Brighton Hill Community College

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Brighton Hill Community School
Brighton Hill Community College Logo.png
Established 1975
Type Comprehensive
Headteacher Mr Christopher Edwards
Chair of Governors Mrs Jane Pratt
Location Brighton Way
RG22 4HS
United Kingdom
51°14′47″N 1°06′52″W / 51.2465°N 1.1145°W / 51.2465; -1.1145Coordinates: 51°14′47″N 1°06′52″W / 51.2465°N 1.1145°W / 51.2465; -1.1145
Local authority Hampshire
DfE URN 116441 Tables
Ofsted Reports
Staff 150
Students 1084[1]
Gender Coeducational
Ages 11–16
Houses Dorney, Greenwich, Portland, Stratford
Colours Navy blue and yellow         
Nickname BHCS

Brighton Hill Community School (known locally as BHCS) is located in Brighton Hill, Basingstoke in the county of Hampshire in the south of England. The Headteacher is Mr Christopher Edwards, who took over in January 2017 after the former Headteacher, Mr Charlie Currie, resigned in April 2016.

Brighton Hill has run exchange trips with Marienschule, a school in Basingstoke's twin town, Euskirchen. It runs sport-related trips, as well as trips for other subjects. It holds annual Gifted and Talented events for Sports students.

Brighton Hill Community School is also a Training School and a Sports Specialist School.


The students at the school begin their GCSE subjects in year nine, which allows them to complete some GCSEs at the end of year ten and spend year eleven studying a different subject. There are some options that have double the number of lessons. The school has a one-week timetable, which include compulsory English and Mathematics (Daily), Science, Physical Education, Key Skills Qualification ICT, Citizenship, Religious Education and Personal Social and Health Education (which is referred to as 'Prep 4 Life') for all students.

All Key Stage 3 students also study French, Spanish, Geography, History, Philosophy, Ethics and Beliefs, Food Technology, Textiles, Woodwork, Music, Art, Dance and Drama. From Year Nine, students choose up to four courses to continue studying, including all of the above courses, Business Studies, Separate or Triple Sciences, Media, Electronics and Psychology. The school is currently having to drop some subjects from the Year 8 Guided Choices due to a lack of teachers with a specification in the subject. For example, the 2016-17 options did not include Business Studies, which was included the year before, due to a lack of specialism.

Departments and Facilities[edit]

The school's curriculum is based around eight faculties; English, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Modern Foreign Languages (French and Spanish), Humanities (History, Geography, Citizenship, PEB and Psychology), Expressive & Performing Arts (Dance, Drama, Art and Music) and Technology (Design Technology, Textiles, Catering, Resistant Materials, Product Design, Electronics, Graphic Design, ICT, Media and Business Studies). Each faculty is headed by a senior member of staff, who is then assisted by a Second in Faculty. Faculties such as Humanities and EPA also have subject heads to assist in the development and leadership of the subject.

Brighton Hill Community School features nine ICT suites (not including normal classrooms which also house computers for students to use), music practice rooms with many instruments, a dance and gymnastics studio, a theatre with light and sound controls, a catering room, a woodwork room, a room dedicated to the Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition and many science resources such as Bunsen burners and chemicals.

The school's pastoral side includes Heads of Year, who support students in their growth and development into young adults and also supervise activities whih take place within tutor time. The school also formerly had separate Heads of House, but instead these staff members took on full roles as Heads of Year.

The Primary Liaison of the school travels to feeder schools to give upper KS2 students an opportunity to learn what life at BHCS is like. The school also has a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) who assists in special circumstances for students with special needs.

While the school has always been, and continues to be fully staffed, a lack of specialised staff in some areas has led to other members of staff teaching classes they would not normally; for example, a decline in the amount of Science teachers in the school has led to several PE teachers stepping up to teach the subject alongside their more specialised colleagues.


Brighton Hill School's uniform consists of a daffodil-yellow shirt or blouse, black trousers or skirt, a navy blue jumper, a navy blue blazer and a yellow, blue and green tie for the boys. This uniform has earned the students a nickname of "Yellowbellies" among locals. The PE kit consists of a Navy blue and orange shirt with navy blue shorts In 2010, a yellow polo shirt was introduced for summer uniform, compulsory for the academic year 2010/2011.


In 2005/2006, Brighton Hill School changed its tutoring system by introducing mixed-year tutor groups. This change led to subsequent pupil protests that were covered in the regional news.[2] The college also changed its house system, consisting of the houses Austen, Dickens, Kingsley, White and Adams, to a community system with communities called Athens, Barcelona, Montreal, Rome, Sydney and Tokyo. In a recent Ofsted inspection, the school was highly praised. However, it was also criticised for poor communication with parents.[3] In recent years, the school has constantly ranked above local and national averages.[4] Currently, the school houses consist of Dorney, Greenwich, Portland and Stratford, with separate tutor groups for Year 7, 10 & 11 per house, and two mixed tutor groups per house for Years 8 & 9.

In June 2008, the college was featured again in the local newspaper after over 200 pupils were suspended following a protest on the school field against an extension of 20 minutes to the school day, and the plans to force the entire school of 1,300 students to queue all at once. The protest was started by a small group of year ten students before the beginning registration of the day. These students quickly spread word about their plans and after 1–2 hours there were around 200 students on the far side of the field from the main school buildings. Many children came and went throughout the day due to a warning issued by the head master, which stated that for every missed lesson a student must suffer one hours detention, and if the whole day is missed the student will be suspended for the rest of the week. This also happened to be the last week of school for the year.

Shortly before the school day had ended, senior members of staff forced the protesting students off the field before other students finished their lessons to avoid difficulties. All students turned up as normal the following day. A teacher was waiting at the school gates with a list of 117 names of those who were to be sent home, due to being excluded for the rest of the week. This caused complaints from parents because of the disorganisation and inconvenience caused by the school towards the parents and students.

Halfway through the school summer holiday, all 117 excluded students were sent a letter stating that expelled students had had the punishment erased from their records, as discussed between the head master and the school governors.[5]

Until 2016, the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science had been taught in sets based on aptitude in the subject. However, these sets were changed to mixed-ability classes in the academic year 2016-17. The class' code is now the year group, initials of the staff member and subject; for example, 7ABC/En.

Head teachers[edit]

Mr Christopher Edwards has been appointed for the replacement of Charlie Currie and started in January 2017, introducing himself with a Sky News broadcast where the presenters announced that BHCS had 'signed Mr Edwards as their new manager', playing off of the role in football. Charlie Currie was head teacher from 2013-2016. Currie served as interim head teacher for two terms after the resignation of David Eyre in 2011, before becoming appointed permanent head teacher for the start of the 2013-2014 term. Other previous head teachers include Lawrie Shaw, Bill Wright and Andy Kilpatrick. Wendy Small was acting head mistress for one year, for the academic year 2009-2010.


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