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Parliamentary elections were held in Brazil on 15 November 1978.[1] The National Renewal Alliance Party won 231 of the 420 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and 15 of the 23 seats in the Senate. Voter turnout was 81.7%.[2]

They were the last elections held under the two-party system, as reforms were enacted in 1979 to allow a multi-party system to emerge in an effort to combat the growing popularity of the opposition Brazilian Democratic Movement (MDB).[3]

Electoral system[edit]

In 1977 the electoral system had been reformed, making the election of Senators indirect. As with the 1979 reforms, this was primarily done in response to the growth of the Brailian Democratic Movement.[3] The Senate election saw the MDB win only eight of the 23 seats, despite receiving 57% of the vote.[4]


Chamber of Deputies[edit]

Party Votes % Seats +/–
National Renewal Alliance Party 15,053,387 50.4 231 +28
Brazilian Democratic Movement 14,803,526 49.6 191 +30
Invalid/blank votes 7,770,910
Total 37,627,823 100 422 +58
Registered voters/turnout 46,985,466 80.1
Source: Nohlen


Party Votes % Seats
Brazilian Democratic Movement 17,432,948 57.1 8
National Renewal Alliance Party 13,116,194 42.9 15
Invalid/blank votes 6,952,139
Total 37,501,281 100 23
Registered voters/turnout 45,864,901 81.8
Source: Nohlen


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