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Chorr Police is an Indian animation comedy show currently airing on Disney XD (India). As the title suggests, it is about a thief and a policeman. It airs at 4 PM from Monday to Friday. It is only available in Hindi.


Anthony is a thief who lives in the slums of Mumbai. He usually steals not for himself, but for others, because of which he is known as the Robinhood Slumdog of Mumbai. Not that it matters who he steals for, since the police will try to catch him anyways.

Lovely Singh, a police inspector in Mumbai, is assigned to arrest Anthony. He only succeeds sometimes, but Anthony escapes.

The chases lead to some very funny moments.



Anthony is a thief who lives in the slums of Mumbai and steals for the welfare of the other people in the slum, so he is known as the Robinhood Slumdog of Mumbai. Whenever he tries to steal something though, Lovely Singh manages to find out and comes to try to arrest him. This leads to some funny moments.

Anthony's last name is unknown.

Inspector Lovely Singh[edit]

He is a police inspector in Mumbai. In the opening, it is said that he came to Mumbai to be an actor in Bollywood, but he was unable to get any other job, so he became a police inspector.

He chases after Anthony day after day to try to arrest him, but only succeeds sometimes, after which Anthony escapes.

He is in love with Titli.


She is a reporter/journalist who writes articles when Lovely Singh manages to catch Anthony. Lovely Singh is in love with her, but she doesn't seem to know.


He is a seven-year-old boy who idolizes Lovely Singh. He also loves gadgets. He helps Lovely Singh catch Anthony and helps Anthony escape when Lovely Singh manages to catch him. He is just looking for fun.

Security guard[edit]

He is always tricked by Anthony. Twice, he thought Anthony was a ghost.


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