Condiment King

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Condiment King
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Batman: The Animated Series
"Make Em' Laugh"
First comic appearance Batgirl: Year One #8
Created by Buddy Standler:
Bruce Timm
Paul Dini
Mitchell Mayo:
Chuck Dixon
Scott Beatty
Voiced by Stuart Pankin
In-story information
Alter ego Buddy Standler (DCAU version)
Mitchell Mayo (comics version)
Species Human
Abilities Condiment Gun

The Condiment King is a fictional DC Comics villain. He is generally used as comic relief within the series.

Publication history[edit]

Although the DC Animated Universe debuted their Condiment King in Batman: The Animated Series, the Mitchell Mayo version of Condiment King first appeared in Batgirl: Year One #8.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Batman: The Animated Series[edit]

The Condiment King first appeared in the Batman: The Animated Series episode "Make Em Laugh," voiced by Stuart Pankin. The character was a throwback to the Adam West Batman TV series in that he was whimsical and made many condiment-based puns.

Chased by Batman to the roof of the restaurant he robbed, he slipped on ketchup and fell down and fell unconscious when he landed on the police car of Harvey Bullock and Renee Montoya. They removed his mask, revealing him to be a stand-up comedian named Buddy Standler. Batman and Alfred Pennyworth watched the news where it was mentioned that Buddy Standler had no memory of the restaurant attack and that the restaurant is suing the TV studio where Buddy Standler's TV show is shown for the damages Condiment King did to the restaurant.

Batman discovered that Buddy Standler was brainwashed by the Joker (using the Mad Hatter's devices) where he and fellow comedians Harry Loomis (who Joker brainwashing into being Pack Rat) and Lisa Lorraine (who Joker brainwashed into Mighty Mom) had unwittingly spurned the previous year at a comedian contest. After Joker was apprehended, it can be assumed that Buddy Standler and the other brainwashed comedians were cleared of all charges.


Mitchell Mayo is a criminal who operates as Condiment King. He was seen holding up a bank until he was defeated by Batgirl.[1]

He later made an appearance where he was committing a crime and is defeated by Black Canary, the third Robin, and Blue Beetle.[2]

Robin defeats the Condiment King again. Robin observes that the villain is potentially dangerous (if only because his condiment guns could cause anaphylactic shock), but his ludicrous nature prevents the justice department taking him seriously.[3]

Later in the aftermath miniseries of the Final Crisis storyline, Condiment King appears on General Immortus' side. Professor Milo had equipped Condiment King's gun with acidic vinegar.[4] He is seemingly killed after being betrayed and bludgeoned with his own ketchup and mustard guns by Human Flame.[5]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Condiment King makes use of various condiments (sometimes capable of causing anaphylactic shock) as his weapons in his condiment gun. The condiments range from ketchup, mustard, tabasco, and vinegar.

In other media[edit]

Video games[edit]

Tabletop games[edit]

  • The Mitchell Mayo version of Condiment King is a Rare figure in the February 2016 World's Finest expansion set for the HeroClix collectible miniatures game.[6]

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