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Cardiaxx boxart.jpg
Boxart of Cardiaxx for the Amiga.
Developer(s) Eclipse Design
Publisher(s) Team17
Platform(s) Amiga
Release 1993
Genre(s) Scrolling shooter

Cardiaxx is a science-fiction scrolling shooter video game for the Commodore Amiga. It was developed by Eclipse Design and published by Team17 in 1993, although it was originally published by Electronic Zoo.[citation needed] The game features a spaceship as it flies through various levels of varying graphic styles.[citation needed] Each level has a boss at the end, and each level is separated by a sub-level of avoiding asteroids while the next level loads from the floppy disk.[citation needed]

Cardiaxx was developed by David Mariner and Jon Mitchell of Eclipse Design, with Joe Karthouser later joining them.[citation needed] The game's original publisher, Electronic Zoo, failed to release funds owed to Eclipse Design for its development shortly after its public release in 1991.[citation needed] As a result, the Atari ST version was never released, and legal action followed. However, Electronic Zoo closed down during the legal proceedings.[citation needed] The game was later released by Team17, but again no funds beyond the initial signing fee were ever released.[citation needed] Therefore, Mariner and Mitchell still retain all rights to Cardiaxx to this day.[citation needed]