Christian Schenk

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Christian Schenk
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-1989-0528-012, Ulf Timmermann, Christian Schenk im Gespräch.jpg
Christian Schenk (left) speaking to Ulf Timmermann in 1989
Medal record
Men's athletics
Representing  East Germany
Olympic Games
Gold medal – first place 1988 Seoul Decathlon
World Championships
Representing  Germany
Bronze medal – third place 1991 Tokyo Decathlon
European Championships
Bronze medal – third place 1990 Split Decathlon

Christian Schenk (born February 9, 1965 in Rostock, East Germany) won the gold medal in the decathlon in the 1988 Summer Olympics, held in Seoul, South Korea.

Schenk also won a bronze medal at the 1991 World Championships in Athletics in Tokyo. He missed the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona because of an injury and came fourth in the 1993 World Championships in Athletics in Stuttgart.

His personal best was 8500 points, achieved in August 1993 in Stuttgart. This ranks him ninth among German decathletes, behind Jürgen Hingsen, Uwe Freimuth, Siegfried Wentz, Frank Busemann, Torsten Voss, Guido Kratschmer, Paul Meier and Siegfried Stark.[1] Schenk shares the decathlon world record in high jump with Rolf Beilschmidt at 2.27 m. He was noted for his use of the straddle technique, at a time when the Fosbury flop had become almost universal in competitive high jumping.


1987 World Rome Decathlon High Jump Christian Schenk 2m25 1988 Olympic Seoul Decathlon High Jump Christian Schenk 2m27

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