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Doom II RPG logo.jpg
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Developer(s) Fountainhead Entertainment
id Mobile
Publisher(s) JAMDAT Mobile
Director(s) Katherine Anna Kang
Producer(s) Katherine Anna Kang
Designer(s) Matthew C. Ross
Programmer(s) John Carmack
Series Doom
Engine DoomRPG
Platform(s) iOS, Java ME, BlackBerry OS, Windows Mobile
Release date(s) November 23, 2009
Genre(s) First-person shooter / role-playing video game
Mode(s) Single player

Doom II RPG is the sequel of Wolfenstein RPG, set after Doom RPG (November 20, 2146). It was released for mobile phones on November 23, 2009[1] and for iPhones on February 8, 2010.[2][3] It uses the Wolfenstein RPG engine and was developed by id partners Fountainhead Entertainment via the merger id Mobile. There are three playable characters: Sergeant Stan Blazkowicz (descendent of William "B.J." Blazkowicz), Major Kira Morgan and a scientist Riley O'Conner.


The game is chronologically set after the first Doom RPG.[4][5] Secret experiments have taken place and incidents have happened on various UAC Bases located on Moon, Earth and Hell .[citation needed] The problem is that the new computer systems are malfunctioning and no one knows why. A team of soldiers lead by Major Kira Morgan and Sergeant Stan Blazkowicz who are accompanied by a scientist Riley O'Conner have ventured to the UAC base on the Moon to investigate the issue, only to find the base is overrun by demons and zombies. At the beginning, the group splits up and the player is on their own. Throughout the game, some of the scientists/civilians encountered do not know about the demonic outburst until it is too late. He notices conflicts between a UAC computer designated SAL and another unknown entity, designated VIOS. Conflicts with VIOS appear frequently in the game. VIOS appears to be a cybernetic demon. An accident on the moon creates a portal which sucks the player into hell, encountering a beast, titled "Pinkinator", a beast that spawns the original "Pinkys", otherwise in this game, "Bull Demons". After defeating the monster, a portal opens up and the player is sent to UAC Earth. There, it is known to the player that one of the origins of the demons and the demon VIOS had been from evil scientists, who might be possessed by demons themselves. The player meets up with a scientist who walks through a door, and the player follows him. There in the room, he meets a Spider Mastermind, that commands Lost souls. On low health, the creature explodes into 3 small Arachnotrons. Afterwards, the player is forced into hell by a portal from a scientist. In hell, the player finds a powerful weapon, the soul cube, which kills any non-boss demon in one shot. Also, the player encounters the Cyberdemon, who commands a group of blue Cacodemons, otherwise known as Wretcheds. Upon defeating the Cyberdemon, the player is teleported to the heart of VIOS' origins. The player finds out about VIOS; VIOS is the new Icon Of Sin. There, the player finds 6 terminals, in which he needs to fight VIOS 6 times. Every time a computer terminal has been destroyed, flocks of demons attack the player. Once all 6 terminals are down, VIOS is finally defeated. However the end notes that the battle isn't over yet, which suggests a sequel (Doom RPGS actually takes place before Doom/Doom II according to the Doom RPG website).


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