Buddhist Fat Ho Memorial College

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Buddhist Fat Ho Memorial College
Buddhist Fat Ho Memorial College (Hong Kong).JPG
Buddhist Fat Ho Memorial College, Tai O, Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Buddhist Fat Ho Memorial College (Chinese: 佛教筏可紀念中學; Jyutping: fat1 gaau1 fat6 ho2 gei2 nim6 zung1 hok6) is a co-educational secondary school in Hong Kong.

The school opened in 1977 and has approximately 350 students (2016).[1] It is run by the Hong Kong Buddhist Association and sponsored by Po Lin Monastery.[2] It is a Direct Subsidy Scheme institution that charges tuition fees. Students can pick between English or Cantonese as their Medium of Instruction.

As the school is close to the sea there are no classes whenever a Typhoon 8 warning is in effect.

The school has 50% Chinese students and 50% international students, as of 2016.

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