Brutal Doom

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Brutal Doom
Developer(s)Marcos "Sergeant Mark IV" Abenante
Initial release2012
Written inZDoom engine (Source port of Doom engine)
Platformcross-platform (PC, Android)
TypeFirst-person shooter

Brutal Doom is a gameplay mod for the video game Doom. Developed by the Brazilian modder Marcos Abenante, a.k.a. Sergeant_Mark_IV, it adds numerous features to the gameplay. The mod has been in development since 2010, and continues to release new updates. The most current version is v21b.[1]


Brutal Doom adds many gameplay features, such as ragdoll physics, gibs, blood splatter, helper marines, an updated particle system, the ability to drive vehicles such as tanks[2][3][4], stealth kills, headshots, and a host of "Mortal Kombat-esque fatality animations."[5][6] Enemy AI has been revamped, with most enemies gaining new attacks and behaviours.[6]

The mod includes new and revamped guns, such as a flamethrower, the demonic Unmaker, assault shotguns, new rifle types, a grenade launcher and even allows the player to equip enemy weapons in the form of Revenant missiles or a Mancubus' flame cannon.[7] Weapon behaviour is also changed, with a fully working reload system for most guns alongside weapon recoil and iron sights.


The mod was praised by John Romero, who jokingly said that if Id Software had released the original Doom with the features of Brutal Doom, they would have "destroyed the gaming industry".[8]

Chris Plante of Polygon called it "stomach-churning" and "hysterical".[9]

Andras Neltz of Kotaku said that it was "shaping up to be one of the modding greats".[10]

Brutal Doom won the "Mod of the Year" award from Mod DB in 2012.[1]

Controversy amongst the Doom community[edit]

Brutal Doom has been the subject of numerous scandals. At one point, an older version of Brutal Doom used actual photos of dead bodies for some of the animations. In 2013, it was discovered that within some of the files found in Brutal Doom version 0.17, a comment including the word "Nigger" exists. This resulted in one of the voice actors for the game removing themselves from the project.

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