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Citrus Volume 1 front cover.jpg
Volume 1 cover
Genre Romance, Yuri
Written by Saburouta
Published by Ichijinsha
English publisher
Imprint Yuri Hime Comics
Magazine Comic Yuri Hime
Original run November 17, 2012 – present
Volumes 7
Anime television series
Directed by Takeo Takahashi
Written by Naoki Hayashi
Studio Passione
Original network Tokyo MX, AT-X, BS Fuji
Original run January 2018scheduled
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Citrus (シトラス, Shitorasu) is a Japanese yuri manga series written and illustrated by Saburouta. The series began serialization in Ichijinsha's Comic Yuri Hime from November 17, 2012 and is licensed in English by Seven Seas Entertainment. An anime television series adaptation by Passione will premiere in January 2018.


Yuzu Aihara, a fashionable, spontaneous and fun-loving city-girl, transfers to a new neighborhood and high-school after the remarriage of her mother. More preoccupied with boys and shopping than studying, Yuzu struggles to fit in at the conservative girls' school and frequently clashes with the student council—specifically Mei Aihara, the hard-working, beautiful but cold student council president. As it turns out, Mei happens to be Yuzu's new step-sister and Yuzu finds herself having to share a bedroom with a girl she absolutely can't stand. The series follows the evolution of the relationship between the two girls, with the animosity slowly lessening as the two begin to learn more about each other and confusion growing as Yuzu discovers that she is starting to develop romantic feelings for her new sibling.


Yuzu Aihara (藍原 柚子, Aihara Yuzu)
Voiced by: Ayana Taketatsu[1]
Yuzu is a self-proclaimed gyaru and is the story's protagonist and Mei Aihara's older step-sister. Her father died when she was young. It is implied that her hair is not naturally blonde, and she has green eyes. She is a daring, outspoken, and often shameless only child who transfers to an all-girls school after her mother remarries. She enjoys dressing up, wearing makeup and customizing her school uniform in ways that clash with her school's code of conduct, often leading to altercations with the student council. Although her former friends believed her to be quite experienced in dating and relationships, she confesses she has never had a boyfriend. Although she appears quite ditzy at times, with hard work she is able to achieve test results within the school's top 100, to Himeko's surprise.
Upon transferring Yuzu instantly befriends the like-minded Harumi Taniguchi, and the two are often seen breaking school rules together. On the other hand, she instantly dislikes Mei, perplexed by her cold attitude and random sexual advances. Despite this, Yuzu's frustration eventually turns into a strong romantic attraction, and she develops a protectiveness for Mei and a deep concern for her well-being. Despite Yuzu struggling with her romantic interest in Mei, she also tries her best to be a good older sister figure, doing her best to mend the relationship between Mei and her father and doing what she can to offer support. She has a childhood friend named Matsuri who lived close to her old house and used to be like a sister to her.
Mei Aihara (藍原 芽衣, Aihara Mei)
Voiced by: Minami Tsuda[1]
Mei is the beautiful and serious Student Council President, honor student, school chairman's granddaughter, and now Yuzu's younger step-sister (although the two are in the same grade). She is stern, cold and composed, but has a short temper. Although greatly respected by the student body, she may on occasion act or speak cruelly. This trait, as well as the fact that Mei often makes sexual advances toward her simply to manipulate her, greatly frustrates Yuzu. Mei initially had some kind of romantic relationship with a young, handsome male teacher, although Yuzu discovered that he only intended to use her for her money and revealed his transgressions, leading to him leaving the school. As Yuzu gets to know her more, she is shown to be rather sensitive and lonely, which often stirs Yuzu's protective side.
Mei once looked up to her father greatly, believing that he would one day be chairman and herself after him. However, he instead left his position as a teacher and abandoned Mei to travel the world, making Mei the successor to the school and increasing her work load and burden because of it. Mei toiled for the sake of her father, believing that she should work hard and keep the school safe for when he came back, but when she realizes he has no intention of going back to work at the school she becomes resentful and their relationship sours. Although she wishes to better her relationship with her father, she struggles to accept who he has become, and feels she has nothing left living for as taking care of the school for the sake of her father had been her assumed purpose in life. However, Yuzu's influence leads her to begin repairing the damaged relationship with her father, as well as being to find her own purpose in life.
In later chapters, Mei appears to be reciprocating Yuzu's romantic feelings to some degree, becoming rather possessive of her due to Matsuri's advances on Yuzu; opening up to her, and feeling guilty when she believes Yuzu is troubled or sad because of her actions. She expresses to Matsuri she's thankful for having met Yuzu.
Harumi Taniguchi (谷口 はるみ, Taniguchi Harumi)
Voiced by: Yukiyo Fujii[1]
Often referred to as "Harumin", she befriends Yuzu on her first day of school, calling herself a "gyaru in disguise" and showing Yuzu the ropes at her new school. Although she has adapted to fit in at the school, Harumi was also a transfer and is quite different from the conservative girls around her, taking no interest in fawning over Mei Aihara, the student council president, and often breaks the school rules (carries a phone, goes out after school). The student council vice-president, whom Harumi refers to as "Glasses-Senpai", remarks that Harumi seems to be more cheerful of late. She is perky, kind, perceptive, humorous, easy-going and an overall good friend towards Yuzu, often lending her comfort and aide in the wake of the ups and downs of Yuzu's life. She often packs many items within her cleavage and, apparently, she has a sister whom she is quite fearful of. Upon meeting Matsuri in chapter 9, she is instantly wary and suspicious of her and tries to prevent Yuzu from being alone with her.
Himeko Momokino (桃木野 姫子, Momokino Himeko)
Voiced by: Yurika Kubo[1]
Himeko is a Student Council Member and Mei's childhood friend and current right hand. She is from a very wealthy family, having a chauffeur and at least one butler. On weekends she can be seen wearing lolita fashion. She is stern, forward and jealous, and has quite a volatile personality. She is in love with Mei and is very possessive of her, becoming jealous when Yuzu enters her life. As the series progresses, Himeko's role becomes less antagonistic and she comes to be more accepting of Yuzu's presence, although still being frustrated by her constant breaking of school rules. She has a small dog named Pucchi.
Matsuri Mizusawa (水沢 まつり, Mizusawa Matsuri)
Voiced by: Sayaka Horino (PV, drama CD),[2] Shiori Izawa (anime)[1]
Matsuri is an only child, whose parents are always working and don't really pay attention to her. She is Yuzu's childhood friend who lived close to her before she moved to the Aihara residence, and a second-year in middle school. Matsuri makes her first appearance in chapter 8, appearing to have a very manipulative and sly personality. She comes across Yuzu and Harumi at an arcade and invites them out to karaoke. Harumi appears to be quite wary and suspicious of her.
Upon deducing the nature of Yuzu's feelings towards Mei, Matsuri professes a romantic interest in Yuzu and kisses her in front of Mei, and then actively tried to manipulate them to keep them away from each other and severing their bond. Later it is explained how lonely Matsuri was feeling, and how the idea of losing her "older sister" Yuzu to Mei simply scared her, which led her to acting so wrong. She realized how Yuzu, and even Mei cared for her feelings, so she stopped thinking about her as a rival, to see her as another older sister.
She sells masturbation videos she finds on the Internet to old men through a phone app, and tells them they are hers, as a means of income.
Kayo Maruta (丸田 加代, Maruta Kayo)
Voiced by: Ikumi Hayama[3]
The second student council vice-president, a shy 2nd year student who is very close to Mitsuko, being her vice-president before Mitsuko left the school, as shown in volume 4's extra chapters, which also revealed her surname. She's the only one bold enough to talk to Mitsuko casually, even referring to her as "Micchan" (みっちゃん). She was shown to constantly mock Mitsuko for being immature and scaring Harumi away.
Sara Tachibana (橘 サラ, Tachibana Sara)
Nina's older twin sister, despite looking younger. She is very superstitious and believes in things such as luck and destiny. She falls in love with Mei in first sight, but after finding out about her relationship with Yuzu, she gives up on Mei to support their love.
Nina Tachibana (橘 ニナ, Tachibana Nina)
Sara's younger twin sister, who is skeptical and does not believe in fate. She helped Sara and Mei getting together, and tried to prevent Yuzu from getting in their way. She tried to force Yuzu to accept their relationship by making Yuzu promise she'll support Sara's love no matter what, but Yuzu decides she can't keep that promise after finding out it's Mei that Sara is dating. In the volume 4 extra, Nina decides she wants to be her sister's lover after having read Momoiro Shimai, the very same yuri manga that Yuzu began reading in order to better understand her feelings for her own sister.
Nene Nomura (野村 寧音, Nomura Nene)
Introduced in the beginning of volume 5 (chapter 17), Nene is an energetic first year who looks to Yuzu as a role model; an inspiration to better herself and be more expressive. It's later proven that she is also an intense shipper (pairer of two people who could be seen as a potential couple), specifically of Yuzu and Harumi. She is grateful to Yuzu and the others for having accepted her even after all of the trouble she had unintentionally caused them.
Mitsuko Taniguchi (谷口 みつ子, Taniguchi Mitsuko)
The older sister of Harumi Taniguchi. She is the former Student Council President of the Aihara Academy. It is later revealed that she was very close to Maruta (Glasses-senpai), who still remains a part of the student council to this very day, when she was still in the academy.
Ichika (イチカ)
A school friend of Nina and Sara. She seems to have been the one to introduce Nina to Momoiro Shimai, and is also the school's Student Council President, being the complete opposite of Mei at that.
Suzuran Shiraho (白帆 鈴蘭, Shiraho Suzuran)
Introduced in chapter 25, Suzuran is an extremely observant and collected third year of the Aihara Academy. She has an immense infatuation for Mei, for she is the only person that she cannot read. Consequently, she spends all of her free time observing her, thus why she is in need of summer supplementary lessons. She later discovers Yuzu and Mei's relationship during the summer festival in chapter 27, and agrees to help Yuzu in her quest for love. In chapter 29.6 in volume 7, it is discovered that Suzuran comes from a rich family who refrain from expressing emotions in order to not be taken advantage of by others. She also has an older stepbrother.



Citrus is written and illustrated by Saburouta. It began serialization in Ichijinsha's bimonthly magazine Comic Yuri Hime on November 17, 2012.[4][5] The first tankōbon volume was published on July 18, 2013;[6] the six volume was released on December 17, 2016[7] To advertise the third volume of the manga, a PV covering the story up to that point was uploaded to Ichijinsha's YouTube channel on November 18, 2014. A drama CD was released with the fourth manga volume on July 18, 2015.[8] The manga is licensed in English by Seven Seas Entertainment, who began releasing the series from December 16, 2014.[9][needs update] It has also been licensed in Germany[10] and Thailand.[11]

No. Japanese release date Japanese ISBN English release date English ISBN
1 July 18, 2013[6] ISBN 978-4-758072-64-9 December 16, 2014[9][12] ISBN 978-1-626921-40-5
  1. "Love Affair?"
  2. "One's First Love"
  3. "Love My Sister×××"
  4. "Sisterly Love?"
  • Extra:
    • Citrus+ 1:
      • "Couldn't Hide It"
      • "Harumin and Glasses-Senpai" (はるみんとメガネ先輩, Harumin to Megane-Senpai)
      • "Mei and Mr. Bear" (芽衣とクマさん, Mei to Kuma-san)
2 March 18, 2014[13] ISBN 978-4-758072-97-7 April 7, 2015[12] ISBN 978-1-626921-41-2
  1. "Love Me Do!"
  2. "Under Lover"
  3. "No Love"
  4. "Out of Love"
  • Extra:
    • Citrus+ 2:
      • "A Bear Here, Too"
      • "Accident"
      • "Not Together"
    • Citrus+ 2.5: "Technical Difficulties"
3 November 18, 2014[14] ISBN 978-4-758073-72-1 August 18, 2015[12] ISBN 978-4-758073-72-1
  1. "Love or Lie!"
  2. "Love of War"
  3. "Love is Blind"
  4. "Love is"
  • Extra:
    • Citrus+ 3:
      • "Hide it All You Want, Your Sister Will Find It"
      • "Teasing Onee-chan"
      • "It's Coming for Onee-chan"
      • "Matsuri and Harumin"
4 July 18, 2015[15] ISBN 978-4-758074-49-0 December 29, 2015[12] ISBN 978-1-626922-17-4
  1. "Winter of Love"
  2. "The Course of Love"
  3. "Love You Only"
  4. "My Love Goes On And On"
  • Extra:
    • Citrus+ 4: "Sara and Mei"
5 May 18, 2016[16] ISBN 978-4-758075-40-4 September 6, 2016[12] ISBN 978-1-626922-67-9
  1. "To be in Love"
  2. "Love Birds!?"
  3. "Love and Friendship"
  4. "Love Yourself"
  • Extra:
    • Citrus+ 5:
      • "My Older Sister Should Have Been More Careful" (お姉ちゃんはツメが甘い, Onee-chan wa Tsume ga Amai)
      • "My Younger Sister is Currently Jealous" (妹はヤキモチやき, Imōto wa Yakimochi Yaki)
      • "Mitsuko and Glasses-Senpai" (みつ子とメガネ後輩, Mitsuko to Megane-Senpai)
    • Leaflet:
      • "Nene's HaruYuzu Adventure" (ネネのはるゆず道, Nene no HaruYuzu Michi)
      • "Seeing New Facial Expressions......" (いろんな表情がみたいから……, Ironna Hyōjō ga Mitai Kara......)
    • "Love Triangle!?" (Chapter 17.5)
6 December 17, 2016[7] ISBN 978-4-758076-24-1 August 22, 2017[12] ISBN 978-1-626925-12-0
  1. "Dear Lover"
  2. "Love Notes"
  3. "The Way I Love"
  4. "Not Give Up Love"
  • Extra:
    • Citrus+ 6:
    • "A Sign"
    • "Mei Aihara and Spicy Food"
    • Leaflet:
      • "Momoiro Shimai 1" (ももいろ姉妹①)
      • "Momoiro Shimai 2" (ももいろ姉妹②)
7 June 16, 2017[17] ISBN 978-4-758076-73-9 February 13, 2018[12] ISBN 978-1-626926-85-1
  1. "Love One Another"
  2. "In Fear of Love"
  3. "The One You Love"
  4. "Love EXE."
  • Extra:
    • Citrus+ 7:
    • "I Don't Understand Your Taste"
    • "Aihara and Taniguchi"
    • "Study at Shiraho's House"

Chapters not yet in tankōbon format[edit]

These chapters have yet to be published in a tankōbon volume:

  1. "Summer of Love"
  2. "Secret Love"
  3. "Live to Love"
  4. "Lovey Dovey"


An anime television series adaptation, directed by Takeo Takahashi and animated by Passione, will premiere in January 2018. Naoki Hayashi is in charge of overseeing scripts and Izuro Ijuuin is in charge of designing the characters and is credited as chief animation director. Lantis will produce the music, while Infinite is credited with producing the anime.[3]


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