Chukchi Peninsula

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Location of the Chukchi Peninsula in Far East Siberia.
Map showing the proximity of the Chukchi peninsula in Russia to the Seward Peninsula in America.
Chukchi Peninsula. US military map 1947.

The Chukchi Peninsula (also Chukotka Peninsula or Chukotski Peninsula; Russian: Чуко́тский полуо́стров, Chukotskiy poluostrov, Russian: Чуко́тка, Chukotka), at about 66° N 172° W, is the easternmost peninsula of Asia. Its eastern end is at Cape Dezhnev near the village of Uelen. The Chukotka Mountains are located in the central/western part of the peninsula, which is bordered by the Chukchi Sea to the north, the Bering Sea to the south, and the Bering Strait to the east. The peninsula is part of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug of Russia.[1] The peninsula is traditionally the home of tribes of the indigenous peoples of Siberia as well as some Russian settlers.

Panorama of the mountains in Chukotka, Russia, as seen from Gambell, Alaska

The peninsula lies along the Northern Sea Route, or Northeast passage. It was said to be the location of the prison camp/lead mine where Cornelius Rost claimed to have been imprisoned, as described in the book "As Far as My Feet Will Carry Me," by Josef Martin Bauer. However, the existence of such a camp at that time has been refuted.[2]

Industries on the peninsula are mining (tin, lead, zinc, gold, and coal), hunting and trapping, reindeer raising, and fishing.

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Coordinates: 66°00′N 172°00′W / 66.000°N 172.000°W / 66.000; -172.000