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Black & Decker Corporation
Industry Power tools, home improvement products, hardware, fastening technology
Founded September 1910; 106 years ago (1910-09) (as The Black & Decker Manufacturing Company) in Baltimore, Maryland
Founder S. Duncan Black
Alonzo G. Decker
Headquarters Towson, Maryland, U.S.
Key people
Nolan D. Archibald ceo
Products Power tools
Revenue $11.41 billion (FY2016)[1]
$965.3 million (FY2016)[1]
Number of employees
Parent Stanley Black & Decker
Website Consumer Website
A Black and Decker cordless drill

Black & Decker Corporation is an American manufacturer of power tools, accessories, hardware, home improvement products and technology based fastening systems headquartered in Towson, Maryland. On March 12, 2010, Black & Decker merged with Stanley Works to become Stanley Black & Decker.[2] It remains as a wholly owned subsidiary of that company.


1920 ad for the drills.
  • 1910 – Black & Decker Corporation was founded by S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker as a small machine shop in Baltimore. Decker, who had a seventh grade education, had met Black in 1906, when they were both 23-year-old workers at Rowland Telegraph Co.[3]
  • 1917 – Black & Decker invented the familiar portable electric drill, obtaining a patent for a hand-held drill combining a pistol grip and trigger switch.[4] Its logo, a hexagon, was used in one form or another from 1912 to 2014; it represents a hexagonal nut, a universal fastener.[5]
  • –– For many decades, the director of design was Glenn Calvin Wilhide, a friend of Walter Gropius and other leading industrial designers of the day. Wilhide filed many US patents for Black & Decker.
  • 1917 – Received a patent for the pistol grip and trigger switch on its drill. The first factory was opened in Towson; the company is still headquartered there today.
  • 1928 – Acquired Van Dorn Electric Tool Company of Cleveland, Ohio.
  • 1936 – Common stock begins trading on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • 1941 August – The patent (filed by Wilhide) was granted for a portable power driven tool unit USD129046 S, which is the famous drill known today.
  • 1943 – Received the Army-Navy "E" Award for production, one of four World War II citations awarded to the company.
  • 1949 – First Black & Decker U.S. trademark awarded four years after filing in 1945.
  • 1960 – Acquired DeWalt from American Machine and Foundry.
  • 1975 – Francis P. Lucier succeeded Alonzo G. Decker, Jr. as chairman of the board, the first time a family member did not hold the post.
  • 1984 – Acquired small-appliance business from General Electric Company.
  • 1986 – Nolan D. Archibald is named chief executive officer.
  • 1989 – Acquired Emhart Corporation, which includes the brand names Kwikset, Price Pfister faucets, Molly wall anchors, POP rivets, True Temper golf club shafts and other consumer and commercial products. Inducted into the Space Foundation's Space Technology Hall of Fame for its cordless power tool achievements and contributions to NASA's Gemini and Apollo programs.
  • 2000 – Alonzo G. Decker, Jr. resigns from the board.[6]
  • 2010 – Black & Decker merges with Stanley Works to become Stanley Black & Decker.[7]
  • 2017 - Stanley Black & Decker purchases Craftsman from Sears.[8]

Current brands and subsidiaries[edit]

Black & Decker (the corporation) is distinct from the "Black & Decker" brand; more than one corporation uses the brand. In particular, "Black & Decker" branded household products in the Americas (but outside of Brazil) are marketed by a division of Spectrum Brands, a consumer products corporation based in Madison, Wisconsin. In December 2012, Spectrum Brands also purchased Black & Decker's hardware and home improvement division.[9]

Former brands and subsidiaries[edit]


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