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Brian "Ginger" Gillen (born 1956/57)[1] is a volunteer in the Belfast Brigade of the Provisional Irish Republican Army, and, later, named to the IRA Army Council.[2][3]

His solicitor was Patrick Finucane, who was shot dead by loyalists in 1989.[4]

In 1995 Gillen, as Officer Commanding of the IRA's Belfast Brigade, was a member of the IRA Executive and was critical of the strategy employed by Gerry Adams.[5] In 1997, he was elected to the Army Council with the backing of Adams, after he backed the leadership over dissident republicans who wished to steer the IRA in a more hardline direction.[6]

In 2000, Gillen, along with Adams, Martin McGuinness, Pat Doherty and Brian Keenan were issued with a subpoena, in order to appear at Northern Ireland High Court as part of a civil action which was taken by relatives of the 29 Omagh bombing victims.[7]


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