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sand spurs
Cenchrus longispinus burr
Scientific classification

Type species
Cenchrus echinatus[2][3]
  • Cenchropsis Nash
  • Echinaria Fabr. 1759, rejected name not Desf. 1799
  • Nastus Lunell 1915, illegitimate homonym not Juss. 1789
  • Raram Adans.
  • Runcina Allamand
  • Odontelytrum Hack.
  • Pseudochaetochloa Hitchc.
A sand spur, close up.
Sand spur in front of a centimeter scale

Cenchrus is a widespread genus of plants in the grass family.[3][5] Its species are native to many countries in Asia, Africa, Australia, the Americas, and various oceanic islands.[6][7]

Common names include buffelgrasses, sandburs, and sand spur. Such names allude to the sharp, spine-covered burrs characterizing the inflorescences of the members of the genus.[8]

Some botanists include the genus within the related genus Pennisetum.

  1. Cenchrus abyssinicus (Hack.) Morrone - Ethiopia, Tanzania, Yemen, Limpopo, Mpumalanga
  2. Cenchrus agrimonioides Trin.kāmanomano - Hawaiian Islands
  3. Cenchrus arnhemicus (F.Muell.) Morrone - Australia (Western Australia, Northern Territory)
  4. Cenchrus biflorus Roxb.kram-kram - Africa, Arabian Peninsula, Indian Subcontinent, Madagascar
  5. Cenchrus brevisetosus (B.K.Simon) B.K.Simon - Australia (Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland)
  6. Cenchrus brownii Roem. & Schult. - North + South America, West Indies
  7. Cenchrus caliculatus Cav. - Australia, New Zealand, assorted islands in Pacific + Indian Oceans
  8. Cenchrus ciliaris L. – buffelgrass - Africa, Arabian Peninsula, Indian Subcontinent, Sicily; naturalized in parts of North + South America, Southeast Asia, various islands; considered noxious weed in some places
  9. Cenchrus distichophyllus - Cuba
  10. Cenchrus echinatus L. – common sandbur - North + South America, West Indies; naturalized in parts of Africa, southern Asia, various islands
  11. Cenchrus elegans Veldkamp - Malesia
  12. Cenchrus elymoides - Australia (Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland)
  13. Cenchrus gracillimus Nash - West Indies, southeastern USA
  14. Cenchrus longispinus (Hack.) Fern. – mat sandbur - Canada, USA, Mexico
  15. Cenchrus mitis Andersson - Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique
  16. Cenchrus multiflorus J.Presl - Mexico, Central America
  17. Cenchrus myosuroides Kunth - North + South America, West Indies
  18. Cenchrus palmeri Vasey - Baja California, Baja California Sur, Sonora, Sinaloa, Arizona
  19. Cenchrus pennisetiformis Steud. - Africa, Arabian Peninsula, Indian Subcontinent
  20. Cenchrus pilosus Kunth - from central Mexico to northern Chile
  21. Cenchrus platyacanthus Andersson - Galápagos
  22. Cenchrus prieurii - Sahara, Arabian Peninsula, Indian Subcontinent, Myanmar
  23. Cenchrus robustus - Queensland, New South Wales
  24. Cenchrus setiger Vahl - Sahara, East Africa, Arabian Peninsula, Iran, Indian Subcontinent, Myanmar, Andaman & Nicobar
  25. Cenchrus somalensis - Somalia
  26. Cenchrus spinifex Cav. – coastal sandbur - North + South America, West Indies
  27. Cenchrus tribuloides L. – sanddune sandbur - North + South America, West Indies
Formerly included[4]

several species now considered better suited to other genera: Anthephora Centotheca Dactyloctenium Echinaria Echinolaena Hackelochloa Hilaria Pennisetum Phragmites Scleria Setaria Trachys Tragus Tribolium

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