Blue Monk

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Not to be confused with Blue Monk (Portland, Oregon).

"Blue Monk" is a jazz standard written by Thelonious Monk that has become one of his most enduring tunes. First recorded for the album Thelonious Monk Trio, it is a B flat blues and is similar to the jazz tune "Pastel Blue".

\relative c' { 
\new ChordNames { 
\set chordChanges = ##t
\chordmode { bes1  ees1 bes1~ bes4 bes2.:7} }

\new Staff {
\tempo "Medium blues"
\key bes \major
d8 ees e f~ f2 | g8 gis a bes~ bes2 | f8 g f e ees e, cis' d~ | \times 2/3 { d8 des4 } c2 r4 |