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Chhatbir Zoo
Mahendra Chaudhary Zoological Park
Date opened 1977[1]
Location Chhatbir Zoo, Village Chhat, Zirakpur,District Mohali, Punjab India
Coordinates 30°36′13″N 76°47′34″E / 30.6036°N 76.7928°E / 30.6036; 76.7928Coordinates: 30°36′13″N 76°47′34″E / 30.6036°N 76.7928°E / 30.6036; 76.7928
Memberships CZA[2]
Major exhibits Lion Safari

ChattBir Zoo (formally Mahendra Chaudhary Zoological Park), is a zoological park situated close to Zirakpur, India and is an abode to a large variety of birds, mammals and reptiles. The lion safari is the most interesting part about the Chattbir Zoo. The construction of a zoo dates back to seventies and at present, it is the most developed zoological park in the area. The Chattbir zoo prides itself with the Royal Bengal tiger. People who visit here can also enjoy the adventurous trip to the reserve of Asiatic Lions where animals are found roaming freely. One can also find different bird species. The zoo remains open throughout the week except Mondays.

It is quite interesting to see that how a raw scrubland got changed into a perfect abode for wild beasts. There is a beautiful picture exhibiting ecological harmony contrasting with amazing surroundings. The animals remain in natural habitat as far as behavioral and physical needs are concerned.


Lying on the Chandigarh-Zirakpur-Patiala route, this zoo is located 17 km away from Chandigarh.

Attractions at Zoo[edit]

The prominent part which catches the fancies of people at Chhatbir zoo of Chandigarh has been Royal Bengal Tiger which is becoming an ideal place for visitors at the zoo. The visitors can get there in a motor vehicle which remains in enclosure for having glances of refuge of tigers. People can travel inside the refuge of tiger where the close ups of the animal can be availed.

The possessions of zoo of Chandigarh which add to its value are the 80 species of birds and animals rarely found anywhere else along with the colorful reptiles and fish making it an interesting place to visit. The Chandigarh zoo has officials who work hard for keeping the animals as close as possible to their natural habitats. Animals live here in large groups and have greenery in their surroundings giving this place more of an island like feel.

The Zoo has been an ideal place for enjoying picnics as it consists of a water body along with large parks and the area encompassed by jungle. At the time of winters, the traffic starts building in because of pleasant climate during the day. Several zoologists also visit here to carry out research on several animal species.

List of Animals[edit]

The zoo consists of around 950 animals as well as birds which belong to around 85 species including some endangered species like gharial, living in over 100 enclosures. Majority of animals either came from other zoos or took birth here.

Non-Exhaustive List:

Chital Deer with Fawn
Hamadryas baboon
The Striped Hyena
Flying fox

In addition to this various species of birds including but not limited to peacock, cranes, geese, ducks, parrots, sparrows, nocturnal owls and bats as well as various sub-species of deer, cat and monkey reside at the zoo. The reptile complex is open to public in the summer season.

Visiting Days[edit]

The zoo remains open 6 days a week except Mondays.

  • Timings: 9.00 AM- 5.00 PM
  • Remains closed on: 26th January, 15th August, 2nd October and every Monday
  • Places for Refreshment: canteen, restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor

Ticket Rates[edit]

  • Rs 20 for children aged 3 to 12 years
  • Rs 50 for visitors above 12 years
  • Rs 50 per head for Lion Safari

Image gallery of Chattbir Zoo[edit]

Map of the Zoo
Entrance of Chattbir Zoo
Jaguar at Chattbir
Lion at chattbir
Hippos at Chattbir
Leopards at Chattbir
Geese at chattbir
Pair of White Tigers
Herd of Asian Elephants
Blue Bull Enclosure
Pair of Cranes
Bird Species in Aviary complex


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