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CP Urban Services
Locale Metropolitan Lisbon and Metropolitan Porto
Transit type Commuter rail
Number of lines 4 with 7 services (Lisbon) and 5 (Porto)[1]
Operator(s) Comboios de Portugal

The CP Urban Services network is the commuter train network of Metropolitan Lisbon and Metropolitan Porto, Portugal. It connects the city centers with the suburbs.

Metropolitan Lisbon Network[edit]

Commuter rail lines in Lisbon

The system is complemented in Lisbon by the Lisbon Metro and an extensive bus network.

Lisbon rail network map
Lisbon rail lines overview, with CP, Fertagus and Lisbon Metro (filled light gray) lines

It comprises four lines,[2]

Although the Cintura line connects the Azambuja line (at Braço de Prata) to the Cascais line (at Alcântara-Mar), the stretch between Alcântara-Terra and Alcântara-Mar is only used for freight services, and passengers transferring between both stations have to do so on foot.

Nowadays, the services from the Azambuja and Sintra lines are joined in a single timetable, as "Azambuja/Lisboa/Sintra".[3]

Since 2011, the Azambuja line has offered a direct connection between Azambuja and Alcântara-Terra, with an additional Castanheira–Santa Apolónia service during weekdays, a change that will be reversed with the Summer 2015 timetables, that reintroduce the older Azambuja–Santa Apolónia and Castanheira–Alcântara-Terra services.[4]

Map of the Cintura line
The Lisbon Cintura rail line, and its connections to the other North Lisbon urban lines.

Metropolitan Porto Network[edit]

Map of the Porto Network with the map of the Porto Metro.

The CP Urban Services in the great Porto area consists of 4 main lines, linking Porto Terminus São Bento Station (Estação de São Bento) in Porto Downtown with the cities of Braga, Guimarães, Aveiro and Penafiel. The lines are completely electrified and the service is efficient. The Commuter rail service in Porto is well connected with bus and metro service in the city, linking with lines A (Blue line), B (Red line), C (Green line), E (Violet Line) and F (Orange Line) of metro service in Campanhã Station and with line D (Yellow line) in São Bento Station.

A fifth line was inaugurated on September 2009, Leixões line, connecting Porto to Leixões.[5]

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