Busan–Ulsan Expressway

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Korean expressway route marker

Expressway No.65
Busan–Ulsan Expressway
Busan-Ulsan expressway.PNG
Route information
Length: 47.17 km (29.31 mi)
Existed: 2008 – present
Major junctions
From: Haeundae, Busan
To: Ulju-gun, Ulsan
Highway system
National highways of South Korea
Expressways in South Korea
Busan–Ulsan Expressway
Hangul 부산울산고속도로
Revised Romanization Busan Ulsan Gosok Doro
McCune–Reischauer Pusan Ulsan Kosok Toro

The Busan–Ulsan Expressway Co., Ltd. (Hangul부산울산고속도로; RRBusan Ulsan Gosok Doro), operating as the Busan–Ulsan Expressway, is a 47.2 km long express toll route in South Korea, connecting Haeundae, Busan to Ulju County, Ulsan.[1]


The expressway was opened on 29 December 2008 and was created to reduce travel time between Busan and Ulsan from 57 minutes to 30 minutes. The cost of the toll road was set to KRW3,500 (US$3.12 as of April 2013) on the date of opening.[1]

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Coordinates: 35°22′24″N 129°14′55″E / 35.37338°N 129.24866°E / 35.37338; 129.24866