Bicycle Safety Camp

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Bicycle Safety Camp
Directed by Bill Getts
Screenplay by Billy Aronson
  • Jim Pirri
  • Baheerah Clacklay
  • Devin Clark
  • Andres McKenzie
  • Joey Simmrin
  • Ana Maria Vargas
Music by Mike Moss
Cinematography Charles L. Barbee
Edited by Paul Ware
Distributed by Broad Street Productions
Release dates
  • 1989 (1989)
Country USA
Language English

Bicycle Safety Camp is a 1989 American educational video produced by "TIPP: The Injury Prevention Program", then a division of The American Academy of Pediatrics. The video was produced by Broad Street Productions, and although now out of print still continues to be shown at elementary schools and by parents throughout the United States. The film was the launching point for Jim Pirri's very successful career.



  • Jim Pirri as Sam Sprocket
  • Baheerah Clacklay as Julie
  • Devin Clark as Rebop
  • Andres McKenzie as Boomer
  • Joey Simmrin as Arthur
  • Ana Maria Vargas as Rita


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