter's second in command and an Orchestra fugitive. Dedicated, tough and strong-willed, Channing is devoted to protecting Bo. She frequently clashes with Tate, openly doubting his loyalty and feels the arrangement for him to act as Bo's protector is never going to work – Channing sees herself as a mother figure to Bo, and believes she would be better at protecting the child, although later accepts Tate as a worthy parent figure. According to her background, she is a combat-trained fighter who was Orchestra's head of security – she worked at the Orchestra Campus for Skouras for several years, hired to effectively keep Bo captive. Later she deployed as an operative to recover Bo, although she instead turned Channing against Skouras after she had healed the injuries Channing sustained trying to capture her.
  • Kyle MacLachlan as Dr. Roman Skouras – A world-famous geneticist and head of Orchestra - a government sanctioned program and top secret classified operation designed to weaponize individuals with psychic abilities, funding it through his corporation Skouras Worldwide. Skouras is Winter's old partner, now mortal enemy. He is admired by many people for his work, and is a publicly awarded humanitarian, although others know he only cares about his own ideas and doing anything to achieve them. Skouras is a very powerful man working in cooperation with high-level elements of the U.S. government to locate Tate and recover Bo unharmed. He subsequently employs assassins, hires mercenaries and uses every resource at his command to recover the gifted prodigy and return her home to Orchestra. He claims he is only acting to protect Bo and offer proper guidance as a gifted telekinetic and psychic, but in truth he wants to market Bo's abilities as a weapon to the military. His nefarious schemes cost him his partnership with Winter who, with his team, broke ranks and fled with Bo, as Skouras's goals would endanger her. Skouras's erratic behavior and questionable experimentation methods (which are caused in no small part by pressure from the military, who are putting him under increasing pressure to deliver a telepathic weapon as he had originally promised) leads his other researchers to doubt his intentions, but also to improvements in his other telepathic subjects, which he uses to further his objectives for Bo. According to his background, his parents are named Evelyn and Ronald, and he was born in Oak Park, Illinois on December 1, 1954. According to Winter, Skouras's darkest secret is he has established another program, a top secret black ops plan for other telepaths; he plans to use his weaponized telepaths to build his own psychic army.
  • Delroy Lindo as Dr. Milton Winter – A cunning and brilliant scientist and the leader of a shadow organization responsible for protecting individuals with rare and incredible powers. He is Skouras's old partner, now mortal enemy. He is dedicated to protecting Bo from Skouras and the army of henchmen he employs. Originally, Winter and his team used to work at Project Orchestra beside Skouras, and Winter raised Bo in the facility from infancy. At some point in the process, Winter and his entire team defected from Orchestra, took Bo, and went on the run. Winter also faked his death, working from that point to protect Bo. According to his background, he worked at DARPA and MIT, and was a CIA field agent psychologist – Skouras describes Winter as "the global authority on the conscious and unconscious mind".


  • Juri Henley-Cohn as Luke Hayden – One of Winter's team and an Orchestra fugitive. Hayden later becomes disillusioned with the mission to protect Bo after the deaths of four of the ten team members, and ultimately feels he could not make the necessary sacrifices. He abandons the team, and is arrested by the FBI shortly after. Ferrell turns Hayden to apparently give up Winter's command center in New York, only for Ferrell's team to find it deserted.
  • Richard Hollis as Robert Gilman – One of Winter's team and an Orchestra fugitive.
  • Katie McClellan as Lilah Leeds – One of Winter's team and an Orchestra fugitive. She is a technology specialist, and was on the team that developed Orchestra's prototype telepathic tracking computer.
  • Kerry Condon as Dr. Zoe Boyle – Orchestra's head of research and Winter's replacement, Zoe is Skouras's head researcher and loyal confidant at Orchestra, who runs the research program following Winter's departure – working to continue experiments with the other talented telepaths at the facility. Zoe helped Winter raise Bo, and cares about her very deeply. After Winter's departure, Zoe wants Bo returned home to Orchestra (primarily due to the possibility that Bo's health could degrade due to her abilities), seeing her as one of a kind and vulnerable in the outside world. Nevertheless, Bo remains the common ground that allows Winter and Zoe to trust each other - she is aware that Winter took Bo as the military would use her as a weapon, and also isn't comfortable with Skouras's excessive experimentation methods. In no position to challenge his authority, Zoe secretly acts as Winter's mole inside the Orchestra Campus, until she is exposed to Skouras by Dani, another test subject. Skouras has Dani mentally erase all of Zoe's memories of Bo and Orchestra.
  • Arian Moayed as Corey – A technology specialist working at Orchestra. He is completely loyal to Skouras.
  • Erik LaRay Harvey as Marcus Krakauer – A mercenary on loan from the CIA, and a tracker not on the FBI's radar, who is rumored to be psychotic. He is hired by Skouras as an operative to track down Bo and Tate.
  • Nick Tarabay as Niko Zepeda – Skouras's henchman working at Orchestra.
  • Peter McRobbie as FBI Director Lofton – The Director of the FBI and Ferrell's superior. He is one of the government administration members working with Skouras and Orchestra. He acts as a liaison with Skouras to the government, while also giving Ferrell permission to use federal orders and other ample resources for the investigation to locate and recover Bo. Later, Ferrell informs Lofton she has quit the Tate case but will still remain with the FBI.
  • Trieste Kelly Dunn as FBI Special Agent Elizabeth Ferrell – The FBI agent in charge of full-fledged manhunt launched to recapture escaped death row inmate William Tate, Ferrell is solicited by the Director of the FBI to help and work with Skouras and Orchestra to track down Tate and Bo. Skouras emphasizes repeatedly that Bo is his top priority, assuring her that Bo's safety is his main concern, but she can tell he's not being entirely honest with her. Ferrell issues a nationwide AMBER Alert, broadcasting photos of Bo and Tate on every news channel over Skouras's repeated objections. Originally adopting traditional FBI methods to apprehend Tate, whom she sees as a very dangerous fugitive, and "rescue" Bo, whom she sees as an endangered minor, Ferrell steadily begins to understand what Bo is capable of, and also begins realizing there is more behind the manhunt than originally assumed. According to her background, she has a young daughter named Sasha. After Tate and Bo save Ferrell and her daughter from a subway bombing, Ferrell finally accepts Tate's innocence and abandons her pursuit.
  • Matthew Rauch as FBI Agent Martin – One of Ferrell's two best agents.
  • Ato Essandoh as FBI Agent Garner – One of Ferrell's two best agents.
  • Rob Morgan as Joshua Carpenter – An Orchestra test subject, Joshua was a promising telepath capable of matter manipulation, who has been with Orchestra almost three years, and was one of Skouras's most talented subjects. His experimentation had left him fully weaponized as an active telepathic assassin. Skouras sent his new weapon on a field assignment – to track down Bo and locate and neutralize Orchestra's unknown insider leak (Zoe Boyle). During the confrontation, however, Bo attacked and left him incapacitated as he is mentally erasing a blogger's mind. Left in a coma with no possibility to recover, Skouras encouraged Shawn, his friend and fellow test subject, to "help" Joshua by putting him out of his misery, as well as showing his own strength. Shawn reluctantly kills his friend at Skouras' request.
  • Owen Campbell as Shawn – An Orchestra test subject, Shawn is a promising telepath, not as powerful as Bo. He has suffered severe behavioral and emotional problems due to his ability, although Orchestra has worked hard to harness his gifts. Skouras orders Shawn's rapid development to satisfy Orchestra's military superiors, over Zoe's objections that Shawn's control over his abilities was fragile, and the risk of instability was too great. Skouras encourages Shawn to accept and embrace his gifts, and manipulates him into becoming an active telepathic assassin. Shawn reluctantly kills Joshua, his friend and fellow test subject now comatose, with his powers to show his strength.
  • Mia Vallet as Dani – An extremely powerful telepath who was inadvertently discovered by Orchestra (when her powers are detected by Skouras's telepathic tracking computer), Dani is the most powerful telepath Orchestra has come across since Bo, but she is untrusting and fiercely independent when she quickly realizes the extent of her power. Skouras meets with Dani and eventually convinces her to be taken to Orchestra, and accepts Skouras' training to make her abilities stronger. Skouras sees Dani as his next masterpiece – intending to turn her into his new weapon. Dani discovers Zoe is the Orchestra mole, and threatens to out her to Skouras if she interferes with Skouras' plan. According to her background, she is a homeless runaway with no family or friends, previously involved in foster care and group homes. Her earliest memory of having an ability was when she was five, while at school, she started telekinetically moving pencils, but her parents thought she was lying. When she was twelve, they became afraid of their daughter when they thought Dani killed her brother in an angry rage over her stolen diary.


No.TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
U.S. viewers
1"Pilot"Alfonso CuarónAlfonso Cuarón & Mark FriedmanMarch 10, 2014 (2014-03-10)29684210.56[4]
A young girl, Bo Adams, and her foster parents are forced off the road by an assassin; Moore. Moore proceeds to mercilessly kill the foster parents, but emergency services arrive and take Bo to a nearby hospital. At the same time, William Tate, a death row inmate about to be executed for two counts of murder, is attended by a priest who immediately reveals he is an imposter, who is in prison to help him escape. The man, Milton Winter, readily explaining he wants Tate to save Bo from those hunting her. Tate, however, is doubtful, having been jaded by years of imprisonment for a crime he claims he did not commit, but no one ever believed him. Despite an initial violent reaction, Tate quickly decides to accept Winter's offer as he is led to the execution chamber. Winter's team successfully breaks him out of prison and he is snuck into the hospital to retrieve Bo. Despite Moore's interference, the two work together to escape. Tate tries to consider the mission to protect Bo as "a job", but immediately upon meeting her senses something deep and emotional. Facing the fact he is now a fugitive, Tate reluctantly accepts the inevitable that he is Bo's protector, meant to care and raise her properly. Moore, with support from her employer Roman Skouras and his organization; Project Orchestra, tracks down Winter's safe house, kills several guarding the building and fights Tate to capture Bo. Just as Moore overwhelms Tate and is about to kill him, Bo uses her powers to attack and disable her long enough for them to escape. Tate and Bo, and Winter and Channing separate for the time being, with Tate and Bo heading on a bus to Atlantic City so they can meet up with the team later in Philadelphia. As the two begin their journey, Winter calls Skouras – his old partner – to say that Moore has failed, and discusses with Channing that Tate is actually Bo's father.
2"Beginner's Luck"Omar MadhaJonas Pate & Bobby ArnotMarch 16, 2014 (2014-03-16)2J79066.57[5]
Bo and Tate continue their journey to Philadelphia via. Atlantic City, and steadily get used to each other. While on the bus, Bo uses her powers to get them through a police blockade. Tate, low on cash, convinces Bo to use her powers to gamble and earn money at a nearby casino. Meanwhile, the FBI has taken over the Tate investigation – the agent in charge, Elizabeth Ferrell, is briefed by the Director of the FBI, Skouras and his head researcher, Zoe Boyle, about Bo and Winter's team, who protect her. Ferrell and her agents are also given a tour of Orchestra – the top secret project Winter and his team were employed with, and Bo was a test subject for – and they see first-hand that the paranormal abilities they research are very real. While Ferrell is somewhat suspicious about Skouras's honesty, she decides to work with him to recover Bo. Ferrell issues an AMBER Alert for Bo, and locate Tate and Bo when a photo of them at the casino goes up online. While the FBI and local police pursue them, Skouras hires a mercenary, Marcus Krakauer, to hunt them down on his own. Tate steals a car for them, but when they stop for gas, Krakauer intercepts them and fights Tate to recover Bo. Tate ultimately defeats him and they escape, with Krakauer blowing up the gas station in the process. After a flat tire, they are cornered by the police, and Tate is arrested, while Bo is taken away in another car. Krakauer is nearby, having only just caught up with them, and phones in the news to Skouras that Tate was in custody and they had the girl. It is later revealed that the policemen were working for Winter. On their way out of town, Bo befriends a casino waitress financially desperate to treat her terminally ill son's leukemia. In good faith, Bo gives the mother and child the money she helped win for Tate.
3"Origin"Stephen WilliamsJonas PateMarch 23, 2014 (2014-03-23)2J79075.13[6]
Winter meets with Skouras in secret, where he offers him a final chance to rejoin Orchestra so as to ensure Bo's health and safety, as well as all of the work they did together. Even though Skouras brings up the memory of Bo's mother; Nina Adams, and how they all began Project Orchestra together, Winter maintains his resolve – he declares to his former partner he will never get Bo. Skouras's mentioning of Nina makes Winter go through flashbacks about his time and friendship with Nina, and how he became a parent figure to Bo after Nina died in childbirth. Hayden, one of Winter's team, chooses he cannot continue to bear the sacrifices the team is making and leaves on his own. Meanwhile, Bo and Tate are in Manhattan on their way to Philadelphia, their social dynamic deepening. The two meet a very wealthy woman, who is still mourning the loss of her son who was taken from her when she fled her country decades ago. Later they are drawn to a pawn shop and find one of the employees is the woman's son, who survived and escaped the country as well. With the duo's directions, mother and son tearfully reunite. Agent Ferrell and her FBI team remain in hot pursuit of Tate and Bo, locating them in New York when security footage shows them exiting a toll booth in Manhattan. After leaving the mother's apartment, they are apprehended by NYPD officers, only for Bo to use her abilities to dismantle one's pistol. Tate and Bo run, closely pursued by Ferrell and her agents, and meet with Winter and escape on the subway.
4"Defection"Sam HillNick AntoscaMarch 30, 2014 (2014-03-30)2J79084.89[7]
Bo and Tate remain on the run in Manhattan, with Winter and his people desperately working to get out of New York before the island is locked down completely. Agent Ferrell learns from the FBI Director of Tate's surprising connection to Bo, and is disturbed by the fact Bo, when caught, will be returned to Orchestra as a government ward. At Skouras's advice, Ferrell intensifies the FBI's attempts to bring Tate and Bo into custody – Ferrell takes command of the NYPD's command center by federal order, and redirects all resources to pursue Tate and Winter and his team, so as to recover Bo. Hayden, Winter's team member who previously left on his own, is soon arrested by Ferrell's agents. Facing lengthy prison time, Hayden agrees to turn state's evidence and gives up the address for Winter's command center he's using to track Ferrell's investigation, in exchange for saving himself. The address, which is Winter's, is found deserted. Meanwhile, Bo finds a lost love letter in the garden of the safehouse's old owners, and goes out on a limb to find the letter's author, and finds the woman it was meant for has maintained her feelings for her estranged lover, who was blinded during his military service and pushed her away to stop being a burden. Bo is able to bring them together and help them reconcile, and Tate and Bo's bond deepens when she helps him remember being happier in life. Finally, Winter is able to arrange a narrow escape window on a freighter out of the island, and Tate and Bo race to meet it. While they are intercepted by Ferrell and her agents, Bo telepathically lifts a taxi cab off the ground and smashes it in their path – her abilities are stronger in Tate's presence. Tate, Bo and Winter escape New York.
5"White Noise"Jonas PateDave EricksonApril 6, 2014 (2014-04-06)2J79024.25[8]
Bo and Tate finally make it to Philadelphia, where she is drawn towards a fearless blogger; who is hunting for a story, and his wife. The blogger was called in the middle of the night by someone at Orchestra – an unknown source inside the Orchestra campus has offered incriminating documentation on the government program, enough to expose Skouras and his superiors. The blogger is desperately pursuing evidence to prove these claims, putting strain on his marriage, and Bo sensing the blogger's wife is pregnant. Skouras sends Niko Zepeda, his henchman, to identify and silence the blogger and his source. The blogger is able to arrange a meeting with the source, who brings the proof he needs and agreement to speak on record with their identity revealed, but Bo's revelation about his wife clashes with his plans. Attempts on their lives by Zepeda only increase the blogger's desire to expose Orchestra and threatens to tear the couple apart. Only when Winter talks him down and explains the truth can only be revealed at the right moment does he see how much his desire for fame and wealth is costing him. Skouras deploys Joshua to ambush the meeting, to silence the blogger and identify the traitor within Orchestra. However, Bo forcefully interferes with Joshua's attempts to mentally erase the blogger's mind and she lashes out and incapacitates Joshua. Afterwards, Bo, depressed over her actions and considering her abilities as a curse, mentally removes Tate's tracking bracelet: giving him the choice to go off on his own or remain with her. The source – revealed to be Zoe – escapes without detection or identification by Skouras.
6"Sinking"Roxann DawsonSeamus Kevin FaheyApril 13, 2014 (2014-04-13)2J79044.34[9]
Tate, now free from Winter's confinement with Bo's removal of his tracking bracelet, decides to return to his hometown to confront and gain vengeance on his childhood friends who framed him for murder and left to serve seven years on death row. Bo, Winter and Channing pursue him. Tate has a frosty reunion with his estranged father, William Tate Sr., who is now a social pariah due to Tate's conviction. The situation intensifies when police and Agent Ferrell's FBI agents arrive after someone calls in Tate's presence in town, and the area is locked down. With Bo's help, Tate is able to mend fences with his father and get some measure of justice on the man responsible for tarnishing his name. Before they leave town, Winter, impressed by Tate's restraint, finally decides to tell Tate the truth: Bo is his daughter. This revelation leaves Tate shocked and nearly brings him to tears. At Orchestra, Skouras is under pressure from his superiors at the Department of Defense, and focuses his attention on delivering a telepathic assassin as he promised. He gets a young telepath, Shawn, weaponized and ready for deployment when he convinces him to telepathically kill the comatose Joshua.
7"Bang and Blame"Michael OfferBrynn MaloneApril 20, 2014 (2014-04-20)2J79054.54[10]
Winter's group is ambushed by Orchestra agents led by Zepeda. During the intense confrontation, Bo is shot in the leg by Zepeda with a tranquilizer dart, but the group quickly escapes with Zepeda their prisoner. Having no other choice, Winter brings Bo, who steadily falls into a coma, to a couple who were past guardians of Bo shortly after her original escape from Orchestra. Winter, believing Bo is dying, makes the call to Zoe at Orchestra, despite a warning that Skouras now wants Winter dead. Later he and Tate make a risky rendezvous with Zoe, who they discover is being followed on Skouras's orders. While Zoe still wants Bo returned to Orchestra – the one organization capable of treating her – for her own safety, Zoe still provides a syringe with something that might bring Bo out of her coma. When it is used, however, it apparently fails. Tate, only just learning that Bo's abilities (which she cannot control) may be behind her worsening condition, frantically frees Zepeda to have him bring Bo back to Orchestra himself. The others oppose Tate's actions and after a standoff, Zepeda escapes without Bo. Bo, who has been on a spiritual journey while in a coma, brings Tate into her vision with her abilities. She learns Tate is her father and his love for her causes her to awaken. During this time, Channing's surprising history is revealed – she was Orchestra's head of security who originally felt nothing for Bo, and later pursued her to the couple's farm. After almost killing the couple, and sustaining serious injury, Bo healed Channing regardless, which turned her to Winter's side.
8"Together"Bart FreundlichStory by : Seamus Kevin Fahey
Teleplay by : Seamus Kevin Fahey & Sneha Koorse
April 27, 2014 (2014-04-27)2J79094.51[11]
Winter is instructing Bo on how to improve her control of her abilities, but Tate, beginning to officially assert his position as Bo's father, interrupts when he feels Winter is being too hard on the child. Tate wants Winter to let Bo be normal, while Winter tries to convince him they need to be proactive. Bo's powers need more control, otherwise she won't be ready to take on Orchestra – which Winter confirms is his plan. Tate is against Winter's plan to confront his former employers, but he points out they can't keep running forever. At this time, Skouras uses Orchestra's telepathic tracking computer to detect Bo's telepathic signal and pinpoint Winter's secret hideout. Krakauer and a team of Orchestra agents are mobilized and arrive, causing the group to flee. Afterwards, Winter confirms with Zoe that the machine, which was originally a prototype when he was with Orchestra, is fully operational. Leeds, one of Winter's team, builds a chip which can stop Orchestra from tracking Bo's signal, while the machine appears to keep working perfectly. The catch is the chip must be inserted directly into the machine at Orchestra. Meanwhile, Tate and Bo are advised to lay low and for Bo not to use her abilities, but she is drawn to a family man who is in debt to a loan shark and is being threatened by a gangster in his employ for the sizeable amount of money he owes him. Tate steps in to pitch an alternative, and explains to a bemused family man and delighted Bo they must get a prize racing horse back for the loan shark. Despite the local police being alerted by Agent Ferrell and her agents, Bo and Tate escape through a forest on horseback and arrive at the loan shark's mansion, clearing the family man's debt. Channing volunteers to infiltrate the Orchestra Campus, and installs the chip, but finds herself caught in an ambush – Channing is captured by Skouras and his guards. When Winter gives news of Channing's capture to Tate, he decides to agree with Winter's plan and keep Bo training her powers. When Zepeda and a team of Orchestra agents storm an apartment in response to a signal like Bo's, they instead discover a new telepath named Dani.
9"Prodigy"Sam HillMelisa WallackMay 4, 2014 (2014-05-04)2J79104.33[12]
While training, Bo envisions a young violinist's family dying in a car accident. She tells Tate that she needs to stop it, but he encourages her to focus on training. She cannot and goes outside to hear a violinist practicing nearby. She discovers Margaret, the same girl from the vision, and they bond. Meanwhile, Skouras meets Dani, a powerful telepath discovered with Orchestra's tracking computer. Untrusting at first, she witnesses other students at the Orchestra facility and realizes her power is stronger than the others. Skouras's training will only make her stronger. Aware of Skouras's attempts to extract information from Channing, Winter will have to uproot his entire operation. At Orchestra, Channing meditates to prevent a telepath from learning more about Winter. Unable to stop Margaret's family from driving, Bo asks Tate to keep the other driver off the road, which also proves to be futile. Hoping to prevent the accident, Bo convinces Margaret's parents to let her ride along to the recital. The accident begins, but Bo uses her powers to move the two cars away from one another at the last second. The driver of the other car turns out to be the New York Philharmonic conductor. He notices Margaret's violin case and gives her a business card. Bo has saved the girl's life and changed her future. Meanwhile, Dani gets into Channing's mind to discover Winter's new hideout location. Skouras dispatches a team to capture him, but Winter captures Skouras in the process. He threatens to tell the government about the top-secret black ops plan to use weaponized telepaths to build a psychic army. Winter promises not to reveal anything if Channing is returned to him unharmed. The two teams later meet to make the exchange, but Skouras fires at Winter. Channing jumps in front of him, taking a bullet to the chest. Zoe calls from Orchestra to tell Winter about Skouras's new weapon, Dani, who arrives to telepathically strangle her. Dani threatens to expose her as the Orchestra mole if she interferes with Skouras's plan.
10"Collapse"David BoydStory by : Jonas Pate & Bobby Arnot
Teleplay by : Jonas Pate
May 25, 2014 (2014-05-25)2J79112.92[13]
Bo has a nightmare about a bomb exploding on a New York subway platform. She and Tate head for the station. Meanwhile, Winter works to help Channing recover from her gunshot wound. Bo and Tate arrive to find Agent Ferrell and her teenaged daughter, Sasha, waiting for a train. Ferrell pulls her gun and orders Tate to the floor. Other subway patrons flee the area and Bo sees the bomb beneath a nearby bench. They all attempt to leave, but the bomb explodes and a cave-in traps them. Ferrell cooperates with Tate to get Sasha out alive, Bo becomes friends with Sasha, and they all set out to find a way to the surface. Tate calls Winter, who rushes to the scene. He will have to find a way to rescue them without using any official crews. Back at Orchestra, Zoe confronts Skouras about Dani. He tells her patients like Dani are why Orchestra exists. Zoe says Dani's unpredictability could damage the project. Dani later asks Skouras about Bo Adams, whom she knows was his favorite. To gain favor, she then reveals Zoe is Winter's spy. Tate and Ferrell find a drainage pipe for an escape route. He explains his story to her, as she begins to understand Skouras's true nature. Winter guides Tate through the drain system, eventually leading them to a dark corridor with drop shafts. The group's only flashlight then burns out. Bo sets the dust in the air aglow, giving them enough light to safely navigate the corridor and out of the subway. Outside, Bo sees the bomber watching nearby. Ferrell chases the suspect into an empty building and they fight. Tate rescues her by choking him unconscious, and she allows Tate to go free. She then takes herself off of his case but acknowledges Bo is truly miraculous. Back at Orchestra, Skouras takes Zoe into custody. After interrogating her, Skouras has Dani wipe her mind clean. Bo and Tate reunite with Winter and Channing at the safe house. Tate tells Bo that she can tell him whatever she sees in her dreams, no matter the risk.
11"Revelation"Steve ShillNick Antosca & Bobby ArnotJune 1, 2014 (2014-06-01)2J79124.31[14]
As Channing has difficulty recovering, Bo tells Tate she wants to face Skouras. She is confident she can keep them out of danger, and Tate has learned to trust her instincts. They locate him at a gala, and Tate uses his confidence tricks to get credentials for the building, which is easier now with Bo helping. Once inside, she systematically deactivates the security team's communication devices and lures Skouras to the penthouse. Tate incapacitates his security guard, and Bo keeps the room locked down long enough to engage in conversation with him. She quickly pleads with him to leave her alone so she and her father can live their lives. Skouras in return tries to convince Tate that he can help them. When Bo blames Skouras for the death of her mother, he tells her Winter caused her death. Bo no longer knows whom to trust, so she and Tate leave to meet Winter. Meanwhile at Orchestra, Dani reads a doctor's mind to learn her health is degrading, and her power usage makes it worse. She asks other Orchestra students about their symptoms, but nobody talks about it. She finds a room with sick telepaths being treated by doctors in hazmat suits. She confronts Skouras upon his return, accusing him of willingly endangering her life. She begins to telepathically strangle but not kill him, and leaves the facility. Elsewhere, Channing's condition worsens, and she needs professional medical care. Bo manipulates a lightning storm, so she and Tate can escape Skouras' henchmen and meet up with Winter at the helipad. Despite being in a hurry to fly Channing to a hospital, Bo is reluctant to enter the helicopter and tells Winter she may not be able to trust him. Flashbacks show his role in her mother's death as he agreed to the demonstration for the military to secure funding. It is also revealed that Bo's mother had an illness similar to the one Dani is having. Bo forgives Winter once he shows remorse, but she says she can no longer stay with him. Tate and Bo leave on their own, as Winter watches from the helicopter. Skouras then calls him to ask for assistance with a new problem: Dani.
12"Second Chance"Frederick E. O. ToyeJonas Pate & Hans TobeasonJune 15, 2014 (2014-06-15)2J79133.20[15]
Skouras warns Winter about Dani's determination to destroy Bo. Winter reluctantly agrees to help Skouras, but has no idea where Bo and Tate are. They are actually heading to Mexico. Envisioning her mother, Bo learns from a convenience store cashier about Dani's troubled past, when Dani inadvertently killed her own brother after losing control of her powers. Winter's plan to lure Dani using Channing as live bait attracts her to the hideout. Skouras's team fills the room with gas, but she charges out in a rage and attacks Channing and Winter, torturing them to extract Bo's location. She realizes Winter has been tracking Tate's cell phone. At Dani's old home, Bo and Tate find evidence that she did kill her brother. Dani bursts in, slams Tate against a wall, locks him in a room, and grabs Bo. Meanwhile, Skouras heads to Orchestra to wipe clean the hard drives, should public attention be drawn to his project. Dani enters Orchestra with Bo. Tate, Winter and Channing arrive moments later to find Bo and Skouras bound. Dani traps everyone inside. Again, Bo sees her mother, who tells her she can save everyone, including Dani, with kindness. Bo then finds the strength to force open the doors. They all find Dani in the courtyard, surrounded by a tornado of fire. Bo walks through it and tells her that her brother forgives her. Dani extinguishes the flames and collapses from her ailments. Bo touches Dani's cheek and cures Dani. Dani wakes up and is escorted away by Channing. As all of the Orchestra buildings burn Winter tells Bo and Tate to leave immediately, before the police arrive, and that they can never see each other again. After Tate and Bo leave, Skouras tells Winter to go; he will take the blame. Bo and Tate set out for their quiet, peaceful lives.
13"Perception"Eric StoltzHolly HaroldJune 24, 2014 (2014-06-24) (New Zealand andj.j. Online Only)[16]2J7903N/A

Bo uses her powers to help a struggling police officer, who is suspected in the disappearance of a young woman and who has powers similar to Bo's.

Although a thirteenth episode, entitled "Perception", was never aired in the United States, it was released on 24 June 2014 in New Zealand.[16] The episode was screened in the United Kingdom on 16 July 2014 on Watch. The story takes place after episode 6 (as it continues, then ends, the Shawn arc). The story would also have to take place after episode 7 (since in this episode Bo knows Tate is her father, which is a fact she does not learn until the end of episode 7). In Denmark (on TV 2 Zulu) this episode was in fact shown as episode 8.

Development and production[edit]

The series first appeared as part of NBC's development slate in September 2012.[17] In January 2013, NBC green-lit production of a pilot episode.[18] On May 12, 2013, the series was placed on the network's 2013–14 schedule, where it was expected to debut after the 2014 Winter Olympics.[19]

On July 17, 2013, co-creator and executive producer Mark Friedman departed the series. Cuarón stayed on board as executive producer alongside J.J. Abrams. Friedman was ultimately succeeded by Dave Erickson.[20] A few months later, in December, Erickson also stepped down as executive producer/showrunner and was replaced by Jonas Pate, who was serving as a co-executive producer and series director. Pate ran the day-to-day production of the series along with Hans Tobeason, who served as "on-set" producer in New York, where filming took place. To allow a smoother transition for the new showrunners and accommodate script re-writes, production went on hiatus from December 20 to January 6, 2014.[2]

Every scene in the pilot episode is a long take (One of Cuaron's trademarks), but that format was dropped beginning with the second episode.


McLaughlin (Tate) was the first regular to be cast in February 2013,[21] followed by Lindo (Winter),[22] Sienna Guillory, Chung (Channing) and ten-year-old newcomer Sequoyah (Bo).[23] MacLachlan was added in March 2013[24] as was Arian Moayed.[25] In June 2013, Guillory was dropped from the series after the pilot, with producers choosing not to continue with her character, professional hit-woman Moore, going forward.[26] Moayed, whose character Corey was originally conceived to be Moore's right-hand man,[27] was quietly dropped as a series regular after the second episode.



Viewership and ratings per episode of Believe
No. Title Air date Rating/share
DVR viewers
Total viewers
1 "Pilot" March 10, 2014 2.7/8 10.56[4]
2 "Beginner's Luck" March 16, 2014 1.5/4 6.57[5] 2.84 9.41[28]
3 "Origin" March 23, 2014 1.2/3 5.13[6] 1.0 3.12 2.2 8.25[29]
4 "Defection" March 30, 2014 1.1/3 4.89[7] 0.9 2.57 2.0 7.46[30]
5 "White Noise" April 6, 2014 1.0/2 4.25[8] 0.8 2.57 1.8 6.82[31]
6 "Sinking" April 13, 2014 1.0/3 4.34[9] 0.7 2.54 1.7 6.88[32]
7 "Bang and Blame" April 20, 2014 1.1/3 4.54[10] 0.7 2.42 1.8 6.96[33]
8 "Together" April 27, 2014 1.0/3 4.51[11] 0.8 2.42 1.8 6.91[34]
9 "Prodigy" May 4, 2014 1.0/3 4.33[12]
10 "Collapse" May 25, 2014 0.7/3 2.92[13] 0.6 2.18 1.3 5.10[35]
11 "Revelation" June 1, 2014 0.9/3 4.31[14]
12 "Second Chance" June 15, 2014 0.7/2 3.20[15]

Critical reception[edit]

Believe has received mixed reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes, the show has an approval rating of 39% based on 38 critics, with an average rating of 5.4/10.[36] On Metacritic, it holds an average score of 55 out of 100 based on 25 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews."[37]


The series premiered in the UK on the Watch channel on March 27, 2014.[38] It airs in Canada on the CTV network,[39] and in Latin America on the Warner Channel.[40] It premiered in Australia on the Nine Network on April 15, 2015.[41]


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