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City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council
Third of council elected three years out of four
Coat of arms of Bradford City Council.png
Houses Unicameral
Term limits
Founded 1 April 1974
Council Leader
Susan Hinchcliffe, Labour Party
Chief Executive
Kersten England[1]
Seats 90 councillors
City of Bradford MDC 2018.svg
Political groups
     Labour (52)
Other parties
     Conservative (22)
     Liberal Democrat (7)
     Green Party (2)
     Independent (7)
Joint committees
West Yorkshire Combined Authority
Last election
2014 (one third of councillors)
2015 (one third of councillors)
2016 (one third of councillors)
Next election
2018 (one third of councillors)
2019 (one third of councillors)
2020 (one third of councillors)
Meeting place
Bradford City Hall

City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council is the local authority of the City of Bradford in West Yorkshire, England. It is a metropolitan district council, one of five in West Yorkshire and one of 36 in the metropolitan counties of England, and provides the majority of local government services in Bradford. Since 1 April 2014 it has been a constituent council of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority.[2]


In 1974, City Of Bradford Metropolitan District Council was created to administer the newly formed metropolitan borough. The county borough of Bradford was merged with the Borough of Keighley, the Urban Districts of Baildon, Bingley, Cullingworth, Denholme, Ilkley, Shipley and Silsden, along with part of Queensbury and Shelf Urban District and part of Skipton Rural District by the Local Government Act 1972. The Council, which is based at Bradford City Hall in Centenary Square, governs the whole metropolitan district. The city was granted the right on 18 September 1907 to elect a Lord Mayor.

The district is divided into 30 Electoral Wards, each ward electing three Councillors. Elections are held in May, where one third of the 90 seats (one for each ward) are contested and the successful candidate is elected for a period of four years.

At the local elections in 2015, Labour won 17 of the 30 seats available to hold majority of the Council - on 46 of 90 seats.

Parliamentary representation[edit]

The council is currently covered by five constituencies with six wards in each constituency: Bradford East, Bradford South, Bradford West, Keighley and Shipley.[3]

Wards and Councillors[edit]

Each ward is represented by three councillors.[4]

Bradford Council
Parliamentary constituency Ward Councillor Party Term of office
Bradford East Bolton and Undercliffe Ian Greenwood Labour 2018-2022
Michael Stelling Liberal Democrats 2015–19
David Ward Liberal Democrats 2016–20
Bowling and Barkerend Rizwana Jamil Labour 2014–18
Imran Khan Labour 2015–19
Hassan Khan Labour 2016–20
Bradford Moor Mohammed Shafiq Labour 2014–18
Zafar Iqbal Labour 2015–19
Riaz Ahmed Liberal Democrats 2016–20
Eccleshill Geoff Reid Liberal Democrats 2014–18
Nicola Pollard Liberal Democrats 2015–19
Brendan Stubbs Liberal Democrats 2016–20
Idle and Thackley Dominic Fear Liberal Democrats 2014–18
Jeanette Sunderland Liberal Democrats 2015–19
Alun Griffiths Liberal Democrats 2016–20
Little Horton Vacant
Taj Salam Labour 2015–19
Talat Sajawal Labour 2016–20
Bradford South Great Horton Joanne Dodds Labour 2014–22
Tariq Hussain Labour 2015–19
Abdul Jabar Labour 2016–20
Queensbury Robert Hargreaves Conservative 2018–22
Andrew Senior Conservative 2015–19
Lynda Cromie The Queensbury Ward Independents 2016–20
Royds Valerie Slater Labour 2014–18
Angela Tait Labour 2015–19
Andrew Thornton Labour 2016–20
Tong Alan Wainwright Labour 2014–18
Tess Peart Labour 2015–19
Michael Johnson Labour 2016–20
Wibsey Joanne Sharp Labour 2014–18
Ralph Berry Labour 2015–19
David Green Labour 2016–20
Wyke David Warburton Labour 2014–18
Sarah Ferriby Labour 2015–19
Rosie Watson Labour 2016–20
Bradford West City Nazam Azam Labour 2014–18
Shakeela Lal Labour 2015–19
Aneela Ahmed Labour 2016–20
Clayton & Fairweather Green Sinead Engel Labour 2014–18
Carol Thirkill Labour 2015–19
Michelle Swallow Labour 2016–20
Heaton Nussrat Mohammed Labour 2014–18
Mohammed Amran Labour 2015–19
Mohammad Shabbir Labour 2016–20
Manningham Shabir Hussain Labour 2014–18
Sameena Akhtar Labour 2015–19
Sarfraz Nazir Labour 2016–20
Thornton and Allerton Richard Dunbar Labour 2014–18
Sue Duffy Labour 2015–19
Beverley Mullaney Labour 2016–20
Toller Imran Hussain Labour 2014–18
Fozia Shaheen Labour 2015–19
Arshad Hussain Labour 2016–20
Keighley Craven Andrew Mallinson Conservative 2014–18
Jack Rickard Conservative 2015–19
Adrian Naylor The Independents 2016–20
Ilkley Mike Gibbons Conservative 2014–18
Martin Smith Conservative 2015–19
Anne Hawkesworth The Independents 2016–20
Keighley Central Abid Hussain Labour 2014–18
Zafar Ali Conservative 2015–19
Khadim Hussain Labour 2016–20
Keighley East Stephen Pullen Labour 2014–18
Doreen Lee Labour 2015–19
Malcolm Slater Labour 2016–20
Keighley West Brian Morris Independent 2014–18
Cath Bacon Labour 2015–19
Adrian Farley Labour 2016–20
Worth Valley Glenn Miller Conservative 2014–18
Rebecca Poulsen Conservative 2015–19
Russell Brown Conservative 2016–20
Shipley Baildon Valerie Townend Conservative 2014–22
Mike Pollard Conservative 2015–19
Debbie Davies Conservative 2016–20
Bingley David Heseltine Conservative 2014–22
Mark Shaw Conservative 2015–19
John Pennington Conservative 2016–20
Bingley Rural Michael Ellis Conservative 2014–22
Simon Cooke Conservative 2015–19
Naveed Riaz Conservative 2016–20
Shipley Vick Jenkins Labour 2018–22
Kevin Warnes Green Party 2015–19
Martin Love Green Party 2016–20
Wharfedale Gerald Barker Conservative 2014–22
Jackie Whiteley Conservative 2015–19
Dale Smith Conservative 2016–20
Windhill and Wrose Vanda Greenwood Labour 2014–22
Susan Hinchcliffe Labour 2015–19
Alex Ross-Shaw Labour 2016–20

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