Buchanan family

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Buchanan family
Buchanan men-2013.jpg
Buchanan men in 2013 (from left): Robert Gorrie as Matthew Buchanan, Robert S. Woods as Bo Buchanan, Jerry verDorn as Clint Buchanan and Tuc Watkins as David Vickers Buchanan
One Life to Live family
Created byGordon Russell and Sam Hall
Introduced byJoseph Stuart
First appearanceSeptember 10, 1979 (1979-09-10)
Last appearanceAugust 19, 2013 (2013-08-19)

The Buchanan family is a long-running family of fictional characters on the American soap opera One Life to Live. The ensemble was originally inspired by the Ewing family on the 1970s primetime soap opera Dallas,[1][2] and appeared from September 1979 through the end of the serial in August 2013.



First generation[edit]

Buchanan men in 1980 (from left, clockwise): Robert S. Woods as Bo Buchanan and Clint Ritchie as Clint Buchanan and Philip Carey as Asa Buchanan
  • Asa Buchanan (Philip Carey)
    Born off-screen October 31, 1924; dies onscreen August 16, 2007. Brother to Pike and Jeannie.
  • Pike Buchanan (Don Chastain)
    Brother of Asa and Jeannie.
  • Jeannie Buchanan
    Unseen character; dies off-screen.
  • Wanda Webb[3] (Marilyn Chris, Lee Lawson)
    Born off-screen circa 1938. Sister of Paul, second cousin of Asa, Pike and Jeannie.
  • Paul Webb[3]
    Unseen character; dies off-screen. Brother of Wanda, second cousin of Asa, Pike and Jeannie.

Second generation[edit]

Third generation[edit]

Fourth generation[edit]

Fifth generation[edit]

  • Zane Buchanan (child actors)
    Born onscreen October 31, 2006 then to October 31,1995 in 2010, to Duke Buchanan and Kelly Cramer.


Clint Buchanan arrives in Llanview, Pennsylvania in September 1979, soon followed by his brother Bo in November and their father Asa in December 1979. Clint marries central heroine Victoria Lord Riley in 1982, cementing the family's prominence in the series.

Clint adopts Viki's sons Kevin and Joey Riley, and in 1986 discovers he has an adult son, Cord Roberts, with old flame Maria. Clint and Viki have a daughter of their own, Jessica, that same year. In 2001 it is revealed that Viki had been pregnant with twins, one fathered by Clint and the other by Viki's nemesis Mitch Laurence; Jessica turns out to be Mitch's daughter, and Clint and Viki's child — kidnapped at birth — is a young woman named Natalie. On January 6, 2012, Allison Perkins revealed that Nataile and Jessica are both biologically Clint's daughters.

In 1983, Bo and Becky Lee Abbott have a son they name Drew, who ultimately becomes a police officer and dies in the line of duty in 1998. In February 1999, Bo fathers a son (later named Matthew) with wife Nora, though Matthew is thought to be Sam Rappaport's biological child until 2003.

Patriarch Asa marries multiple women during his decades in Llanview, and in 1999 Viki's husband Ben Davidson turns out to be Asa's biological son. Ben is shot and slips into a coma in 2002; he eventually dies in 2004. Asa passes away on August 16, 2007,[7] and it is revealed that he had believed con-man David Vickers is his son. David is ultimately proven to be Bo's biological child in 2009.

In 2010, it is revealed that Rex Balsom, the man who was raised with Natalie by Roxy Balsom, is actually Clint's son with Echo DiSavoy, who was conceived after an affair in 1983.

Buchanan Enterprises[edit]

Buchanan Enterprises, founded by billionaire Asa Buchanan, is a multinational, family-owned corporation with offices worldwide. After visiting in Llanview in 1979, Texas-born Asa moves the headquarters of his company to Llanview in 1980 to stay close to sons Clint and Bo. As ruthless in business as he is devoted to his family, Asa's machinations (and attempts to both protect and control his family members) drive much of the drama in the series over the next two decades. In 1997, Clint's son Cord Roberts leaves Llanview for the London office of Buchanan Enterprises, and in 1998 Clint follows him. Clint returns to Llanview for good in 2005, and his adopted son Kevin later succeeds him in London in late 2006. Clint's daughter Natalie joins the company in 2007 after a failed attempt to become a police forensics investigator. Natalie's sister Jessica as well soon joins B.E. to fund her husband Nash's vineyard. Asa remained at B.E.'s helm until his death in August 2007 in which his son Clint succeed him as CEO. Asa's will forces his heirs[8] to work together as board members for the company to earn their inheritance. The usually-upstanding Clint finds himself using the underhanded tactics of his father to fend off the multiple takeover attempts of Asa's business rivals. Fueled by a desire for personal revenge against Clint, Dr. Dorian Lord plots a secret, hostile take-over of the company, which succeeds at the Buchanan Enterprises shareholder meeting on June 3, 2008.[9] Dorian renames the company Cramer Enterprises. In October 2008, District Attorney and Clint's love interest, Nora Hanen, manages to finesse Dorian into signing controlling interest of the company back to the Buchanan family in exchange for dropping potential attempted murder charges. The company is re-christened Buchanan Enterprises or BE.

In December 2008, the Buchanans gather for a video message from Asa. A year prior, Asa had stipulated in his will that the family had one year to fulfill a challenge in order to receive their inheritance: work together as a family to raise the price of BE stocks. If they succeeded, they would be rich, if they failed...they would not receive a cent. Due to the takeover commandeered by Dorian and the near collapse of the US economy, BE shares have declined. As punishment, the Buchanan inheritance is left to Asa's long-lost son, David Vickers.[10] David learns of his true parentage,[11] and soon claims what is his.[12] However, a DNA test confirms that David is instead Bo's son,[13] rendering Asa's original will null and void.

On episode first run June 28, 2011, in order for Clint Buchanan to get a heart transplant and live, he was forced to give his estranged son Rex Balsom Buchanan Enterprises. In return, Clint would get Rex's finances, Gigi Morasco's heart. All existing shares, funds and properties were signed over to Rex Balsom. On the October 21 episode of that year, Rex Balsom returned all of the Buchanan holdings to its rightful owner Clint Buchanan.