32nd Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)

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32nd Brigade
32nd Guards Brigade
Active 1914–1919
Country  United Kingdom
Branch  British Army
Type Infantry
Size Brigade
Part of 11th (Northern) Division
Guards Armoured Division
Engagements World War I
World War II
John Ormsby Evelyn Vandeleur

The 32nd Infantry Brigade was an infantry brigade formation of the British Army that saw active service during both World War I and World War II.

World War I[edit]

The Brigade was raised originally as the 32nd Infantry Brigade, part of the 11th (Northern) Division, a New Army formation which served at Gallipoli and on the Western Front during World War I.[1]

Component Units during World War I[edit]

World War II[edit]

Infantrymen of the 1st Battalion, Welsh Guards, Guards Armoured Division, moving up to the front line, July 1944.

The Brigade was reformed as 32nd Guards Brigade on 1 October 1941, during World War II, joining the Guards Armoured Division, but did not see active service until it arrived in France on 25 June 1944. It fought throughout the campaign in North West Europe.

Order of battle[edit]

The 32nd Guards Brigade was constituted as follows during the war:


The following officers commanded the brigade:


The Brigade was reraised in the early 1950s and joined the 3rd Infantry Division. The Brigade was moved from Cyprus to reinforce the British forces in the Canal Zone in February 1952, but was later disbanded by being redesignated 29th Infantry Brigade.


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