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Carlos Antonio Lozada during the FARC-Government peace process between 1999-2002.

Luis Antonio Losada Gallo aka Carlos Antonio Lozada is a Colombian guerrilla member of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) presumed commander of the Urban Commandos of the FARC-EP known as the Red Urbana Antonio Nariño. According to Colombian military intelligence little is known about him and it is presumed that Lozada was born in the 1960s, with probable college level education acquired in the former Soviet Union. during his early years Lozada allegedly became a member of the Communist Youth (Juventudes Comunistas, JUCO), later joined the Colombian Communist Party and subsequently went into clandestineness as a member of the FARC guerrillas.[1]

FARC negotiator[edit]

Lozada was first identified as a member of the FARC during the 1999-2002 failed FARC-Government peace process in San Vicente del Caguán. According to the military Lozada reorganized the FARC structure in 2003 and promoted the Clandestine Colombian Communist Party, the clandestine political arm of the FARC in urban areas designed to infiltrate and recruit ideologues for the FARC.[2]

Wanted by the United States[edit]

According to the US Department of State Lozada is a member of the Higher Command of the FARC and participated in setting and then implementing FARC's cocaine policies directing and controlling the production, manufacture, and distribution of hundreds of tons of cocaine to the United States and the world; the "taxation" of the illegal drug trade in Colombia to raise funds for the FARC; and, the murder of hundreds of people who violated or interfered with the FARC’s cocaine policies. The United States government is offering a reward of up to US$2.5 million for information leading to the arrest and/or conviction of Lozada.[3]


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