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Hellenic Olympic Committee
Hellenic Olympic Committee logo
Hellenic Olympic Committee logo
Country/Region  Greece
Code GRE
Created February 3, 1894
Recognized 1895
Headquarters Athens, Greece
President Spyros Capralos
Secretary General Emmanuel Kolympadis
Website www.hoc.gr
Hellenic Olympic Committee headquarters, in Chalandri.

Hellenic Olympic Committee (HOC) (Greek: Ελληνική Ολυμπιακή Επιτροπή) is the governing Olympic body of Greece. It is one of the oldest National Olympic Committees in the world, being founded in 1894 and recognised in 1895.

It is based in Athens, Greece.


The HOC was founded in Athens on 3 February 1894 on the name Commiittee of the Olympic Games (E.O.A.) with first chairman Crown Prince Constantine of Greece. On the same day, the committee held first meeting to organize the first modern Olympic Games. After the dissolution of this committee because of economic crisis in the country, new board was formed who has successfully founded sponsors for preparatory commission of the Games. Finally, after many problems, the Games were opened on 6 April and closed on 15 April 1896 in the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens. which was restored in white marble thanks to the donation of one million drachmas from George Averoff.

One year later after the Games has formed first permanent committee on the proposal of king George II to held every 4 year Panhellenic Games in Athens. 1899. because of debate who is chairman in sports events, government gave to E.O.A. full responsibility to cooperate with other sport's federations, spread Olympic spirit and his structure of 12 members led by successor.

In 2000, for organisation 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, the E.O.A. changed its name to the Hellenic Olympic Committee.

List of presidents[edit]

Períod President
1894-1912 Prince Constantine
1913 King Constantine
1914-1917 Prince George
1918-1920 Miltiadis Negrepontis
1921-1922 Prince George
1922-1923 King George II
1924-30/4/1930 George Averoff
1/5/1930-1936 Ioannis Drosopoulos
1936-1948 Prince Paul
1948-1952 King Paul
1953-1954 Konstantinos Georgakopoulos and Ioannis Ketseas
1955-1964 Prince Constantine
1965-1968 Princess Irene
1969-1973 Theodosios Papathanasiadis
31/1/1973-1974 Spyridon Vellianitis
30/8/1974-1976 Apostolos Nikolaidis
1976-1983 Georgios Athanasiadis
14/4/1983-1984 Aggelos Lempesis
1985-1988 and 1989-1992 Lambis Nikolaou
1993-1996 Antonios Tzikas
1997-2000 and 2001-2004 Lambis Nikolaou
2004-2009 Minos Kyriakou
2009–present Spyros Capralos

Greeks in the International Olympic Committee[edit]

Member federations[edit]

The Hellenic National Federations are the organizations that coordinate all aspects of their individual sports. They are responsible for training, competition and development of their sports. There are currently 24 Olympic Summer and 1 Winter Sport Federations in Greece.

National Federation Summer or Winter Headquarters
Hellenic Archery Federation Summer O.A.K.A., Athens
Hellenic Athletics Federations Summer Athens
Hellenic Badminton Federation Summer O.A.K.A., Athens
Hellenic Basketball Federation Summer Athens
Hellenic Boxing Federation Summer Athens
Hellenic Canoe-Kayak Federation Summer Piraeus
Hellenic Cycling Federation Summer Athens
Hellenic Equestrian Federation Summer Athens
Hellenic Fencing Federation Summer Athens
Hellenic Football Federation Summer Athens
Hellenic Gymnastics Federation Summer Athens
Hellenic Golf Federation Summer Glyfada, Athens
Hellenic Handball Federation Summer Athens
Hellenic Ice Sports Federation Winter Athens
Hellenic Judo Federation Summer Ano Liosia, Athens
Hellenic Modern Pentathlon Federation Summer Athens
Hellenic Rowing Federation Summer Microlimano, Piraeus
Hellenic Sailing Federation Summer Kallithea, Athens
Hellenic Shooting Federation Summer Athens
Hellenic Swimming Federation Summer Nea Smyrni, Athens
Hellenic Table Tennis Federation Summer Athens
Hellenic Taekwondo Federation Summer Athens
Hellenic Triathlon Federation Summer Loutraki
Hellenic Volleyball Federation Summer Amaroussion, Athens
Hellenic Weightlifting Federation Summer O.A.K.A., Athens
Hellenic Wrestling Federation Summer Ano Liossia, Athens

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