Chief of Defence (Luxembourg)

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Chief of Defence
Chef d’État-major de l'Armée
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Insignia of the Chief of Defence
Journée de la commémoration nationale 2016, Alain Duschène-102.jpg
Brigadier general Alain Duschène

since 29 September 2017
 Luxembourg Army
Member ofMinistry for Defence
Reports toThe Grand Duke
Term lengthNo fixed length
Formation15 July 1967
First holderColonel Michel Mayer
DeputyDeputy Chief of Defence
WebsiteOfficial website

The Chief of Defence (French: Chef d’État-major de l'Armée) is a position in the military of Luxembourg and head of the Luxembourg Army. The Chief of Defence is the professional head of the armed forces, and in charge of the day-to-day operation. The current Chief of Defence is Alain Duschène.

He is formally subordinate to the Grand Duke, whom the Constitution names as the commander-in-chief,[1] but answers to the Minister for Defence in the civilian government.[2]

List of Chiefs of Defence[edit]

Chief of Defence Took office Left office Time in office
Michel Mayer
Mayer, MichelColonel
Michel Mayer
15 July 19679 October 19725 years, 86 days
Pierre Dauffenbach
Dauffenbach, PierreColonel
Pierre Dauffenbach
9 October 19724 February 19763 years, 118 days
Jean Betz
Betz, JeanColonel
Jean Betz
4 February 19769 March 19804 years, 34 days
François Welfring
Welfring, FrançoisColonel
François Welfring
9 March 198013 May 19844 years, 65 days
Nicolas Ley
Ley, NicolasColonel
Nicolas Ley
13 May 198421 February 19883 years, 284 days
Armand Bruck
Bruck, ArmandColonel
Armand Bruck
21 February 19884 November 19946 years, 256 days
Michel Gretsch
Gretsch, MichelColonel
Michel Gretsch
4 November 19942 July 19983 years, 240 days
Guy Lenz
Lenz, GuyColonel
Guy Lenz
(born 1946)
2 July 199828 January 20023 years, 210 days
Nico Ries
Ries, NicoColonel
Nico Ries
(born 1953)
28 January 200215 January 20085 years, 352 days
Gaston Reinig
Reinig, GastonBrigadier General
Gaston Reinig
(born 1956)
15 January 20081 February 20135 years, 17 days
Mario Daubenfeld
Daubenfeld, MarioBrigadier General
Mario Daubenfeld
(born 1958)
1 February 20131 December 20141 year, 303 days
Romain Mancinelli
Mancinelli, RomainBrigadier General
Romain Mancinelli
(born 1959)
1 December 201429 September 20172 years, 302 days
Alain Duschène
Duschène, AlainBrigadier General
Alain Duschène
(born 1960)
29 September 2017Incumbent1 year, 327 days

Source: Army of Luxembourg


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